Modern Warfare 2 Already Being Played?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is sure to be the biggest gaming event of the year when it launches on November 10, but it looks like some gamers just couldn't wait!

According to his Xbox Live Gamertag, player 'Hkysk8r187' is already taking the fight to the terrorists, having currently unlocked five Achievements (or 85 GamerPoints).


Hkysk8r187 is an employee of Infinity Ward.

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jammy_703155d ago

but best?... that goes to uncharted 2....

and who cares if its getting played now.... we'll all be able to play it soon lol

i3eyond the Circle3155d ago

That's opinion sir.

I'm sure a Modern Warfare junkie will think otherwise.

SCThor3155d ago

Not because is a PS3 exclusive, just because it reinvented itself, is NOT the same game.

FrankDrebin3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

Of course my friends, there can not only be one! You need categories. Drakes F. 2 is game of the year but Modern Warfare 2 will be as well!

These two games are so different they do not even compete with each other.

So, I say, both are game of the year. You know they will be DANG good!

deadreckoning6663155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

"Not because is a PS3 exclusive, just because it reinvented itself, is NOT the same game."

Maybe its because COD4's gameplay was NEAR-PERFECT. How come no one complained about the jump in gameplay from God of War 1 to God of War 2? Kratos' movements weren't DRASTICALLY different from the first. Ever heard of DON'T FIX IF IT AIN'T BROKEN. Think about it, if u were a developer and you know u have the MOST PLAYED multiplatform game out there, why make DRASTIC changes and risk messing it up?

n4gno3155d ago

"near perfect gameplay" : for singler player campaign only, and for casuals online (autoaim says hello), and by the way killzone is far better, single player campaign and online.

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Blacktric3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

Did they ever checked the MyGamerCard Celebrities list? He is a designer at Infinity Ward. Of course he can play it.

Look at the 12th place. There's also a little section that tells he's a designer for Call Of Duty series at Infinity Ward.

RAM MAGNUMS3155d ago

Already played out?

The campaign should be great but online
multiplayer is more than likely worth 3 hours for me.
since there are no online trophies to get I cant see myself
playing round after round again. too much cod4 and codwaw ruined that for me.

N2NOther3155d ago

Well the rest of us will try to carry on without you.

DirtyLary3155d ago

Sad day when a silly achievement or trophy dictate how you play a game.

Play for the love of the game people, not for a # next to your name.

ambientFLIER3155d ago

Ram Magnums -

I'll name a class in MW2 in your honor.

Actually, no. I'll just shoot three times into the air in your memory.

Well, I'll shoot once.

I'll think of you.

I won't.

JeffGUNZ3155d ago

The online is filled with non-stop customization. Moron.

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DarkTower8053155d ago

Wow, whoever wrote that piece is REALLY jealous lol.

interrergator3155d ago

uk wats funny i had a dream playing modern warfare 2 and it didnt look like it looks like a third person shooter im like WTF!!!

tdrules3155d ago

you had a dream about playing games.
my condolences

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The story is too old to be commented.