Madden NFL 08 Hands-on

IGN's Jonathan Miller wasn't expecting much. The most hallowed sports franchise of all time has fallen on hard times lately, so when Lead Producer David Ortiz booted up Madden NFL 08 in the IGN office this week, Jonathan had his doubts.

After playing for himself, he can safely say this is the next-gen Madden you've been waiting for. On the field, the action is smooth and responsive. Players simply do the things you want them to do. Visually, it's a gem, running at 60 frames per second with a branching animation system that not only looks great, but leaves control in the hands of the player. Off the field, presentation is kicked up a notch with full-motion videos of your favorite team playing on the jumbotron of your personal trophy room, and you're one step away from jumping into Franchise, Owner or Superstar modes.

Full details and several new screenshots available at IGN.

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PS360PCROCKS4226d ago

This writer is an IDIOT...Ok yes Brandon Stokely will NOT being catch passes over Dre Bly unless it's in practice, cause uh HELLO their on the SAME TEAM...My Denver what an idiot

Football - 214225d ago

I like how they are working on gameplay and i think it will look and feel great but franchise mode is something that i love to play. They said that Owners Mode is back but do you think that includes MINI-CAMP and FANTASY DRAFT?? Im really wanting to know if those features will be on this next Madden. I can only hope. Thanks for your help!

lil bush4225d ago

man i really hope madden kicks ass.........

SpinalRemains1384225d ago

The thing we need to know is........ Is the game back to the way it used to be?? Or is it an xbox version again? Go back to the way 06 was. The last Madden was all Phucked up. The buttons were wrong, the play selection screen was abysmal, and everything we have come accustomed to in the world of Madden had been changed. Change it back!!!!!!!!!!

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )


Maddens been down in the doldrums the past few years but will be voted come back player of the year fo sure, maybe even MVP this year.