Where's Rampage?

According to Sony, this week they released the Midway arcade classic, Rampage: World Tour through the PlayStation Store. There's a problem though. Rampage is not actually available for download in most places in North America. We have reports of people on the east coast being able to download it, but for most people on the west coast - Rampage is conspicuously absent.

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Spartan154230d ago

I've waited all night and this morning for Rampage, why isn't it on my STORE!

Violater4230d ago

do people actually buy these old games???

gta_cb4230d ago

i believe there called "old school games" and yes people do buy them, i have some old school games on my PSP and there fun to play

giovonni4230d ago

Think I see your point, Rampage is a good game, but got D#4M it I'm not going to lose my mind over it not being on the psn net work.

GuCCi5124230d ago

im in texas and i have it

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The story is too old to be commented.