PS3 Games That Will Murder The Wii.

Hands-down, the PlayStation 3 cannot catch the Wii in hardware sales for this year or next year. Fad or not, even if the Wii loses steam this fall, there's still Mario Galaxy, Mario Party 8 and Metroid Prime 3 (amongst others) that will easily pick up the slack and put the Wii back into the spotlight. That doesn't mean the PS3 can't stand toe-to-toe with the Wii when it comes to software. If Sony can at least convince people that the PlayStation 3 is a venerable, upright rival on the software front, they may be able to turn the software-side of the war in their favor. In turn, the positive press for the PS3's non-hardware could lead to actual hardware sales, and maybe then the PS3 will be back in the fight, legitimately.

Assuming these games don't meet with further delays -- because if they do it'll definitely [further] threaten the PS3's chances of success -- gamers could be bragging to their friends with Wii's about how cool an experience like Lair or Heavenly Sword is. While Wii-pers will be working out the kinks of Wii-elbow, PS3 gamers can sit tight with the top 10 following games:

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nice_cuppa4225d ago


its the price thats the problem and ps3 is having its own game shortage its not just the wii !

i love my ps3 but if i own more than 5 ps3 games by the end of the year i will be supprised !

1.rfom. (if im still playing it at the end of the year !)
3.drakes fortune. rachet game.
? lair (maybe ! it just doesnt look that much fun to me !)
? heavenly sword (maybe ! im getting bored of hack and slash !)

killzone,lbp,warhawk and some others dont interest me !

fury4225d ago


“Multiple exclamation marks are a sure sign for a diseased mind!”
-Terry Pratchett

StrboyM4225d ago

I know what he is "trying" to say, and I think it willl be misinterpreted I agree with his idea, but to think Nintendo will roll over and watch sony drop killer app after killer app, is stupid, nintendo realized they created a monster. they just havent fed it enough....

TheExecutive4225d ago

i guess the question is: how much can you actually feed that monster?

QuackPot4225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

Unless games development dries up for it, the Wii won't be going away anytime soon. The Wii is simply cheap, more involving, fun.

There won't be any "murder" here....or should we say FLAMING here.

The Wii does fill a niche with a selection of games that maximizes the potential of their controller(s). Also, the Wii will never have the size or diverse range of games that the Ps3 will INEVITABLY have over the next 2 years. And if Sony starts developing similar games(eg PS Sports) and controller(s) then the Wii's tidy market share will come under serious threat.

With sure hits like LBP, Warhawk, Folklore, HS, R&C, Uncharted, Killzone coming before the end of this year, you now have some damn good reasons to buy this $200 blue-ray player AND $400 gaming console this Xmas. But again, no murdering here. Just slow and steady wins the race.

The games are coming and the price will eventually drop - unfortunately not this year, though - and then the massive migration from Ps2 to Ps3 will begin.

Oh, how things will change over the next couple of years.

TheExecutive4225d ago

After seeing the success of wii sports I dont see how Sony will allow Ninetendo to hog the market like that. They are already coming out with a bowling game similar to that in wii sports

KingJames19064225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

People are buying the Wii because of Wii sports. In countries where Wii Sports are not included, people buy it along with Wii. Like it or not, the Wii already has a killer app and it's called Wii Sports. I bought one for the kids and I'm not that much of a fan of the Wii. I have an Xbox360 Elite. But many people with kids as young as 3 can play the Wii. And people as old as 75. The PS3 and Xbox 360 controls are to intimidating for non-traditional gamers (3-7 and 45-75 years old). I suggest everyone get use to the Wii dominating this gen.

@ fulconer below.

No I didn’t read your comment as I posted mine and did not refresh the page in time. Oh and by the way, you’re still WRONG! Why would anyone play $200.00 more for a carbon copy of Wii Sports and the Wii Controller? Do you think that parents of a 3-7 year old or that 45-75 year old crowd that I mentioned earlier (that are buying the Wii NOW others are waiting because they can't find it.) are willing to pay $200.00 more for basically the same games???? If you believe that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I can get you very cheap.

QuackPot4225d ago

"And if Sony starts developing similar games(eg PS Sports) and controller(s) then the Wii's tidy market share will come under serious threat."

So does that mean I'm right? Oh, thank u. You're so kind.

EZCheez4225d ago

I agree that the Wii is probably not going anywhere for a while but...

I don't see the Wii dominating this generation.I don't think the Wii has taken that much of the PS userbase. Having sold over 115 million PS2's, I doubt there were many ever owned by your non-traditional gamers. The argument of the controls being intimidating only prove that point.

The Wii has taken its own path and will fuel Nintendo to compete realistically in the next generation. The only thing that will hold them back is there lack of communication and support with third party developers.

TheExodus4225d ago

It isn't going to matter what games actually make it out of development & as sales continue to decline fewer & fewer will. The question is how long will Sony wait before they bite the bullet & price the PS3 as a game console because at this point the Wii isn't the niche console, the PS3 is & the mass migration from PS2 has already begun.

QuackPot4225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

It's pointless having a cheap Ps3 if there aren't any good games to play on it. But the games are coming.

The Wii fills a niche - even though it is dominating sales - due to the price and type of games buyers are using it for. Small market share doesn't mean the Ps3 is filling a niche.

The Ps3 and the Xbox 360 are true next gen consoles not the Wii. Next gens always start off expensive - due to their technology needing to last at least 5 years - with small libraries of release games. But prices do drop and games start to pour in over the life cycle. Unfortunately for Sony, the xbox 360 got a year head start without competition and the much cheaper Wii was released when the Ps3 was - hence low market share. But that will definitely change over the next two years.

As for the migration already started. You have got to be kidding. The bulk of Ps2 buyers won't be picking up the Ps3 until there's a significant price drop and a respectable library of games. That won't be happening till the end of 2008.

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