Brütal Legend PS3 vs Xbox 360: Screenshot Comparison

In that screenshot check Videogameszone compared the graphics between the PS3 and Xbox 360 version of Brütal Legend.

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Julie3149d ago (Edited 3149d ago )

Both look the same for me , one looks like this the other one like that, everyone happy and no fanboy stuff please D:

I only hope that the game is fun :I

kapedkrusader3149d ago

...after seeing what the PS3 could do with Uncharted 2, I have lost all interest in seeing comparison shots with multi-plat games. I already know the PS3 can produce better graphics and I only blame the developers and MS if some games don't look better on the PS3.

Syronicus3149d ago

The PS3 in terms of exclusives produces the best graphics across the board and do to that fact we all know that any multiplatform games that do not look as good on the PS3 as they do ont he 360 is simply due to developers being stupid, or lazy. This game looks good on both but is not something I am even interested on at the moment.

SnuggleBandit3149d ago (Edited 3149d ago )

ya at the moment i'm gonna be occupied with AAA exclusives and mw2(maybe) to have time for this game.

Demon Souls
Uncharted 2
R and C

$180 alone...

GOW collection and mw2 and we are talking $300

EDIT: at below...well that is true but those games i listed are must buys for me and i'm not gonna have time to play anything else either...five games for me could last a very very long time.

dachiefsman3149d ago

here is a concept, rent it.

I love how people dismiss games cause of mutliplatform. Did you dismiss Batman: AA, cause if you did you are missing out. What about DragonAge Origins?

Alcon Caper3149d ago

I tried the demo. I really liked it. It wasn't as amazing gameplay wise, but I think it'll be a collector for its dialogue and quirky game choices.

A game that's actually

Eddie201013149d ago

Looks great on both, but the PS3 version looks just slightly sharper than the Xbox 360 version, not enough that it makes a huge difference.

Games are so close on the PS3 and Xbox 360 that we really don't need these comparisons.

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jack_burt0n3149d ago

LOL yesterday there is favourable 360 comparison now this comparison makes the ps3 look alot better.

The only way multiconsole owners are ever gonna get anywhere near the truth is to try both demos.

HDgamer3149d ago

Nah multiconsole owners well the real non fanboy ones will buy it on the console they want to play it on. Not because of stupid little graphical differences or comparisons by a 3rd party site.

multipayer3149d ago

Yeah, who cares about all the differences that makes it a shameless port... I'm just going to choose randomly. ;)

From my experience with the demos, the PS3 version suffered audio issues(in a music themed game eh?) and the visuals are higher contrast and look to be hiding jaggies that way. But I'm just going to choose randomly for the sake of N4G.

Oh, and I don't know how people can justify buying a Double Fine game this month, it's not like all Tim Schafer games have been AAA or anything... oh wait, disregard that last thing.

mastiffchild3149d ago

Well, sluggy, being honest I prefer to play mulilats on PS3 because I prefer the controller mainly. There's only been a few times where comparisi=ons like this have swayed me and the last time was as far back as The Orange Box. You have to think if the tiny differences(if they don't favour your normal choice anyway)add up to enough to cancel out the reason you would normaklly choose one over the other and, to me, they rarely, if ever, do these days.

Maybe Ghostbusters would have made me go to my 360 had I not lived in the UK(so it wasn't out on 360)and wasn't only ever renting it to start with-even so though a couple of games 18 months apart doesn't support your argument here(though I think you joke/speak with tongue in cheek even beyond the winking).

If the differences are big and deal breaking then these articles are worthwhile but when they need programs to tell them apart/find tears etc then what's the point? If you won't notice when playing the game anyway why make a massive deal of it? Most things they bring up as differences these days I can't even tell when I'm actually looking for them-and my eyesights really good!

As for BL-I didn't notice the differences the last article found and don't see any here-also don't believe I noticed any audio issues with the PS3 demo which I'm playing as I type(well right now the missus is having a shot at it)this! Honestly, do you really find these things that noticeabl;e? And if so just how good are your eyes? Are you a fighter pilot? Astronaut maybe? IDK but really think the times when there's a glaring and game breaking chasm between versions is pretty much a thing of the past and we all know the devs are aiming for parity anyway so whichever looks better still isn't doing so because it's managing more than the other console. Otherwise multiplats would look better then PS360 exclusives wouldn't they? And they really don't;)

Damn right about Timmy boy though fella-genius for the most part even if I feel he could have chosen literally anyone randomly from the street and I'd find them more acceptable and less annoying than Mr Black-who's making me nervy about whether I can play BL all the way through!

SUP3R3149d ago

"turn 360 degrees and walk away."

Sorry, but I just had to point how much sense that didn't make.
However, your Tim Shaffer comment is win. =)
Majority of people don't know how awesome his games are. I for one will be buying BL its 1st week of release.

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TooTall193149d ago

how you like your piece of crap to look

ian723149d ago

The difference is minimal. Will not spoil the immersion on either system.

Excalibur3149d ago

In some of the pics the 360 looks a tad bit better and in some the PS3 looks a tad bit better.

Nothing for either side to get stoopid over.

Be a gamer not a hater.

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