Guide to Travel Powers in Champions Online

Michael Hartman writes: "One of the most fun elements of super hero games are the travel powers. In this regard, Champions Online does not disappoint. There is quite a bit of variety here for most any gamer.

Zoom, Zoom Zoom - Travel Powers Starting at Level 5

travel power selection screenOne of the biggest gripes about City of Heroes was the fact that you had to slog through 14 levels before you got a travel power. In Champions Online, you receive your first travel power at level 5 - as soon as you finish the tutorial. You also get a second one at level 35, which can be picked up for fun or to supplement the one you already have. It is very nice that you do not have to sacrifice a power slot to get a second travel power.

I resisted the temptation to provide ratings for the powers, or to rank them. So much of this is personal preference that you really need to test them out in the PowerHouse for yourself."

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Glamis3353d ago

There are so many travel powers in CO, it is really tough to pick at level 5. This guide really helps.

jpymai3352d ago

Thanks so much for the guide!

Graffin3348d ago

Great! I have been wondering about the differences between powers.