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Submitted by Maikrobi 2316d ago | article

Top 10 of overhyped (and bad) games

Videogameszone published a top list with the most overhyped (and in the end bad) games. The list contains Lair, Heavenly Sword, Red Steel and others. (Culture)

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Parapraxis  +   2316d ago
Heavenly Sword was awesome.
hay  +   2316d ago
Lair was also pretty cool with the 'shroom patch. I agree with overhyped, but it's a good game. It's fun and looks great.
Also Force Unleashed gave me some nice hours of fun, and frustration playing on highest diff available(don't remember the name) for the first time. Wasn't perfect, was bugged a lot, but it was fun.
Mr_Bun  +   2316d ago
There was only 1 thing wrong with Heavenly Sword and it was length...Even with that, it still had an addicting replay factor. Every other aspect of that game was truly say anything less about the game is moronic
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Redempteur  +   2316d ago
Lair patch came WAaaaaaayyyy too late .. the damage was done ..
shysun  +   2316d ago
HS it still one of my favorite games this gen. They should have left it off that list.
stevenhiggster  +   2316d ago
Heavenly Sword is a great game. Overhyped? maybe. Bad? NO.
Pennywise  +   2316d ago
Anyone who disses Heavenly Sword hasn't played it. I thought it was epic and cinematic with good gameplay. It was a bit on the shorter end, which was a shame. It was the perfect rental.
hay  +   2316d ago
@Redempteur: True. It's definetly too late, but giving it a second chance won't do any harm. Carnage using dragon as a weapon at it's finest.
DarkMantrid  +   2316d ago
I thought Saints Row 2 was a great game. Ofc not as well made as GTA IV, but really fun nonetheless.
Aclay  +   2316d ago
Heavenly Sword is NOT a bad game, and as far as hype goes, I'm not sure because I don't remember any hype for it... but who knows, maybe there was, and I just didn't know about it since I had not discovered N4G until Spring 2008.

Heavenly Sword has some of the best voice acting, and cinematic experiences that I've seen in PS3 games so far, and comes second to MGS4 in that respect to me, and that's saying a lot about the production values of it... even though it was short, I'm still glad I bought it.

And Lair defiantly isn't as bad as people make it out to be. I got a hang of the Motion Controls fairly quickly, and it's another game that had pretty amazing production values as well, but sadly the Analog patch came little too late and the game just wasn't executed properly. After I downloaded the Analog patch, and tried it out, I didn't even want to use it anymore, because actually I enjoyed playing the game more with the Sixaxis.
Reibooi  +   2316d ago
Only bad thing about Heavenly Sword was how short it was but aside from that it was a incredible game.
BrianC6234  +   2316d ago
I agree. I don't think Heavenly Sword was overhyped at all. It still hasn't been beat when it comes to use of the Sixaxis controls too. Lair's only real problem was using the Sixaxis controls. I need to go back and try it with the dual analog controls and see if it's better. This list is stupid. There have been a lot of overhyped games that should be on the list.
xabmol  +   2316d ago
Why does everyone hate on Lairs sixaxis controls?

I thought the were good, even great, and really fun. The controls were not the problem with the game. It was other things like frame rate, targeting system, and landing.

I swear I screamed at my T.V. like 7 times just because I hated the landing on that damn boat/dam level...
ThanatosDMC  +   2316d ago
Liar was actually a great game. I played using the analogue sticks after the patch. Those battles were just epic especially the last few missions.

