STP: Ego City Invasion Review

STP writes: "If we had to fight back a horde of zombies, we think we'd bring a tank. In fact, we would bring a tank that could fly. Obviously, someone out there shares our great taste in combat vehicles. In Ego City Invasion, you have to use such a device to defend your fort against wave after wave of filthy undead invaders. This makes for some fun gameplay that is unfortunately stretched thin by a lack of variety.

Ego City Invasion shares its name with the online social networking game Ego City, which is an online community where you can play games, meet other players, and use your experience points (or "merits") to buy new items for your avatar or virtual house. If you have an Ego City account, you can upload "merits" that you have collected as well as other unlockables to your account from Ego City Invasion. Even though having an Ego account greatly extends the value of the iPhone game, it still stands on its own if you choose to never create an Ego account."

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