MGU Review: FIFA 10 (iPhone)

MGU writes: "It's that time of year again, football fans. Time to choose which of the beautiful games you'll be playing this year. Rather than putting the focus on the rivalry between FIFA and Pro, let's focus on the more important matter - is FIFA 10 a worthy iPhone football game? FIFA is making it's début on the iPhone, converting to the virtual joystick and two-button controls. It'd be easy to dismiss it as a lacklustre mobile game, but FIFA 10 iPhone comes with enough packed in to entertain thumbs and take on its iPhone rivals.

The game comes with a wealth of official licenses, with 570 teams from 30 worldwide leagues, the same game modes from it's console counterparts (Tournament, Manager and Be A Pro), full commentary and a licensed soundtrack. Add this to the six different match camera angles, multiple difficulty settings and slow motion replays, plus the ability to take on mates over wi-fi. There's plenty on offer to provide longevity for your hand-held footballing pleasure.

Naturally a conversion to the iPhone means the game has to undergo some simplification. Therefore don't expect fine details on the players and kits, but with any hand-held game these details can be forgiven if the game play is up to scratch, which it both is and isn't."

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