Keep It in the Bedroom - Gamers Who Use Sex to Get Phat Lewt

"The flirt, the eye batterer, the queens of mistells. They are everywhere, there is one in every guild, and quite frankly, the majority of the gaming population isn't impressed."

If you have played an MMO, you have experienced people like this. Primarily women (or men pretending to be women) they act like sexy vixens to get loot, money, and attention. This article looks at this type of behavior and calls it out!

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Graffin3149d ago

Can I just say, excellent picture?

dirthurts3149d ago

Apple would sell those :P

evrfighter3149d ago

I knew a chick in ffxi who got a piece of gear that would take about a month of farming 6-8 hrs a day to save up for a pic of her boobs =\.

jpymai3149d ago

Haha, I know, right? Boobies are where it's at.

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OtherWhiteMeat3149d ago

Ah.............where's her other breast???

shark973149d ago (Edited 3149d ago )

the iphone in the a$$

vyralx3149d ago

Get Phat Lewt?
Sounds like an adult movie title

Afreelunch3149d ago

Fat Loot 6: Dirty Grinders

R3DD3149d ago

I'm guessing no one read the article?

dredgewalker3148d ago

I thought if i click this it would show more pictures her.....

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The story is too old to be commented.