Bayonneta 360-PS3 Comparison

The folks over at Gamefront took the liberty of making a Screen shot Comparison of the Ps3 and 360 demos.

All screens are Direct Feed.


Platinum Games worked only the 360 version, while the Ps3 version was handled by another Sega studio.

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PS3 slim3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

The reports from TGS were not wrong when saying PS3 textures were muddy. These pics show much more than muddy PS3 textures the draw distance is all wrong and the foggy washed out everything is sad. I'm not sure why the PS3 version looks 2 builds behind the 360 version I can't really put my finger on it it. I have not seen this amount of difference in years. This game is graphically great though so I guess this was expected from PS3. vs vs
Tab those up and switch back and forth.

MGSR THE HD VERSION3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

yeah, i found the 360 demo, it's here, if anyone has a DVD burner.

the steps goes a follows. ( after downloading it ) got to uncompress it.

2.burn the whole content on to a disc.

3.once it's burned access the demo though "Game library" time, enjoy :)


No wait the Game does NOT look graphically great since it look just like Devil May fact it is practically the same game just with a woman instead of Dante.

And yes this issue of blurring is seen on almost all the Multi platform games. The PS3 has more subtle shadowing so the contrast is not as deep.

The Tekken 6 comparison should help explain the reason why developers opt to use blurring in the PS3. I'll try finding the link to the Article

TheBlackSmoke3355d ago

... I just played the demo on PS3 thought it looked great and had fun with it (even though its blatantly DMC with a chick) but because a bunch of insecure no lifers on a forum tell me my version is inferior all of a sudden what i just played and enjoyed does not count... yeah nice logic.

Why even question what the PS3 is capable of when Uncharted 2 exists.

DonCorneo3355d ago

kratos will rape this witch.

the god of war collection will look better than this POS.

and god of war 3 will murder this wanna-be.



Platinum Games worked only the 360 version, while the Ps3 version was handled by another Sega studio

It is SELF evident why the PS3 version is so different! Studio was different and most likely the Team behind it was also different!

And for your pathetic lie regarding games always being better on the 360

NewZealander3355d ago

ultimate revenge are you trying to be funny :) terminator salvation? you didnt just try to make a point using that one game did you?

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Sunny_D3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

It's actually pretty close, but yeah the 360 version does have better textures. Sega's problem, not Ps3. Otherwise, look at examples.

@Gago: I know, but I'm just trying to prove that Ps3 can have amazing textures, it's the developers that need to develop it though.

PS3 slim3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

Pretty close? wuah hahahahahaha.

Why did you post those pics of that ugly ass game? Here is what games look like not held back by PS3 with 360 hardware in mind made by good devs

Thanks man I needed that.

Gago3356d ago

KZ2 runs at 30 fps

Bayonetta runs at 60 fps

plus one is a shooter and the other a action game

Sunny_D3356d ago

Are you sure you're not delusional? Because you do know BF: BC2 is on Ps3 right?
wuah hahahahahaha. Thanks man I needed that.

PS3 slim3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

As if you need those KZ2 pics to confirm this list, we have the sales to prove that. After the hype settles, after the hype settles.


Dry those eyes guys.

CernaML3356d ago

"Here is what games look like not held back by PS3 with 360 hardware in mind made by good devs"

You posted a video of a MULTIPLATFORM game that is coming to the PS3... Wow. And I thought you'd actually be worth it enough to be taken seriously.

Sunny_D3356d ago

Wait, wait, wait. First you decide to show a multiplatform game that's not held back by the ps3, even though it's coming to the ps3. DUURRRR. Then you start talking about sales in an article about graphics. God, can bots be even more stupider. Looks at PP. -_-

ReviewsArePolitics3356d ago

Out of original nicknames, moron? So your "I did not murder him" account got banned and your "Why Dis" account doesn't have enough bubbles so you have to make another with the hardware you hate the most.

Speaks volumes of how much you care about this, retard.

