Confirmed: PES7 support with 18GB.

* Game will be released in multiple platforms (even on the PS3)
* Improved defense
* More realistic and changed dribbling animations
* 1 on 1 tackles and offside traps will have better results (controversial calls)
* Better online service, no lag
* Full HD support with 18GB storage

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LoveHateTragedy4226d ago

That's pretty big for a sports title, but whatever they need.

zonetrooper54226d ago

Can't wait to get this game on the Xbox 360, its gonna be amazing on all platforms its on. This 18GB thing is gonna turn this into a flame war.

WafflesID4226d ago

You called it ...
Man you are good. :)

TheExecutive4226d ago

Is it gonna be two discs on the 360 or what?? Im not flaming... its a valid question!

Dr Pepper4226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )

I would assume so, lol at everyone being paranoid to ask a completely relevant and important question

Edit: just saw bootsielon's Edit, and I guess that's true. How would that work?

Lord Anubis4226d ago

probably either that or the x360 gets less content

gta_cb4226d ago

i would think its going to be multi discs

Expy4225d ago

Ummm... Think for a moment.... A sports title on two discs? No. They will have 2 versions. One for the Playstation 3, and one for the XBOX360.

BitbyDeath4225d ago

2 discs? I doubt it, you think you'd have to get up and change discs over at half time? I'd say it's either -

A. 18gb uncompressed or

B. Missing content

Capt CHAOS4225d ago

I for one would love a bit cut in those cut scenes..

mcintosh2334224d ago

i think being to load the second disk onto hd would be a good solution

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bootsielon4226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )

"IT CAN BE DONE ON TWO DISCS LOL", because it can't be done. You see, sports games like this soccer one can't be put in more than one disc, and that includes racing games too. How is Microsoft going to surpass the Gran Turismo 5 experience with so little space, I don't know. If Sony knows how to play its cards, Gran Turismo 5 will use a double layered Blu-ray disc.

Edit: Oops, I was beaten at the punch. Sorry "The Executive", it can't be done. All teams, fields, etcetera have to remain on a single disc, otherwise the game would be unplayable in terms of usability.

Edit 2: For more clarification. I say it would be unusable since you must be able to stream all the assets required real time. If you have to change discs for certain teams, that would be awful. If two teams are on different discs, then you're screwed. Obviously that would never happen, since nobody would make a game that is not usable. Therefore, it's always better to have more disc space.

I know you'll say Xbox 360 has an HDD, but it's not on every machine, and 13 Gigabytes just won't last. Sure, there's the Elite, but very few own it or want it. If only you could add any HDD you wanted, but you can't. So basically, you can't install parts of the game on 360's HDD. Therefore, 360 owners are screwed.

Skynetone4226d ago

Not even the one mounth old elite model can handle this