Rumor: Starcraft 2 comes in October of this year

Traditionally, Blizzard was always announcing titles years before they will come to life. Theo Valich from Inquirer first touch with World of WarCraft happened on ECTS in 2001, first touch with Diablo II and its add-on came during E3 and ECTS 2000 and so on. But now, StarCraft II is not being announced year or two prior to release. Blizzard has stated that the company will release this game in October of this year.

So, you can mark your calendars ready, Q4 of this year will be quite an interesting one.

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marison4227d ago

Mass Effect, Metal Gear Solid 4, Starcraft 2.

With only some more details, the last will climb the ladder...

gta_cb4226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )

you know, Halo 3 and GTA4 should be in there =P (game list hehe)

TnS4227d ago

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id dot entity4226d ago

Indeed. I can guarantee that Starcraft II will not hit the shelves this year. I mean, it's Blizzard. They have to delay the game at least 1 time.