Demon's Soul Review (JPS)

JPS Writes: "...I have to say, Demons Soul took me by surprise. I honestly wasn't sure what to expect, especially after hearing about how difficult it is. Yes, the game is hard, but that doesn't take away from it in the slightest. The difficulty isn't overwhelming, nor is it due to balance issues or poor design. Demons Soul is a great game for any RPG fan and is sure to fill that void for a great action RPG. In depth customization, awesome battle system and dungeon crawling, and beautifully rendered environments coupled with some great online gameplay certainly help Demons Soul standout amongst the flood of games this fall."

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Keith Olbermann3115d ago

it punishes me sooooo much. aaarrrgh.

JsonHenry3115d ago

I REALLY want to play this game.. but my PS3 freezes on startup before I even get access to the XMB. :(

Kain813115d ago

we need more Harcore-J/W RPGs like that...realy

Acidicpack3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

It its very hard that whats so damn fun about it!!! I have been playing it now for 2 days and am at lvl 41 Temple Knight.

Note to anyone trying to till the Tower Knight. Kill the archers First then go after the Tower Knight lol

MEsoJD3115d ago

I think people don't understand how this game is unless they play it

for themselves.

JsonHenry3115d ago

I love being blindsided by a sleeper hit! Can't wait to order my new 2.5 SATA HDD so I can actually play it, seeming that is what is wrong with my PS3.

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Myst3115d ago

I don't like this game D:

*Runs off to go play some more*

DonCorneo3115d ago

i die because i got i'm stupid.

started with the wanderer and i like the one-hit back stabs.

Masamori Sumimura3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )


@ the disagrees I said what @ "i die because i got i'm stupid."

leyego3115d ago

lol its not one hit.
don't rely on it to much.

TheHater3115d ago

getting this next week with Uncharted 2.
Buy one get one free from Toys R Us next week :)

rucky3115d ago

Wait I thought it was buy 2 get 1 free? What's your third game?

SnuggleBandit3115d ago

gimme a link to that deal por favor!

Myst3115d ago

May not be the same one on the site, but still states the deal.

Pennywise3115d ago

It is buy 2 get 1 free.... Still a good deal.

UC2, NGS2, I have no idea what to get free!! I already own DS.

Myst3115d ago

Afrika I suppose it comes out on the 13th and it is a change of pace from all the other games.

Pennywise3115d ago

Hmmm, interesting suggestion. I was thinking maybe BatmanAA.. havent played it yet.

Myst3115d ago

Hmm, Batman AA isn't bad either it's roughly a 7~8 hour game, which is how long it took a friend and I to run through the game on normal. We had rented it for just one night as well. Either way, I don't think you could go wrong with either one.

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W-k3115d ago

this game kicks my ass D; i like the temple knight so far only tried the Temple knight and the knight when i got my copy today there was only 4 left on the shelf at eb games i was kinda shocked to see a lot of people getting it, most of my friends haven't herd of it. one demon guy keeps killing me with a spear , one shot kills ;(. i gave up on fighting him and went through the fog lol

Tex1173115d ago

I think its a right of passage that all beginner players get their ass handed to them by the red-eyed spear weilding night.

If you find a way to kill them, you get around 2000 souls. It makes it a good place to level up early on.

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The story is too old to be commented.