SpazioGames: Demon's Souls Review

SpazioGames: After all Demon's Souls turns out a cured, being involved and thrilling product in numerous moments of game, even if technically it cannot certainly be asserted that all or be realized in free way from defects.

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Myst3153d ago


W-what happened to my D-Demon's S-S-Souls score..?

*Starts to cry*

*2 seconds later*
Okay enough fooling around I'm going to get my copy ^_^

Redempteur3153d ago

Yet another " reviewer" who couldn't finish it .. and will find fault everywhere because of it ...

ZOMG's worse than i though .. did he said that the graphics does not push the PS3 ?

"textures are not that great ?"

I'm seeing things or is the translation THAT BAD ?

DigitalAnalog3153d ago

Games like this really tests the limits of the reviewer.