It Brog reviews WET

Isaiah Taylor of the IT Brog reviews WET. In the review he covers the abysmal controls in which Rubi, the one-dimensional bejugged heroine, must precisely attack droves of stereotypically idiotic foes. Fortunately for WET its only saving grace is that its under a 'grindhouse' veneer, giving its cheap look and last-minute plot a pass. The upgrade weapons system and soundtrack are the only reason to play this game.

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mastiffchild3353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )

IDK. All I do know is the demo was the most dull I've played in a long time and if those were good shooting mechanics in what I felt were the very worst bullet time constrols I've ever played with then I'm really losing it. Max Payne need borrow nothing from Wet, imo.

ZombieAutopsy3353d ago

The game seemed to me like Stranglehold but with a female as the lead character, im not talking story wise just gameplay.