MGU Review: Pro Golf Paradise

MGU writes: "Golf's been a long time fascination for millions of us throughout the years. So it seems sensible that the game for all weathers (except lightning storms), has been put into the palm of your hand.

Until now however, many golfing games have tended to be on the cartoonish side of playability and style. Now the game's been given a shot in the arm by the developers of Pro Golf Paradise. As the name suggests, this is far more in the more serious category than anything else. Not to say that Pro Golf Paradise is devoid of any fun, in fact quite the opposite - it's serious fun!

Rather than the more conventional looks, the game is played from a bird's eye view of the course. All that is visible is the ball, bunkers, water hazards, trees, fairway, rough and green. The rules are as you would expect (sink the ball within the par of the course)."

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