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Homicide3356d ago

Looks like I'm getting it for the 360 then - better textures, lighting, framerate, etc.

Darkstorn3356d ago

The 360 version does look like it has better lighting, and the PS3 version looks a bit washed out, BUT there appear to be far fewer jaggies on the PS3. Take your pick.

presto7173356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

I would never try to feed my ps3 crap like this.


And I was actually looking forward to this. I had it as my wallpaper and everything. This is very disappointing. I just hope they fix it up by the release date or else...

EDIT: Sorry for my rant. I just watched the japanese demo gameplay on youtube and IT DOES NOT LOOK THAT BAD. I think I might be getting this afterall.

shawnsl653356d ago

one's a blurry mess and one's a jaggy mess. Why can't these devs just put some extra time and smooth things out with crisp image and no jaggies.

lowcarb3356d ago

This is interesting and just goes to show that MS needs to really invest time into all new engine's specifically designed for 360. Bayonetta is going to be awesome and even though there not much a difference here it's quite apparent 360 is a force reckoned with.

iChaos Amongus3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

Its what sucks about PS3. It finally has a handful or really good exclusives but the other 300 games in its library are better on 360. Xbox 360 is the main console this generation and is still treated as so, 4 years into this generation. The guy who created Devil May Cry is giving his main studio's attention to 360 while PS3 gets some second-hand developer...its just a shame, PS3 deserves better. Its why I only play PS3's exclusives and everything else on 360.

I have yet to even see Modern Warfare 2 run on PS3 yet! Its only been shown on 360.

iamtehpwn3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

I wouldn't consider them gimp, technically. It's not as bad ghost busters. I own both, and I'm still going to get the PS3 version. Sue me for it. I can't get into action games on Xbox360, Playstation 2 is where I played my action games before, the controller only feels natural with dualshock form.

But that's just me.
Either version you get, if you love or hate the game, you should still, at the end, love or hate it no different no matter which system.

Whut3356d ago

wow the PS3 pics look pale and washed out.

I'll have to go with the Xbox version on this one.

MAiKU3356d ago

Ports have become something of a pathetic reason to flame. The game is playable, and it doesn't look bad at all on my tele so i'm getting it.

SCThor3356d ago

Definitively doesn't look that bad on PS3 compared to the original comparison screenshots.

I'm right now downloading the demo from PSN-JP to make my own judgement.

thorstein3356d ago

If you want comparison screenshots, then let us see them as they are meant to be seen. I want to see Bayonetta in the native 720! Not off an SD screen. It failz.

Rmagnus3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

lol screen shots are the least of Bayonneta's problem on the PS3. Try out the demo, if you thought the screen shots are bad wait till you play the demo. I played the game is 720p & 1080p out put from my ps3 and in still horrible

lowcarb3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

The people on this site crying foul play need to zip it already. Since PS3 is more powerful multiplats should look much better just like it would on a more powerful PC. I applaud PS3 developers for really pushing what it can do but think its time for 360 dev's to do the same. PS2 was the lead console last gen but looked inferior to xbox (I wonder why). All the whines and claims made here lately are ridiculous. Even Jeff Keighley showed his fanboyism once again after years on his Sunday gametrailers show. Both consoles are eqaul with different strengths and weaknesses so drop it.

edit below Rmagnus: I honestly wasn't talking to you. Yes my post is below yours but not directed at you.

Rmagnus3355d ago

i don't get you, i got no freaking issues with the 360. The reason i am mad is due to the craptastic job Sega did, nothing to do with the 360 at all i think you are barking up the wrong tree here

MmaFanQc3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

theres is something fishy with their screenshots, here is an other source .....ITS FAR to be pale and washed out....i seriously think the screenshot from do not represent the ps3 version.

Sarcasm3355d ago

The PS3's version screen tearing is unbearable. The frame rate chugs, some parts are over blurry and others are too jagged. It's so inconsistent. And the gameplay isn't all that great either.

