Super Sayian 3 Vegeta Confirmed for Dragonball Raging Blast

Xbox Evolved writes:

"As with Broly, the prince himself has also gone under a SS3 makeover. "

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Blaze9293236d ago

Did not see this coming AT ALL.

tokoshix3236d ago

Haha, just make everyone have a SS3 version already.

JasonXE3236d ago

rofl no bull. Might as well give EVERYONE SS3! Sheesh Spike! But seriously...SS3 Gohan please. They gotta do it!

AridSpider3236d ago

I say just have all the Sayians go up to SS4. Why not. SS4 Gohan would PWN

Blaze9293236d ago

Never thought of SS4 that would be awesome!

Avenged Sevenfold3236d ago

Gohan would have to be a pure blood saiyan to go SSJ4.

Noob3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

How about we see some Sayians go Super Sayian that haven't. Like Nappa or Bardock or something. They should also do a new DBZ story in the game. I know it sounds crazy but trust me, it makes it more interesting when you don't know what's going to happen. There's so many different ideas they could of incorporated into this game by now instead of rehashing the gameplay and adding more characters/new forms if development was in the right hands.

gintoki7773236d ago

make super saiyan krillin even though hes not saiyan!

randomwiz3236d ago

come on guys, no super sayain for regular sayains. It has to be true to the story. I have to say though, they need to expand the story. I wish they continued the dragonball series

HolyOrangeCows3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

That's what Vegeta's scouter says about his new power level.

bigboss9113236d ago

Sorry but Gohan SS3 would be pointless. He is stronger than SS3 when he unlocks his powers for the final time. Toriyama said he was the strongest non fused character at the end of Z. Krillin was the strongest human according to him, but i think Tien would rape Krillin. His only good moment was when he died, so Goku could ascend. Sorry for the Nerd rant haha. Dbz is my favorite show of all time.(sorry im too lazy to find sources to back up my info:/)

FACTUAL evidence3236d ago

By making SSJ3 vegeta, they defied the original series....might as make an ssj4 gohan while you're at it....

badz1493236d ago

Nappa can't be a super saiyan! not because he's not strong enough but he's BALD! what is a super saiyan without the crazy-fancy yellow hair?

housegroove763236d ago

Big Boss if DBZ is your favorite show of all time then you would know its Tenshinhan, not Tien.

Altourus3235d ago

I might be coming outta left field here, but they need SS4 Big Boss or Solid Snake. Would really balance out the game.

Obelisk923235d ago

Krilin SS3 now confirmed

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madmonkey03236d ago

LOL UBER! hope for ssj4 goku, like in final bout.

Blaze9293236d ago

I don't think this game is going up to GT so no SS4 Goku unfortunately. Maybe DLC though, who knows.

AridSpider3236d ago

Game comes out next month and we havent seen any GT characters/stories so I doubt it. But then comes out next month and we are still getting surprises like this!

Blaze9293236d ago

DLC would be nice I guess...for free ofc

Nitrowolf23236d ago

awesome, but i say they should just go all out and make ss4 broly, trunks, gohan and even krillin(jk about krillin)
i like it but i can see them releasing a new game with just upgraded super saiyan version every year. i hope they add a new story to the game, rather then keep using the ame old one that they have been doing every year. i mean keep the old one just add new ones to it.

ProA0073236d ago

I just wonder how these new characters will play. SS3 Broly and now Vegeta too? Crazy

Mozilla893236d ago

how could you tell if krillin went super sayian, he has no hair! lol

Ace_2353236d ago

I really need them to do this to gohan now like really...... Right now!!!!!!!!!!!

ProA0073236d ago

Yeah haha, its apparent everyone wants a version for Gohan. SS4 Gohan would indeed be epic looking.

James Bond3236d ago

Vegeta, what does the scouter say about his power level?

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