Should You Buy Brütal Legend or Uncharted 2?

Gamervision asks: "Next week, gamers will need to make the most important choice they've made this generation. No, it isn't choosing between the DS and the PSP or about picking the Xbox, PS3, or Wii as a primary console. It's a much bigger choice than those somewhat minuscule decisions. Gamers will need to decide which game they're going to be playing first: Brütal Legend or Uncharted 2.

Even if you're planning on picking them up at the same time, one obviously has to get preferential treatment. One has to go in the disk drive first, and that's an important choice to make. Each game has its own reasons for being the game to get next week, and we've assembled a list of pros and cons to make the choice easier. Or harder."

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koehler832661d ago

Uncharted 2. I mean... c'mon.

hay2661d ago

I would love to get both but with Demon's Souls being number 2 on priority list after Uncharted 2, Ratchet & Clank and Tekken 6 looming around the corner, and Assassin's Creed 2 in a month... Cuts must've been made in my list...
Forgive me Tim.

* Thinks about selling Aion to get Brütal Legend... *

gamesR4fun2661d ago

jus thought i outa point out brutal legend was originally gonna b a multiplayer only game...

So if anything the sp is tacked on

N ya Uncharted def for the win if u have a ps3 sure wish we could get both this month
i already decided ta hold off on demon soul tho im itching to go pick it up sigh.

bnaked2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

brütal legend demo was very funny, i really have enjoyed it. But yeah wtf Uncharted 2 is the game of the year, the most polished game ever, probably the best action adventure of all time. The grafics, gameplay, multiplayer, cinematic events are all top notch. The metacritic score is 97, all people want that game damn!!! "the most important choice they've made this generation" Are they kidding us?????

I think the most important choice for many gamers was "Infamous or Prototype"..

Freak of Nature2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Uncharted 2!!

But I will take a look at Brutal legend down the road after the Uncharted's,Ratchet's,Assassin s creeds,MF 2's of the World get played out...Probably right after these games and just before Splinter cell conviction and God of War 3....Thats a nice spot for it...

FrankDrebin2661d ago

Who wrote this article?

You think Brutal whatever is competition to DF2?

Everyone, do yourself a favor and go reserve DF2. Forget about that other game mentioned here. Trust me, if you get Brutal whatever, you will be sorry!

ultimolu2661d ago

...That is such a dumb question. If you want both, buy both. If you can only afford one, buy one. I'm getting Uncharted 2 day one and Demon Souls as well. I am prepared to die a lot. :D

bnaked2661d ago

but don't bash against brütal legend, its a great game! It's very entertaining and you should buy that game too!

LiquifiedArt2661d ago

...But come on. Ratchet, Uncharted, Demon's Souls, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 etc... are all before Brutal Legend. I wont even buy it.

The Wood2661d ago

with an 'and' but if you really have to make a decision like this its nathan all the way

iamtehpwn2661d ago

I think the choice is pretty clear. LOL!

gaffyh2661d ago

You should get both really (cos both will be great games), but if you can only get one, it's kind of a no-brainer to go for Uncharted 2, you know...unless you don't have a PS3, in that case Brutal Legend = Best game ever in the history of the world...ever. LMAO

Jaces2661d ago

Both if you can. But if not, U2 then BL when you get the chacne...there's no way around it.

Darkstorn2661d ago

Interestingly enough, I only own a PS3 and am getting Brutal Legend on release day instead of UC2. No doubt I'll get it at a later date, but I want give Uncharted 2 a test run before I buy it. Plus, I don't have high-speed internet so online is completely useless to me.

gta28002661d ago

Come on man, that's like asking, "should I bang that super hot girl(uncharted 2) or that fat ugly girl(brutal legend)?" That shouldn't even be a question, unless of course you have a fetish for fat ugly girls lol.

ThanatosDMC2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

U2 then Assassins and Tekken... and that's it for the year for me, i think.

@^ I think, Uncharted 2 uses dedicated server as there was never an instance of lag in the game compared to... Lost Planet 1 i played last night. But i could be wrong.