Manta bombing was just great.
Dread  +   2316d ago
I am note hating, but i have an honest question for the sony fans. A few days ago ALL OF YOU could not stop hating on Halo ODST because according to you it was too short (which it wasn't , since it took me more than six hours to finish the campaign the first time, and i have done it again with friends co-op over three times. This does not include miltiplayer and firefight.) You guys posted hundreds of comments just hating on Halo and any one who liked it.

yet, you all defend Heavenly Sword, (which i thought was a great game, but way too short) and never criticized its length.

why the double standard. If you are truly not hating on HALO, then why not hold your exclusive to the same standard?

just asking.

oh and i dont think HS should be on the list either.
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SiteNblog Defender  +   2316d ago
Sevenly Short was terrible. Too short and easy.
stevenhiggster  +   2316d ago
@ dread

If you read most of the comments again you'll notice that there are a few who say that they loved the game but it was too short. That seems the general concensus.
Most people are just saying that the game was great, not perfect but great and certainly doesn't deserve to be on that last.
pixelsword  +   2316d ago
There is no such thing as a easy game
when you have the option to turn up the difficulty from the beginning, which no one hardly does when they complain about a game being too short. If you hear a game is too short, then crank-up the difficulty off of the bat and see how long it takes you to finish it, because trust me, Heavenly Sword isn't short at all if you did that.

ODST will almost double if you go to Heroic, but how many people who already heard the game would be short actually did that? Not many at all; most just kept it to Normal and easy, then complain when it was over all too soon.

Lair, great game; if you didn't get the controls all you had to do was either ask around online, or (gasp) sit-down and figure it out in the practice arenas. The only problems people had were the 180 and over-steering instead of recovering from turns. Other than that, that game is woefully underrated.

The fact that they put Heavenly Sword and Red Steel in the same story makes me not want to click on the article at all.
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mal_tez92  +   2316d ago
Didn't like Heavenly Sword
But then I'm not one for buttonmashers. I find the gameplay of games such as HS, God of War and Devil May Cry too repetitive to be fun.

But HS had amazing graphics and animation for its time.
monkpunk1  +   2316d ago
biggest disappointment this gen is gta 4. Game was a bit poo too in comparison to the atmosphere of vice city...
cheapndirty  +   2316d ago
Heavenly Sword and Lair are gorgeous looking games. The soundtrack on Lair is outstanding. Too bad these games were 60.00 new. HS was pretty short for a 60 game. Lair needed that patch. I still have my copy.

I guess its really up to the owner to decide if the games were worth the money. I dont think how long a game is should be the only thing that determines value. Got that ODST trolls!
house  +   2316d ago
while i do agree with some of the games hs was a great game yes it was very short but one of the best games i have played this gen, it had top of the line voice acting and game play was great not to mention all the eye candy this game had, looked beautiful.

and i am hoping for a part two.... a man can dream haha
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TheTwelve  +   2315d ago
Heavenly Sword WAS and IS awesome...
...and only suffered from coming out really early in the PS3's life. If that game came out now it would have sold a lot more and gotten way more props.

tool-parabola  +   2316d ago
Parapraxis, I agree with you. Heavenly Sword is awesome and I still have hope for the sequel. With it's beautiful visuals and amazing soundtrack, Heavenly Sword is a great PS3 game.
Kain81  +   2316d ago
i can only Agree with you both
Sony sequell please
PAPERCHASER0396  +   2316d ago
How many times do we have to see these same articles with the same opinionated lists?

Top 10 worst games
Top 10 overhyped games
5 most overhyped games
5 worst games

Same ole crap every other week to stir things why can't people come up with fresh topics which are truly news worthy?
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TheWishman  +   2316d ago
Agreed, Heavenly Sword was excellent. Cant believe that is on the list.

Same with Force Unleashed, it was a great playthrough.

They certainly have a thing for Sony games lol
Dread  +   2316d ago
force unleashed was not a sony game dude
ZombieAutopsy  +   2316d ago
agree with everyone who says HS shouldnt be on their, it was a very fun game really short but alot of fun.
Jdoki  +   2316d ago
Heavenly Sword and Saints Row 2 are not bad games by any means - and I would even argue that Saints Row 2 was NOT overhyped.

Personally I prefer SR2 to GTAIV. Much more fun.

