New Heavenly Sword screens for PS3 from gamespot.

New Heavenly Sword screens for PS3 from Gamespot.

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ErcsYou4227d ago

the first shot is new, ive seen the rest. heavenly sword cant come soon enough

Robotz Rule4227d ago

Heavenly Sword is gonna be amazing!

Nariko is starting to look real!

I hope they tune it up a bit before the release,and perhaps even add multiplayer to the game to double the fun!:)

MADGameR4226d ago

But they made it a bit blocky, they should get rid of that. Look at Drake's Fortune, it does'nt have any blockiness at all.

PS360PCROCKS4227d ago

Cool but still lame. I'd rather see some pictures of the levels and battles and stuff. Oh well though.

techie4227d ago

if you want them i can get them.