Oddworld games coming to PSN and Steam

In a recent interview with Lorne Lanning confirmed that the Oddworld games are coming to PSN and Steam "We just signed the contract this week and the original Abe games will officially be coming to PSN very soon."

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Double Toasted2754d ago

would definitely help sales....

thereapersson2754d ago

Woot! I own Exoddus, but I lost Oddysee a long time ago. It'll be nice to own it again. :)


Was one of the best games I have ever played, the use of the controls was ingenius, and everything could change with the hit of a button.

Great game

MJ-DARK2754d ago

I've been waiting for games like these forever now bring back Bust A Groove

Paul_Gale2742d ago

An original Abe? Sign me up.