MGU Review: Resident Evil 4 (iPhone)

MGU writes: "Porting celebrated games to a hand-held gaming device is usually asking for disaster. When the game in question happens to be the critically acclaimed, multi-award winning Resident Evil 4, then you can expect heads to turn. Resident Evil 4 has already seen the light of day on the Gamecube, Playstation 2 and Wii, each bringing their own qualities to the game in some form or other. Now it's the iPhone's turn, bringing the action to the small screen for the first time.

Of course, such a huge game can't undergo a straightforward port to the iPhone, no matter how great a gaming device it has turned out to be. Instead, Resident Evil 4: Mobile Edition is an edited version of the original. Gone is the exploration and gone are the puzzles, the game is sliced up into 12 mission segments for some quick-fix Resi4 action. The missions include shooting scenes, boss battles and escort challenges, which mix up the game play nicely and introduces all the main elements of the console game.

Apart from the watered down action, the transformation to the mobile stays fairly true to the original. The over-the-shoulder camera returns, laser sight is present and the enemies and locations are all the same. The Merchant also makes a return to sell you new weapons and upgrades. It's Resident Evil 4 alright, with toned down graphics, but still impressive nonetheless. Sadly the gore has been removed. Having a chainsaw resting uncomfortably on your head results in a severe lack of blood!"

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