Scans from V-Jump July: Crisis Core, FFIV, Dissidia, DQIX, DQ Swords, FF Tactics A2, FFCC: RoF, FFCC: TCB

A lot of high quality scans from V-Jump's July issue have surfaced, featuring new images from almost every Square Enix game that is currently in production. Here's the rundown:

· Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

· Dissidia: Final Fantasy

· Dragon Quest IX

· Dragon Quest Swords

· Final Fantasy IV DS

· Final Fantasy Tactics A2

· Final Fantasy CC: Ring of Fates

· Final Fantasy CC: The Crystal Bearers

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nice_cuppa4226d ago

spikey haired effeminate emo kids isnt for me !

western rpg's are much better !
the last jrpg i liked was ff7 !


Phantom_Lee4226d ago

I love JRPG...but I dont have a PSP...

nice_cuppa4226d ago

each to there own !

some are on wii and ds so if you have them you dont need to miss out !

i have both but not for these types of games !

solidt124226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )


I can only speak for Final Fantasy XII

It is much better than OBLIVIAN, and Fable in my opinion so this JRPG owns western style games. I expect FFXIII to do the same. I will be getting Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. If you look at this post please list some of the western style games you are talking about that you think are better? I saw a preview of Too Human and it looked pretty promising.

sumfood4u4226d ago

Of course I have both DS & PSP! I'ma be a happy camper this holiday! I bet SE is bringing us the marshmallows & a camp fire with SquareEnix Mega Hits!

artman4226d ago

to play RPG, but personal opinion, FPS is not my game either... but RPG I can enjoy the graphic of the game, while FPS game make me headache.

not sure which western rpg are good, in graphic point of view... also not so interesting, oh... I enjoyed ultima back then... but it was ages ago. before I knew jrpg.

anyway... i prefer fighting and strategy games.