VGChartz Reviews Gran Turismo PSP

"Does 800 cars + 60 tracks = 4 years of waiting? If only.

I remember the day I originally purchased my PSP. I was beyond excited with the thought that the authentic PlayStation experience would be accessible from my pocket. No game better encapsulates that PlayStation experience than Gran Turismo, which I was sure would be my first purchase, but then I discovered the shocking truth. Gran Turismo was not available at launch as promised and the wait would be over four years long. However, that is all in the past and the meticulous developers at Polyphony Digital have finally delivered the game, but it may not be the exact racing game PSP owners have been eagerly pining for all this time."

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James Bond3355d ago

GT PSP was only announced a few months ago.

09tarheel3355d ago

Gran Turismo PSP was officially announced at E3 this year, but Gran Turismo Mobile (which was the same game) was announced at E3 2004, so yes a Gran Turismo PSP Game has been a long time coming.

mrpotter3355d ago

Halo Recon and ODST are two different games as well.

OT: the game is a tad dissapointing but I still have fun playing it.

3355d ago
barom3354d ago

I don't really care about this particular review but it annoys me everytime a reviewer mentions the long development life cycle. So what if it's been developed for 4 years? That shouldn't really have anything to do with the game now does it? If it is it's all psychological (in other words: in your head). It's like "oh no <insert game> is made by <insert historically bad studio>, so the game must be bad". Okay so it's not exactly the same thing but it's along the same lines. It has really nothing to do with the game.

I don't doubt that the review score is fair (because of the missing career mode) but just leave the 4 year development cycle outside of it, it makes no sense to include it... at all.

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GameOn3355d ago

I approved because it will help the average score. I think reviewers were too hard on this game.

SupaPlaya3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

is in the 7.5 - 9 range. How is a score in the lower end going to help the average?

Helping the average shouldn't be a reason to post a score imo...

Saaking3355d ago

GT PSP has more cars, better graphics and better gameplay and it's all on ONE disk. lmao at flopza 2.1

PeptoBismol3355d ago

overdosed on mushrooms again?

ambientFLIER3355d ago

Anybody want to compare it to Forza 3 again? No? Ok then.

cheapndirty3353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )

What is up with you? Did Microsoft lay off your dad? Or you? Below is a post from you four months ago.

Saaking:"126 days 20 hours ago
Forza 3 will be a great experience for Xbox 360 owners and will have unique features that will give it great make it a great addition to 360 catalog. GT 5 will be an amazing game on the PS3 which all PS3 owners will enjoy. IT will offer a large amount of cars, tracks, and many other features that other racing games can't offer. BOTH games will be great. Now then, the developer claiming that they have no competition is seriously an unbelievable claim. It's almost guaranteed that GT 5 will outsell Forza 3; however, as to the quality of each individual title that will be up to whoever plays it. Opinions will vary, but in the end both games will be great additions to their consoles' catalog of games and the genre of racing games as a whole. "

Its like you not even the same person you were 4 months ago. I really am thinking you worked for Microsoft and got canned or something and now you are on a rampage. Lighten up.

Supraman213355d ago

I just downloaded a trailer off PSn. It was the newest Gran Turismo PSP trailer and in some of the shots the backgrounds had horrendous textures, im talkin PS1 textures but the cars looked like they where from GT5. Can someone explain this

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