Banned Xbox 360 on Live again: InFeCtuS modchip will help

In light of the recent announcement that Microsoft is now starting to prevent owners of modified Xbox 360 consoles, the team behind InFeCtuS saw it fit to claim that their modchip is one of the best solutions to play Xbox 360 online games while still having a modified Xbox 360. They reason that it is because their InFeCtuS modchip can be turned off while you play an original game on Xbox Live.

While feel that it is important to inform you of this particular development they don't exactly recommend that you try this out. For one thing, folks who have more respect for "the law" might get offended by this. Second, they have yet to confirm if the claim that the modchip will be able to workaround Microsoft's new security net actually works - that is, mod your Xbox 360 and still get you on Xbox Live.

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marison4230d ago

save it to the flashrom and voilá!

Pure speculation, of course!

Rhezin4230d ago

Why can't the modders just stay dead! You got banned face the damn facts and leave where you're not wanted.

BIadestarX4230d ago

What make this people think that Microsoft will only be checking when the console connects to xbox live? What if Microsoft check for the mod when the console is started by running the mod sniffer(which can be shipped on any new game or downloaded on any of the updates) and flag the system that any future attempts to connect to xbox live should be blocked. If this becomes a problem microsoft can also go as far as banning the person accounts... There are many ways to detect this chip... a very smart way would be to detect if there any other component in the system by checking how much power is being used. If more Power is being use than what the 360 is designed to consume then Mod in Box = Ban! LOL.

sajj3164230d ago

bladestar is right .... Mod in Box = Ban! I hate mods!

PhinneousD4230d ago

microsoft will just counter this chip somehow, they are a smart software company.

whocares4230d ago (Edited 4230d ago )

The modders always win in the end, just remember to buy the original.

Yeah right!!!!

What makes me laugh is all the mod haters being happy about this, then five minutes later going to download an MP3, film or tv show and thinking that doing so is OK becuase everyone else is doing it.

BIadestarX4230d ago

I don't think we are hating... I personally don't have the need to pay someone to steal someone's hard earning work. This does not affect me directly.. I did mod my original PS1 but that's because I was a teenager and didnt have a job. The funny thing is that I always purchased the games I really wanted to play even if I could copy it. i.e. Final Fantasy and Metal Gear because I felt like I wanted to have the real thing and support the developers so they can continue bringing new contect.
Anyways... if you are a person that likes to download/buy pirate stuff... that means that you will get it for free or not get it at all... for the most parts you are not a customer... So, what's the difference? but when your console is banned/bricked, or you get a fine just remember not to b!tch about it and come and post crap such as "the xbox 360 sucks cause it gave me the 3 rings of death".

co_ray4230d ago

not burn dvds, or games, or cds or anything illegal....every song i have on my computer was bought through Zune Marketplace or through a cd I own...why cant we just give them money where money is due?...i mean, its not fair to honest people when modding and piracy make prices of the products to go up for the honest law abiding person

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The story is too old to be commented.