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The 10 Worst FPS Games Of The Past Decade

Joystick Division writes: "When it comes to First Person Shooters, and being completely enthralled in the action, there are games that you will be able to name almost immediately. Some first person shooters are so popular that they've outlasted most other interactive games with their legacy (read: Counter-Strike). But for every amazing first person shooter there is on the market, there is one equally as bad. Almost as if there was a great karmic balance just trying to reach out and tell us that a balance is always needed, even in the world of gaming. Over the past decade, there have been some stunning first person shooters. Here are some of the worst." (Culture)

renegade  +   1839d ago
i remember play Rainbow Six on the n64 and pc it was awesome but not on the ps
markfrost  +   1839d ago
I could never get past the first level on the PS1 version. Controls were completely horrid.
ico92  +   1839d ago
funny thing is they actually released it on psn in the psone classics yes ..the PSONE CLASSICS section ...why?
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TheBand1t  +   1839d ago
Why is there a picture of Battlefield Vietnam for Vietcong? Battlefield Vietnam was the tits.
mastiffchild  +   1838d ago
Speaking of Vietnam-where was Shellshock2? The original (by Guerilla, to their shame, IIRC)was awful enough but the new one is even worse and ranks alongside any crap I've played for a long while. I know there's zombies(kinda)in it but it's a FPS and it's rubbish beyond all argument. I never even met anyone who thinks it's so bad it qualifies as a giggle either-the mark of the truly crap game, imo.
Jamescagney  +   1838d ago
I agree, Shellshock 2 was not only one of the worst fps games I've ever played, it ranks amongst the worst games in any genre I've ever played.

The fact that it came from Rebellion is even more shocking.
ttlFantastic  +   1839d ago
Where's Halo 3?
table  +   1839d ago
lol it is a poor game but not quite bad enough to make this list. Rainbow six on playstation is probably the worst shooter I've ever played.
Led Zeppelin  +   1839d ago
You're an idiot.
Cherchez La Ghost  +   1839d ago
10 million sold worldwide?!
And you ask wheres Halo? Ok....
Syrage  +   1839d ago
Opinion Based Reply
Dont really see how it could be on the list the controls and the gameplay all seem to be fun from alot of different point of views.

Plus seeing as Halo spear headed the way for other console FPS's i wouldn't really say that it deserves a spot on the list, than again that is my opinion derived from many others. Not only that but the games launch alone holds a record.
table  +   1838d ago
Halo3 did nothing for FPS though. People need to stop pretending Halo3 is good just because the first Halo was.
Syrage  +   1838d ago
I was talking about the series in general all 4 games have something good to offer
Shbzshar  +   1838d ago
i loved halo 3
... one of my fav games of all time ... it's always unpredicatble and just plain fun
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Panthers  +   1838d ago
Halo is amazing fanboy. It ranks in the top FPS games. Halo is popular because it is good. That is all.
K-Tuck  +   1839d ago
There's no point in having such a short article broken into multiple pages.
kaz-hirai  +   1839d ago
halo 2,3 & ODST ;-D!!!!!!

Halo 1 was good chatboxes but they milked it like they milk you for playing on Xboxlag !!!!!!!!!

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SnakeShady  +   1839d ago
50 cent
blood on the sand is not a FPS, you idiot.
Graffin  +   1839d ago
Some people just don't know the difference between first- and third-person.

Whut  +   1839d ago
Indeed. 3rd person shooter.
STK026  +   1839d ago
and it didn't have a PS2 release (from what I know). Also, it really wasn't that bad, I don't like his music, but BotS really wasn't bad enough to be on such a list in my opinion, and it's not like it had awful reviews either.

I guess he meant Bulletproof, which really was awful, and on the PS2.
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Hercules  +   1839d ago
i have too agree
but the person who disagreed with is the idiot
Double Toasted  +   1839d ago
So true. Thats the reason I didn't even click on the article. With that title and picture they made it easy for me to not even have to read the article...FAIL
BabyStomper5000  +   1838d ago
I'ma git firs' person... or die tryin'...
ico92  +   1839d ago
no haze?

theres a shocker but what about turning point fight for liberty that game was god awful
BYE  +   1839d ago
Haze is nowhere near the worst, it's a good game which just couldn't live up to the enormous hype.
mastiffchild  +   1839d ago
Yes, the thing about Haze is that the core shooting is near flawless, imo, and stands up well against pretty much any other shooter this generation-I way prefer the way it controls to COD4 f'rinstance.

Then again from the people who brought us Timesplitters you'd expect no less in that dept. Problems were the patchy graphics, awful script and acting and don't mention all the multiplayer faults like vehicles spawning from the skies-or not-leaving big hikes back to the action among a million other little failings.

So, yeah, it failed to live up to the hype(for whatever internal political reasons)but compared to the likes of Blacksite or Turning Point it's core gameplay saves it from total disgrace imo. A good idea, great premise killed by fudging we didn't see happening I'm afraid.
N2NOther  +   1839d ago
Land of the Dead was released in this decade and it is, by far, the worst FPS I have ever played.
PlayStation X  +   1838d ago
section8 loooool
chrisulloa  +   1838d ago
Where's Haze?
Relientk77  +   1838d ago
50 cent sux
DuneBuggy  +   1838d ago
Soldier of Fortune: Payback should have made that list IMO.
I bought it used and cheap. Even the Gamestop guy tried to warn me against it.
badz149  +   1838d ago
at last...
someone remembers! I was reading through the comments but nobody mention that game! I guess it's too horrible that people are trying to forget it ever exist! I got the game through ebay because somebody sold it with Bad Company (means 2 games) for cheap! I just wanted BC but what's wrong for getting another game while it's cheap, right? so, I had low expectation for the game after reading a lot of reviews and OMG! it's horrible - the game went down under, lower than my already low expectation!!
N2NOther  +   1838d ago
Payback wasn't HORRIBLE. It was just generic. It looked and played decent and was incredibly funny when you blew people up, but there are far worse games.

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