IGN: Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Carnage Hands-on

IGN writes: "It hasn't even been a month since Spider-Man, Captain America, and all of their friends stormed stores in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, but Activision has already announced the first Marvel heavyweight you're going to be able to download and use in your game.

Everyone, meet Carnage.

If you need a refresher in Marvel folklore, Carnage is kind of Venom's son -- kind of. See, when the black symbiote reunited with Eddie Brock in jail to form Venom again, it left behind a symbiote offspring that got into Brock's cellmate's bloodstream. Soon, the serial killer known as Cletus Kasady was overtaken with the symbiote's red and black goo and power. He's super-strong, can morph the symbiote into all kinds of weapons, and bat-crap insane".

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