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IGN: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Review

IGN writes,
"Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising has proven one thing: I would not last long in a modern war. Not only would I die quickly, I'd die in embarrassing ways. Nobody remembers the heroics of the soldier that stuck his head up in the midst of a hail of gunfire or the idiot that ran out into the open field without checking for enemies on the perimeter. Keep your head down. Keep your adrenaline in check. These are the lessons you'll have to take to heart if you want to survive on the battlefield; in real life or in Operation Flashpoint."

Presentation - 5.0
Don't come looking for bells and whistles, or even any cutscenes introducing a level.

Graphics - 8.5
On a good PC, this is one fine looking game.

Sound - 6.0
Rarely will the gunfire or explosions pack the punch you'd expect. The voice acting could be a lot better.

Gameplay - 8.0
Unique, realistic, and fun. The hardcore will have a ball. The AI could be a lot better.

Lasting Appeal 8.5
The open nature of the quests and co-op play offer great replayability. (Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising, PC) 8.2/10

Saaking  +   1973d ago
Sounds like an interesting games. Unfortunately, there's way too many better games coming out.
FiftyFourPointTwo  +   1973d ago
Bad Company 2 looks amazing!
Pandamobile  +   1973d ago
But unfortunately BC2 doesn't come out for 5 months.
CernaML  +   1973d ago
But but but... Bad Company 2 was developed with the 360 hardware in mind! The PS3 version can't possibly handle it!
ryano23277  +   1973d ago
"But but but... Bad Company 2 was developed with the 360 hardware in mind! The PS3 version can't possibly handle it!"

And thats why MW2, BC2, OFDR, MGS Rising will never be as good as they possibly could be. DVD holding multiplatforms back
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Checkmate  +   1973d ago
I thought it'd get better reviews than it's getting. I might rent it and judge for myself.
evrfighter  +   1973d ago
I was very disappointed when I first played it yesterday.

However I just got out of a coop. microphones sound rather good. lag can be iffy if your pinging over 85ish but tolerable. what probably made it really fun was our squad leader sounded like an old army vet. No doubt he was former military. Those guys usually add to the experience for these types of games. not so much for games like CoD or CS.

For the pc version to truly shine. They have to add dedicated server files and change it so that players can join games in progress. This game had major potential and they dropped the ball.

As far as graphics go, I can care less about low-res textures. I get around 95fps maxed out. Their engine is very optimized. Gameplay is great. It's the lack of detail that's creating all this backlash. vehicles handle like crap, no flight stick support, no lean, no dedicated servers, no joining in-progress games, bodies disappear after a minute or so. The character models aren't scaled properly they seem to be like 4ft tall.

These issues probably cost them a lot of sales. Let's see if their decision to cater to the console crowd paid off.
harv052  +   1973d ago
I still don't get it.....8.2 is a very respectable score, yet people brush it off without even trying it....
BubbleSystemSuck  +   1973d ago
i just played first mission on Xbox 360... very ugly. Low models, bad texturing, popping, Bad AI... i give it a 6.
Recomendation: rent it and wait for MAG, Modern Warfare 2 and Badcompany 2

on PC maybe is good...
G3TDOWN  +   1973d ago
Same her
didn't like it
Sarcasm  +   1973d ago
I have to agree. I rented it for the 360 and was sorely disappointed.

The color saturation is way too strong and the low-res textures and aliasing everywhere makes it so damn hard to see the enemies.

They are really aiming for a simulation feeling, and does a lot of things right. But the bad things make the game not enjoyable. IMO.
monkey602  +   1973d ago
I was thinking of getting this tomorrow. Wasnt completely sold on it though. You guys pretty much just confirmed my doubts. Guess I'll rent it and see first.

CyberCam  +   1973d ago
It's funny how COD gets a pass on low end textures but other games get hammered for the same thing HAHA!

As for me I have it for the PS3 & I LOVE the game! Finally a console game for the mature military sim gamer! About time there's a game where players don't magically absorb bullets but have a mortal aspect where you actually fear for your ONE & ONLY life!

