The 10 Worst FPS Games Of The Past Decade

Joystick Division writes: "When it comes to First Person Shooters, and being completely enthralled in the action, there are games that you will be able to name almost immediately. Some first person shooters are so popular that they've outlasted most other interactive games with their legacy (read: Counter-Strike). But for every amazing first person shooter there is on the market, there is one equally as bad. Almost as if there was a great karmic balance just trying to reach out and tell us that a balance is always needed, even in the world of gaming. Over the past decade, there have been some stunning first person shooters. Here are some of the worst."

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renegade2904d ago

i remember play Rainbow Six on the n64 and pc it was awesome but not on the ps

markfrost2904d ago

I could never get past the first level on the PS1 version. Controls were completely horrid.

ico922904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

funny thing is they actually released it on psn in the psone classics yes ..the PSONE CLASSICS section ...why?

TheBand1t2904d ago

Why is there a picture of Battlefield Vietnam for Vietcong? Battlefield Vietnam was the tits.

mastiffchild2904d ago

Speaking of Vietnam-where was Shellshock2? The original (by Guerilla, to their shame, IIRC)was awful enough but the new one is even worse and ranks alongside any crap I've played for a long while. I know there's zombies(kinda)in it but it's a FPS and it's rubbish beyond all argument. I never even met anyone who thinks it's so bad it qualifies as a giggle either-the mark of the truly crap game, imo.

Jamescagney2904d ago

I agree, Shellshock 2 was not only one of the worst fps games I've ever played, it ranks amongst the worst games in any genre I've ever played.

The fact that it came from Rebellion is even more shocking.

table2904d ago

lol it is a poor game but not quite bad enough to make this list. Rainbow six on playstation is probably the worst shooter I've ever played.

Cherchez La Ghost2904d ago

And you ask wheres Halo? Ok....

Syrage2904d ago

Dont really see how it could be on the list the controls and the gameplay all seem to be fun from alot of different point of views.

Plus seeing as Halo spear headed the way for other console FPS's i wouldn't really say that it deserves a spot on the list, than again that is my opinion derived from many others. Not only that but the games launch alone holds a record.

table2904d ago

Halo3 did nothing for FPS though. People need to stop pretending Halo3 is good just because the first Halo was.

Syrage2904d ago

I was talking about the series in general all 4 games have something good to offer

ShabzS2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

... one of my fav games of all time ... it's always unpredicatble and just plain fun

Panthers2904d ago

Halo is amazing fanboy. It ranks in the top FPS games. Halo is popular because it is good. That is all.

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K-Tuck2904d ago

There's no point in having such a short article broken into multiple pages.

kaz-hirai2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

halo 2,3 & ODST ;-D!!!!!!

Halo 1 was good chatboxes but they milked it like they milk you for playing on Xboxlag !!!!!!!!!


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