VideoGamer Review: Sexy Poker

"Hello! I'm Sakura, everyone's favourite nurse. You want a full body check-up? Let's play cards. If you impress me, I might give you my special treatment!"

So begins Sexy Poker - an epic voyage into the dark heart of humanity. It's got depth, it's got stunning graphics, and it's got addictive, constantly-surprising gameplay. Actually, it's got none of those things - because this is a game where you play cards to make ladies' clothes fall off. But these aren't just any ladies; they're pneumatic anime babes who work in a range of professions. There's a nurse, a police officer and a race car driver, among others. And in an unexpected and terrifying twist, they all sound like Mickey Mouse.

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FinalomegaS3356d ago

all i can do is LOL when I read this...