Heavenly Sword is a great game with an amazing cinematic feel. I enjoyed the game from start to finish. Sure it was overhyped... It was a launch title on the PS3 (which itself was overhyped), but it almost lived up to the hype.
Darkseider  +   2316d ago
Heavenly Sword? Really? One of the best games on the PS3. Aside from being a little on the short side of total game time it is a phenominal game. Controls are spot on, camera, story, graphics. Lair was OK at best when controlled with the Six Axis but the patch changed that unfortunately it came too late. Saints Row 2 should be replaced with GTA 4 as far as I am concerned. The rest are pretty much spot on.
splinter  +   2316d ago
Agree with all the comments here about HS and Saints Row 2 - Heavenly Sword is still the highlight of its genre, and the story is so compelling and moving that I really enjoy playing it again, despite its short length.

As for Saints Row 2, its one of the most entertaining games I've played this gen. For pure, daft, fun, you can't get much better.
y0haN  +   2316d ago
I had a lot of fun on Saints' Row 2.. don't know what they are talking about. Nobody thought it was a GTA killer.
Snatcher  +   2316d ago
Heavenly Sword a bad game?
NO. The game has perfect voice-acting and animation. Fun and simple gameplay. The game is not bad.
talltony  +   2316d ago
i agree
heavenly sword was a blast. the only thing is that it was too short! One of the best last boss fights I have ever played!
BYE  +   2316d ago
I think Heavenly Sword totally lived up to its hype, it's the female God of War.

It was a lot of fun and had one of the sickest presentations ever in a video game.
TenSteps  +   2316d ago
How the hell did HS and SR2 make into this list
First of all sure HS was short but it was fun while it lasted and how the hell was SR2 overhyped and bad. One it was good because it was taking a less serious road the one which GTA took so it was fun and two Saints Row 2 was never marketed as a GTA Killer sure it poked fun at GTA's realism but that's about it they were just differentiating their games.
Kain81  +   2316d ago
Man i hope Seriously that sony is Working on a sequell to Heavenly Sword and The Legend of Dragoon
on a sequell to Heavenly Sword and The Legend of Dragoon there are more Games from Sony that i want, but these are my favorites
spunnups  +   2316d ago
Heavenly sword had some of the best voice acting and motion capture i've ever seen in a game. I also loved how they incorporated the six axis when shooting arrows or cannon balls in slow motion.

This is one game that definitely deserves a sequel. And if you check the playstation forums, there are a lot of other fans that agree with that statement.
kraze07  +   2316d ago
Neither Heavenly Sword nor The Force Unleashed were bad games. I haven't played Saint's Row 2 yet, but I doubt it's a bad game. I don't recall these games being overly hyped either.
-GametimeUK-  +   2316d ago

Heavenly Sword was overhyped... AND it wasnt "that" good of a game... Wave after wave of un-inspired enemies got me bored by the mid way point... The combat system wasnt all that great... It is nowhere near the level of awesome as DMC, NG and GodOW...

The game was VERY bland... And aside from the acting I have nothing else to praise this game...
Parapraxis  +   2316d ago
Words of wisdom as usual from -GametimeUK- lol.
Relientk77  +   2316d ago
Haze omg Haze, what a damn terrible game

and Red Steel like seriously wtf I remember playing it on my friends Wii, and the controls were shakey, and then I opened a door and went into a room and all of a sudden my character looked up into the air and started spinning in circles, omg it made me so dizzy and he wouldnt stop for like 10 seconds just spinning, I gave my friend the Wiimote and was like dude f*k this game I cannot play this lol

whats wrong with the Star Wars The Force Unleashed, its a pretty good game
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Lou Ferrigno  +   2316d ago
Lair is alot of fun.. yeah maybe overhyped and corrupted by its flawed controls at first but regardlesss still a very enjoyable game..
Heavenly sword is one strait badass cinematic game that every PS3 owner should at least give it a round of play time.
Saints Row was NOT overhyped wutsoever though.. there was almost no hype at all for this game.
as far as Haze goes i was accually one thast liked the games multiplayer (not story,good concept though) was accually alot of fun but yeah overhyped is correct for that one.

