Niche Games: Diner Dash: Sizzle and Serve = Heartburn.

Some games just make you shake your head. Is ANYONE really interested in playing THAT? But, as we know, there are niche games for everyone and Sony Protection Group offer for your perusal Diner Dash: Sizzle and Serve.

The game puts has you playing Flo, a digital entrepreneur trying to build her restaurant empire. By keeping her customers happy the money keeps rolling in. Watch out for the restaurant critic! New features include multi-player (ad hoc) to help feed your addiction (get it?). Sometimes your customers have screaming kids who need high chairs, and you're usually either urging that family to quickly finish their food or scrambling to mop up the mess on tables and floors. Why they had want to relive my first job slinging burgers is anyone's guess...but to each their own.

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Eldon34229d ago

I played this game on the PC. Its a nice little time killer but I didnt think much of it. My sister however got addicted to it.

sumfood4u4229d ago

Nice Game,but would it kill'em 2 bring back PSone Greatest Hits Games?