MGU Review: Arkanoid Evolution

MGU writes: "Bricks beware! It's time for some serious smashing time with Arkanoid Evolution!

I'm sure by now everyone is pretty familiar with Arkanoid games, but for those who need a brief explanation, here goes...

This game has you in control of a paddle located at the bottom of the screen. You start with a ball stuck to the paddle, which you then release by pressing the select button (or number 5). The ball travels upwards until it hits a brick or obstacle along the way, which then causes it to ricochet in various angles - sometimes to your advantage, and others not. Using your paddle, you must try and keep the ball within the playing area, because if you don't you lose a life. The ultimate object is to eliminate all the blocks on each level, so as to score highly, until you eventually lose all your lives."

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