TGR: Demon's Souls Video Game Review

You know a game's fun when you're already dead on the cover.

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midi3150d ago

See, this is the kind of game I would have loved when I was younger but I just don't think I have the time to give Demons Soul the kind of attention it would deserve. This makes me sad :(

mr durand pierre3150d ago

This game was probably my most pleasant surprise of the year, if not my fave GotY.

SlamVanderhuge3150d ago

Ive been pursuaded to try this...

ZBlacktt3150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

With all the reviews I've read. This game will be $29.95 by Christmas, lol... They all have scared off any potential buyer with what they all have stated about it's brutal repetitive death game replay, and see. See Link below to price drop already within days of it's release ( drop $13 ). Free shipping too. So watch Craigslist or sales on this game first if you are looking to buy.

and to think, two members here wanted to got back and forth with me as I said this game would drop in price very fast. Like I had no idea after all these years around gaming.....sigh. You know who you are.. I've already seen the upgraded Deluxe Edition w/ art book and soundtrack on Craigslist for $50. This was the very next day of it's release.

ZBlacktt3150d ago

Btw, I love the game. But then again, I've been into Dragon's since my role playing D&D days back in 1982. I own D&D games for the Intellivision game console here from back then as well.

sikbeta3150d ago

I get it -0.2 cuz is hard, right?

SirLarr3147d ago

Maybe it got +0.8 because it's hard.