Get more out of HD Matrix with XBOX Live

If you own a XBOX 360 you can get more out of your Matrix HD-DVD set.

You need access to XBOX Live and also needs to live in the USA to enjoy the features.

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Scrumptious4203d ago

So do we need to buy the complete or ultimate edition to get the goodies. I would rather buy the complete and download the animatrix rather than paying extra for it. Cartoons do not benefit as much in the jump to HD as regular video does in my opinion.

WilliamRLBaker4203d ago

the complete or ultimate to get a token that gives you free access to the entire animatrix collection in hd... from live market place, you dont need to even own any of the movies to download the other stuff.

ElementX4203d ago (Edited 4203d ago )

The last thing this site needs is more fanboys. All these losers with <1000 score seem to be Sony fanboys.

gta_cb4203d ago

thats because they have to make another account so they can spread more bullsh!t (aka with more bubbles) so there score gets set to 0

on the other hand most people with 1 bubble are likely to be fanboys, unfortinatly we cant take there last bubble, but so we choose to ignore them lol