What's the matter with HDMI?

Audioholics site wonders why the HDMI standard is such a mess? The article's author suggests that the format was designed for the benefit of the content-producers and not the consumer. The result is a signal that's hard to route and switch, as well and unnecessarily complicated cable assemblies. They reach back to the DVI standard to see what might be done to make HDMI a little more consumer-friendly, with numerous technical elements woven through the discussion.

"DVI lacked a couple of things which the consumer audio/video industry wanted. It was implemented on a variety of HD displays and source devices, but it was confusing for the consumer because of the many variants on the standard and different connector configurations, and it didn't carry audio signals. A consortium to develop and promote a new interface, HDMI, was formed; the idea was to come up with a standard which could be implemented more uniformly, was less confusing, and offered the option of routing audio signals along with video."

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neogeo4225d ago

I pluged un my HDMI cable 7 months ago and have never looked back.
Problems? If I was not reminded every 5 minunets that I own an HDMI I would forget it was ever there.

gta_cb4225d ago

hmmmm... well i tell you What's the matter with HDMI, there isnt one in the back of my Xbox 360 to my HDREADY TV!

DEIx15x84225d ago

That's why i refuse to support HDMI. It was made for the sole purpose of limiting the consumers rights to their own media. I've never understood why all those sony fans brag about it and all those 360 people would traded in for an elite just for it. Everyone is blind to the fact that they are helping big business and in exchange being screwed over.

WilliamRLBaker4225d ago

I agree and they are pushing it so hard, yet the majority of people that own a audio system or hdtv dont have hdmi on those systems.

My TV happens to have 2 hdmi inputs because i purchased it just this year, My audio system doesn't support it, only opitcal audio and the other standards....

And HDCP and ICT tags just scare me....cause who knows what kind of problems could arise...

hfaze4225d ago

I bought into the whole HDMI thing when I purchased my TV (Westinghouse 37" 1080p) after getting my PS3. Funny thing is that I started running into an issue. Whenever my PS3 would change resolutions, the sound would stop and the picture would flash.

After reading up on the issue, it appeared that what I was running into was an HDCP handshake issue. After some mucking around I found a workaround. Either changing to a different picture source and changing back to HDMI, or turning off the TV and turning it back on would force a re-negotiation of HDCP, and everything worked fine.

It was annoying enough to make me go out and spend $25 on the Sony component cables, and just use them. I ended up picking up an Onkyo 7.1 surround receiver that supports HDMI, and once I get a couple more HDMI cables (one for my PS3->Receiver, cable box->Receiver, and my existing one for my Receiver->TV) I will see if the receiver makes any kind of difference with the HDCP handshake issue.

Regardless, it's interesting to learn the distance limitations of HDMI (although none of my cable runs are over 6'), and it's COMPLETELY believable that HDMI/DVI/HDCP was meant PURELY to protect the copyright owners at the expense of the consumer...

I'm just waiting for the day that HDCP encryption is broken, and all of their effort will be for naught... When will they learn that if they offer a good product at a fair price, they won't have to worry about rampant piracy?

EZCheez4225d ago

I believe there is a forum thread based on situations just like yours at From what I can remember the only people who had these issues were owners of Westinghouse TV's.

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sloth4urluv4225d ago

Yes ive found no point to HDMI, was just happy with DVI, Why would I care about adding audio to the cable anyways? I dont use my TV, I use my sound system speakers.

I didnt understand why when they came out with HDMI they dint use fiberoptics cables.... Higher bandwith and much less attenuation. HDMI cables cost an arm and a leg (if your an idiot and get them from best buy) I dont think that a single 6ft strand of single mode fiber could be any more expensive than a monster cable.

Besides the difference in quailty is about as noticible as svideo was to composite.

hfaze4225d ago

The only advantage that I've seen so far for HDMI is that you can do 7.1 surround sound over HDMI (where TOSLINK only does 5.1). I'm going to pick up a couple more HDMI cables off of NewEgg (~$20 each) and give it a shot with my new surround sound receiver.

The only place you're likely to see 7.1 surround sound anytime soon is with HD movies (Blu-Ray or HD-DVD) though...

EZCheez4225d ago

My HDMI cables help to immediately change between resolutions when I switch between my PS3, HD channels, and analog channels. My TV (46' Sharp Aquos) will have a window pop up whenever I switch to show the new resolution setting. Believe its 1.3 that enables this.

Lord Anubis4225d ago

:| thank you but I will not buy from blue jeans cables. the article can fools someone else. I'm out.