The 360 version is the one to get. But even then, I'm skipping it altogether.

LONEWOLF2313355d ago

Even though the 360 is the superior version on the DEMO. Ill be getting the PS3 version.......can anyone say IMPORT. Ohh and i doubt the final product will look the same.

jack_burt0n3355d ago

I predict it will sell 50k worldwide on 360 lol all around fail from platinum.

WildArmed3355d ago

After playing the demo last night on the ps3, I'm sold on the ps3 version.

It looks great, big whoop its washed out.. but less jaggies.

Doesnt matter.. and long as the game doesnt choke on the frame rate (which it didnt during the demo)

Cant wait

iamtehpwn3355d ago

I said even though I'm getting the PS3 version because I prefer the controller to Xbox360, Both versions will basically be the same game?

I've learned you have to be a STRONG Fanboy partisan to get any back up It would seem. 6 disagrees and not a single reason why you disagreed with bipartisanship.

Jamegohanssj53355d ago

Wtf? Did they even try on the PS3 version? Not like I'm getting it any way. Too many exclusives next year.


hay3355d ago

Damn, my eyes must've gone bad. I fail to spot any difference except contrast.

The Creep3355d ago

your eyes have definitely gone bad

hay3355d ago

@The Creep: Could be. I work too much recently, and being a programmer doesn't help the eyes.

Maddens Raiders3355d ago

if you happen to own a PS3. Don't believe me; just download the damn game and take a look for yourself. It's simply beautiful.

y0haN3355d ago

IChaos, the reason for that is a fat cheque from MS.

frostypants3355d ago

OK, not to be a jerk, but with Demon's Souls, Uncharted 2, and in addition to those the cross-platformers Modern Warfare 2 and Brutal Legend all hitting...

...well, honestly, what PS3 owners are going to even glance at this game? Especially with the God of War Collection coming around the bend. Maybe I'll be proven wrong and it will be great, but frankly my dog's poop seems to have more heat coming off of it than this. They could make the PS3 version look like Pong for all I care.

maxcer3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

@ iChaos Amongus

i find myself doing this too

gameangel3355d ago

...fuzzy, drab non-digital shots.

Here's a proper comparison - 24 shots all pure-digital on max settings:

Christopher3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

Why would I support a game wherein the developers obviously didn't feel it important enough to make it close to equal across both platforms? I don't see myself getting this for either console at full price. Perhaps when it hits $30, though.

Developers, take some pride in your work, don't just throw the work to a third party and then blame them for not making them equal. It's your damn game, for heaven's sake, don't you want it to be better?

pixelsword3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

The "washing out" can be fixed by contrast and brightness, so that's not an issue.

I guess if the framerate is similar enough, nothing matters, really; but from what I hear, the framerate is rock-solid on the 360. I'll have to find out myself if I decide to rent (not a buy for me; it's too... corny for my tastes).

Too bad neither version don't look as good as Devil May Cry 4, released a lot earlier than this game.

TheDeadMetalhead3355d ago

I knew this would happen from the moment I heard "Sega". The PS3 is blurry and washed-out while the 360 version has zero anti-aliasing whatsoever. It's just like The Orange Box, where the PS3 version had better anti-aliasing while the 360 version ran smoother.

Is it really that difficult to make the game identical on both platforms? I seriously doubt it. -_-

jack_burt0n3355d ago

After playing the ps3 demo version through 3 times this is a case of ppl blowing stuff out of proportion, there is quite a bit of screentearing while walking around other than that the famerate and look of the game is fine.

Serious fans importing the jp ps3 version for the packaging etc should not worry.

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thedisagreefairy3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

hopefully they get all the kinks worked out in the ps3 version b4 it hits the market

edit- oh yeah. it releases next year for us overseas, my bad.
do u guys think theyll make some enhancements on it b4 the U.S. and europe relase date then?

if so, then ill pick this up

Gago3356d ago

doubt it

it releases in japan like next week