EDIT: @GamertimeUK .. you fail hard dude.
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jerethdagryphon  +   2315d ago
lairs a good game once you get past its controlls, i never noticed much isues with framerate or turning or anything, that said icant get the posen dragon to work,

great visuals though and awesome soundtrack
sword was good it was short sweet and a combat monste it didnt pretend otherwise. sword was kindof like dynasty warrors, kill enemys lots of them .

fun times i wish theyd have done a sequel to both
napoleon_ist  +   2316d ago
Top 10 of overhyped (and bad) games? here it is
01.halo 3
02.halo odst
03.halo wars
04.forza 2
05.fable 3
06.dead or alive 4
07.gears of war
08.gears of war 2
09.left for dead dragon
Mr Face Creamer  +   2316d ago
Funny because none of those were mentioned on this list, but what was even funnier was the fact that Heavenly Sword (2007) and Haze (2008) were titles that were supposed to save the POS3 out of its misery, yet they both ended up being failures and both ended up on this very list I'm reading now as I type this comment.
ambientFLIER  +   2316d ago

You guys really need to get some new material. I can predict most of the open zone comments before even reading them.
Downandout  +   2316d ago
same here, I knew there would be a list like this
Bluejet  +   2316d ago
I have no comment about the rest of those games but Heavenly Sword? Are you kidding me? Heavenly sword was a great game. Sure, you may even claim that it was over hyped but it was never ever a bad game.
Dawn_Of_Ashes  +   2316d ago
What No call of duty modern warfare 2 , no assassin creed 1 ? pffff
drummerx2709  +   2316d ago
"Too Human - ... war "too" schlecht"

Yes war is always too schlecht lol

Was Haze on the list? If it wasn't, it should be.
danielle007  +   2316d ago
Saints Row 2 was fun.
Deserved the hype imo.
N2NOther  +   2316d ago
Anyone who disses Heavenly Sword hasn't played it.
Incorrect. I played it and I hated it. Though, I don't think it's a bad game, I just can't stand hack and slash as a genre.

Saints Row 2 was an excellent game. Not as technically polished and well written as GTA IV but it sure as hell was fun and a blast to play with a friend.

My favourite part of the game was when my buddy was pimping his ride and I laid satchel charges all over out side the garage. When he was done he started to drive out and say "Hey man, check out my" BOOM! I blew up him and his car. I couldn't stop laughing for about 10 minutes. The game is full of fun stuff to do like that.
BrianC6234  +   2316d ago
I just saw their list of overhyped but good games. These clowns must think every game is just overhyped. What a dumb site.
Major_Tom  +   2316d ago
Worst and most overhyped game on this list by a long shot is Too Human.
ico92  +   2316d ago
heavenley sword wasnt a bad game, overhyped yes but not terrible infact its actuallr really fun its only problem was its length and lack of replay value thats all other than that everything was great with that game
level design-great
sound -great

it was a pretty good game
djfullshred  +   2316d ago
If you compare Saints Row 2 directly against GTA4, you will notice the quality is not quite as good. It can be a little glitchy, and the driving physics suck. But overall, I thought Saints Row 2 was a very fun game.
Pirateogta  +   2316d ago
Hahahahaha, 3 PS3 exclusives in the list.

It only does: Overhyped Games... YLOD... Destroy the PlayStation Brand...

Kill Crow  +   2315d ago
ps3 exclusives
worse than ps3 multiplat ...
devilhunterx  +   2316d ago
Too Human should win the top award.
ryano23277  +   2316d ago
Haven't played most of those
I would have said GTA4 was the biggest underachievement.

Not because it was a bad game either, but it just didn't live up to our own hype, San Andreas or the media hype.
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