Mass Effect 2: New Details Revealed

IGN AU has an interview up with BioWare co-founder Greg Zeschuk and some hands-on details with a new level from Mass Effect 2. It talks about engine enhancements, Shepard not dying and why Uncharted is awesome.

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SlappingOysters3301d ago

You'd have to think it is in with a good chance. They are doing awesome stuff with this mythology.

003301d ago

Want this game so bad.

SlappingOysters3301d ago

well the guys says that it is looking very likely to hit its early 2010 release window. not long now

Acidicpack3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

As do I.
Sucks we got to wait till next year. But i guess its best given that fact that the next 3 months will be filled with great games. It will at least give me time to play them all before ME2 drops.

Saaking3301d ago

Will get the superior PC version

SlappingOysters3301d ago

Didn't the PC version get heaps of hate for the DRM system and EA generally being douches about it?

The superior versions of any game are no longer on PC unfortunately... except for maybe Left 4 Dead

Saaking3301d ago

Well free mods, lower price, better graphics, and free online make better imo.

dgroundwater3301d ago

Lol? Free online for ME2 eh? Shows how much you actually care.

NachosWithCheese3301d ago

Y'know, I never got around to playing the first game because I heard some stuff about it that turned me off, but the second one is shaping up to be might tasty.

Might even have to move past the gripes of the first game and give it a burl first!

SlappingOysters3301d ago

what did you here that was bad? I thought it was universally praised...

Definitely play the first one before the second one comes out: the mythology of the whole universe is the best thing about it.

NachosWithCheese3301d ago

The reliance on turn-based combat in the videos turned me off the most, but I had a gaming mate tell me that it starts off awesome and then builds up into nothing, ending way too quickly.

GameOn3301d ago

What you heard couldn't be more wrong my friend. You can get the first game real cheap now and it is definitely worth trying. I'm pretty sure you will love it.

NachosWithCheese3301d ago

Come to think of it, that guy is pretty unreliable... hmm.

You may well have convinced me GameOn! I hope you get a royalty payment for your referral ;).

Acidicpack3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

ME1 is like 19 bucks now go pick it up. You will love it. The last 30 min of the game is alone worth 19 bucks. One of the best endings I have ever seen in a video game.

I would recommend that if your looking the best debuged version to go with the PC. They revamped the Inventory system and smoothed out the frame rate. But the 360 version is by no means bad buy there both top notch.

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DiffusionE3301d ago

Hope this is as epic as the first. Mass Effect is/was a true gem, pure quality.

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The story is too old to be commented.