New Lair Screens....This is Epic

Check out new screens for Lair...

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Robotz Rule3902d ago

I nearly lost my breath while looking at theses amazing screenshots!

Lair is gonna rock!

InMyOpinion3901d ago

Looks good but the lighting still annoys me. Why is it so dark? Some of the details vanish because of it. At least, if they fix the framerate to a steady 30 fps it will look awesome.

StrboyM3901d ago

only a little though, I just bought a 42" Lcd... Im about to get my moneys worth.

Juevani3901d ago

the graphics on this game is amazing, it really show the power of the black beast.

Observer3901d ago

Let's hope it will play as good as it looks.

The gameplay bits i've seen weren't stellar at all. But I'm not issuing any judgement before i see how will the final game play.


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The story is too old to be commented.
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