UnwanteDreamz2661d ago

Brutal Legend's demo was alright so I am sure the game will be fun but WTF?

This is like comparing Potted Meat to Kobe Beef.

Poopface the 2nd2661d ago

I hope PSN works better for OCt. 13 as it doesnt work right now. I cant play the demo.

leyego2661d ago

I don't no. i just don't no which to get.

i want to get both. but 120bucks plus tax to drop in one day is a lot of cash.

something times me get brutal legends now since i want to play it so bad. then buy UC2 on boxing day. 100 bucks says it will be sold out but still.

mb i should find a cheaper hobby? lol nah

creeping judas2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

What game is DF2???

As for the question, Uncharted 2 of course!!!!

Syronicus2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )


And for the record, there is no such game as Drakes Fortune 2...

DasBunker2661d ago


drake fortunes 2 doesnt exist.. U2 is called among thieves -_-

UnwanteDreamz2661d ago

For the record I know what UC2 is and I know DF2 does not exist. The guy I was replying to asked what Drebin meant when he typed DF2. I saw in FrankDrebins comment history that he is calling the game Darkes Fortune 2. So I answered the guys question.

Now you 2 go correct that dude...............seriously go now! This is serious sh*t!

vickers5002661d ago

"But yeah wtf Uncharted 2 is the game of the year, the most polished game ever, probably the best action adventure of all time."

-Have you played the full game yet? If you haven't, then you have no room to make such claims. This applies to every game.

"The metacritic score is 97, all people want that game damn!!!"

-So because the metacritic score is great, and a lot of people want the game, the game is automatically great? I guess GTA4 and HALO3 were some of the best games of all time then according to that logic.

I believe the game will do very well and will probably meet it's expectations, but don't go throwing out outrageous claims such as best action adventure game of all time if you haven't even played the game yet.

mal_tez922661d ago

The title should be: "Should you buy the sequel to the best game on PS3 which currently has an average rating of 97, or some gimmicky muck aound game that only a few people have heard of?"

That's the proper title.

monkpunk12661d ago

um duh, no brainer.....

hairy2661d ago

After playing through Psychonaughts, I know Brutal Legend is going to be amazing, just wish it wasn't being released the same day as UC2 because alot of people are gonna miss out on it,

jhooty142661d ago

ummm on a tight budget and want all for you money i say uncharted 2 thats just my opinion though depends on what syle of games you like :0

DaTruth2661d ago

"if you only own an Xbox360"
"I think the choice is pretty clear. LOL!"

Yes, buy a Playstation 3, then buy Uncharted 2!

calis2661d ago

It's not even a question. Uncharted 2.

TheTwelve2660d ago

For PS3 owners, this isn't even a choice. And if it is a choice, boy I would hate to have those tastes.


Beast_Master2660d ago

Toys R Us is doing buy 2 get one free sale next week so I will be buying both and picking up NG2 Sigma for my freebie...HAHAHAHA.

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Darkseider2661d ago

Does this question actually have to be asked? If anyone has played the demos there really is no question here. UC2 is hands down the choice anyone with any semblance of common sense will choose.

xabmol2661d ago

About the Metal and beer, and junk 'n stuff.

Think of playing a game that spans the genres of metal and takes its level design from album art. There's also comedy, Jack Black style.

johover1122661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Honestly, I forgot all about Brutal Legend. Some people are hyping it up but it's clearly not going anywhere, and most likely the reviews would be in the mid 7s. With Uncharted 2 (which received AWESOME reviews btw) Assassin's Creed 2, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 etc. Brutal legend would be the last pick anyone should buy.

If you are just a crazy Jack Black fan, then maybe you should pick up a copy too.

leyego2661d ago

poor guys... seems like u both never played psychonaughts b4

YogiBear2660d ago

I think Brutal Legend will be awesome but UC 2 is getting purchased first.

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fafoon2661d ago

For the Dumbest Question of the Year
Goes to ?

Nathan Drake22661d ago

lucky x360 owners.they don't have to make the most important choise this generation.

RadientFlux2661d ago

how is this the most important choice this generation?

dachiefsman2661d ago

what about the 360 owners who have a PS3.