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LukaX233351d ago

No Bayoneta demo?

PS: The pricing for the PSP games are outrageous. Sure, it might sell well, but people will eventually get sick of the prices and return it or give it away, leaving a bad impression upon the consumer and whoever he/she has given info about their experience with the device. I’m not buying until the game prices and the console’s price drops. Why else do you think the PS3 is doing so well now? Come on, Sony…

s8anicslayer3351d ago

I thought I was going to be playing Resident Evil 2 tonight...OH well!

FrankDrebin3351d ago

If at all possible, please make sure that your Thursday Evening updates are much better than this! You only update once a week....

Serjikal_Strike3351d ago

at least i got the bayonetta demo from the japanese store...good demo btw!

Jack-Pyro3351d ago

Not a bad update, the FO3 add ons alone make it pretty good, but the lack of demos is disheartening.

But I got the Bayonetta demo off the Japanese store, so its ok =D

Oh and In B4 "Where's Trine!"

green-cigarettes 3351d ago

WTF!! where is the content for the psp? BS

Darkseider3351d ago

Apparently you missed the huge update when the PSP Go launched. There's approx. 100 PSP games and God knows how many PS1 classics that you can play on it.

green-cigarettes 3351d ago

I didnt miss it.
but they should put at least some more demos and more than 2 gAmes per week

Surfman3351d ago

What a joke. I bought a Psp Go for what? Dont tell me last week's update was enough. Only 100 games. Right now there's like 170 games out for the PSP on the store. Thats not enough. Where's Dissidia? FF7 Crisis Core? Phantasy Star? Tales of Eternia? etc etc etc. Costumers buy a new console that only use digital products and they cant even have enough products. Thats BS.. i think ill regret my PSPgo.

Ok now i return on UC2 demo.

green-cigarettes 3351d ago

I know. i love my pspgo but if the updates are only going to be like this, is not worth it. I mean more than half the game in there are crap and not even a freaking demo?????? WTF!!

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The story is too old to be commented.