Guide to Defensive Passive Abilities in Champions Online

Michael Hartman writes: "One of the most standard pieces of advice characters receive for Champions Online is: pick a defensive passive! What they mean is an ability that goes in your passive slot and provides some type of protection. This guide looks at the 5 main types.

What are Defensive Passives?

Defensive passives are abilities in Champions Online that go in your passive ability slot and provide some form of protection or damage mitigation. You are only allowed to have one passive ability slotted at a time, so this is a decision you should make carefully. Generally, defensive passives can only be used in the balanced/guardian stance and the defensive/protector stance."

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Muckbeast3353d ago

Defensive passives are still key to character development - especially if you play solo.

At 40, if you are primary DPS, that is a good time to look into an offensive passive.