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Sex and Mature, Adult Content in MMOs

"Games have traditionally been a relatively sex free scene but that is all changing with the recent explosion in explicit MMOs. You can engage in various kinky acts and indulge your most secret fantasies online with lots of like minded strangers. Would you like to know more?"

If you are like me, you definitely want to know more.

As technology improves, the quality of this content will improve along with it. Whether it is simply better graphics or full on technodildonics, this part of the MMO market is sure to be a profitable one. (Culture, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, PC, Second Life, Xbox 360)

Muckbeast  +   2123d ago
The games mentioned in the articles are certainly moving in a clear direction.

One has to wonder what kind of stuff will be possible in 5-10 years.
WildArmed  +   2122d ago
lol Point no. 1 Sex Sells.

Well thats explains why the article is so hot. ~200 degrees and rising lol
Graffin  +   2123d ago
Greatest picture ever!
Glamis  +   2123d ago
You speak the truth, sir!
AbeArceo  +   2122d ago
Got my vote lol!
Droid Control  +   2122d ago
we do actually need more sex in games...
not gay sex though. Just hard core hetrosexual alien love making.
saimcheeda  +   2122d ago
i dont mind
lesbian sex though ;)
dredgewalker  +   2122d ago
I agree nothing beats sex when it comes to selling something.......like that one time i went out to this red light district and ....uh forget it this story is not for kids....anyway sex sells period...
monkey602  +   2122d ago
The words "Sex" and "Period" NEVER belong together in a sentence
dredgewalker  +   2122d ago
LOL that was funny...you know what's even funnier....i already had that and it was a mess!!
Handhelds_FTW  +   2122d ago
Adult Content in MMOs?
Should not go past nudity, why have sex in an MMO when most will be men behind the keyboard.

If we are taking about having sex with female NPCs, shouldn't time be better spend gaining levels, items etc.

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