I love the fact that even when you get hit (not fatally) there are still consequences. If get hit in the arm, your aim is off... if you get hit in the leg, you can't run anymore. You have to patch yourself up or bleed out & die... not just see the edges of your screen turn red, then after taking cover for a few seconds your magically healed again LOL!

EDIT: Wow, looks like a touched a nerve with the COD fans! I guess they don't feel that COD has low end texture in their favorite arcade FPS LOL!!! I suggest they fire up COD4 again & take a look at the wall, ground & grass textures in the game!
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Pandamobile  +   1973d ago
Yeah, COD4 on the consoles had terrible textures.
iamgoatman  +   1973d ago
Because we all know graphics are the only thing that matters, right? I mean gameplay, thats so 20 years ago.
y0haN  +   1973d ago
CoD4 still has poor textures on the PC Panda! Still one of my favourite games though.

OpFla2 looks hilariously bad on consoles by comparison though.
beavis4play  +   1973d ago
from the article:
"Not only would I die quickly, I'd die in embarrassing ways. Nobody remembers the heroics of the soldier that stuck his head up in the midst of a hail of gunfire or the idiot that ran out into the open field without checking for enemies on the perimeter."

that was 2 very funny sentences.
HarukoHex  +   1973d ago
Just got off the game, if you want something easy stay away, also if all you care about is graphics stay away, the game looks amazing for the ammount it renders at once, but its no looker. >.> well the explosions are awesome!! XD
DiffusionE  +   1973d ago
Only 8.2/10?
I thought it would've got 9.0+, oh well, another addition to the rent list.

I don't care much about graphics but bad sound and presentation? Damn...
iamgoatman  +   1973d ago
You say that as if 8.2 is a bad score!

Let me explain how a score out of ten equates to quality.

0/10 - Very Poor
2.5/10 - Poor
5/10 - Average
7.5/10 - Good
10/10 - Very good

Simple isn't it! And since 8.2 is between good and very good, you know it's pretty good!
Ninjamonkey  +   1973d ago
I got this game for the 360.

Its VERY good. Graphically its great where it matters most, theres no texture pop in and the draw distances are giant. Seriously its just about better than farcry 2's draw distances.

Not only that its generally well made. All the trees move, even those so far away its hardly notieable move, all in the pursuit to make the game realistic.

All the guns sound and look perfect and realistic (they recorded the gun sounds in the nevada desert so no other sound would get in the way)

The enemies are clever, theres plenty of cover to use,there are loads of different commands to use ect.

The game world is HUGE. you are really given the option to take a mission however you want, its brilliant.

And WTF about the voice acting??? It sounds just like it wold in any army when you give commands? What do you want them to do? Ditch the realistic way of speaking and sing the commands? Funnily enough in war you dont want to draw attention to yourself...

The sound in this game is brilliant. The game overall is just a breath of fresh air. Its ignores the arcade run and gunness of COD4 and KZ2 and instead opts for a tactical, realistic approach.

Im playing on hardcore, there are NO respawns, NO waypoints, you get shot in the side you start to bleed todeath and must treat the wound if its deep enough. A body shot = instadeath.

Enemy positions will use anti vehicle guns so going rambo in a jeep = death.

All you are given is a map, a compass, and 3 very good soilders to accoompany you. Thats it.

And i wouldnt have it any other way. Its fantastic =D
NoBias  +   1973d ago
I'm thinking about grabbing it for a console
Is there any sort of realistic online multiplayer integrated into the game as well (besides co-op)?
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AliTheBrit  +   1973d ago
Going to rent this title for sure!
ph33rgear  +   1973d ago
It's been fun so far, I always have a high ping for whatever reason.

I think it will be much better when they add dedicated servers with join in progress.

Still I very fun good looking game though!
SirSyko  +   1972d ago
FOV ruins the game
I cant play this game on my 16x9 monitor. The FOV is just simply to small.

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