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GrE writes, "I also want you to bend your mind around this: if you've played and enjoyed Donkey Kong, Frogger, Super Mario Brothers or any of the dozen other old school platformers out there, you'll dig Demon's Souls. I'm sure you're wondering if I'm talking about the same Demon's Souls that you might have been anticipating. It is definitely not a platforming game. It's an action RPG with decidedly old school learning curve, with no hand holding and no support system for being a n00b. Demon's Souls is incredibly unforgiving, and the one hit kills aren't koopa-cute, but this is your daddy's old-school gaming...."

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bgrundman2934d ago

This looks about as oldschool and hardcore as it gets.

roblef2934d ago

it's freaking brilliant.

Haly2934d ago

I wish this had a release date for the EU. Looks like importing might be my only option :(

roblef2934d ago

aren't ps3 games region free? you should be able to have a nice friend in the US send you one.

bgrundman2934d ago

You may end up having too if you really want it.

Haly2934d ago

Yeah I might have to I think at this rate! Looks too good for an RPG nut like me to miss :)

Fishy Fingers2934d ago

EU currently has no release date. So if you want to play it, I suggest importing. My friend did, it's region free and all the online seems to work.

Keowrath2934d ago

45 squids for the US version on Ebay. The Seller is apparantly in the UK too. (If you're in UK)

I know I'll be going down the import route.

Just be careful to check the box cover, not everyone appears to be stating they are selling the asian version.

Haly2934d ago

Thanks for the tip Keowrath :)

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bgrundman2934d ago

Dare I say that this is a Ninja Gaiden clone?

Fishy Fingers2934d ago

If you want to be wrong, then yeah.

butterfinger2934d ago

@ Fishy Fingers + Bubbles!

kydrice2934d ago

This game is as much of a Ninja Gaiden Clone as it is a Solitaire clone.

Morituri2934d ago

I'm ready to sneak away from the missus and get my behind handed to me by this baby.

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