Demon's Souls Review by Honestgamers Perfection can wait for heaven. Here on Earth, we have Demon's Souls.

Demon's Souls is the rare game that does so many things just right that it's not difficult to ignore the few minor things it does wrong. Even though you're not, it can sometimes feel like you're playing the perfect game... and it's OWNING you!

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Myst2937d ago

^_^ Oh man I like this score and it's great for this game. I literally feel like it will be hard to sleep tonight being that I have all this excitement built up in me as I anticipate tomorrow.

Delta2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

Your getting Demon Souls also? Co-op?
I can't wait to play this.

2937d ago
Myst2937d ago

Of course! Was going to import, but saw it was coming here so I waited the long wait. Yep I really wanna try that four player co-op for some reason to.

Homicide2937d ago

I just an email notification from Amazon; my order has been shipped. I hope it arrives by the time I get off work.

Myst2937d ago

Yeah I heard amazon sent out emails, gamestop made phone calls. I just wonder how many people will be online tomorrow :p.

Vicodin2937d ago

Yep, just got my Amazon email a few hours ago saying it will be here tomorrow.

Can't believe Uncharted 2 arrives only a week later. And then R&C. And then GoW1&2 all within about 4 weeks. And Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 just arrived a few days ago.

Homicide2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

I'll be there online, probably laughing at all the people who die. This is one of my most anticipated games this holiday season, Uncharted 2 is a close second after playing the beta and seeing all the great reviews. Sucks their release dates are close to each other.

I was going to pre-order it at Gamestop, but I don't trust them on the pre-order goodies.

Anyone know how co-op works?

shingo2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

i like your avatar, Nuri :)

JoySticksFTW2937d ago

Tomorrow can't come soon enough, man

I want my Deluxe copy

Myst2937d ago


"when you are in a soul body you use the Blue Eye Stone to place a note on the ground advertising to others in the area that you want to do some co-op play. Players with living bodies can summon up to 2 soul players as Blue Phantoms. Only the living player will be able to see and pick up items. Blue Phantoms still get soul points. Make sure you stock up on healing items before initiating play as a Blue Phantom. Since you are joining that person's games, any area that they have unlocked is open while you inhabit their game world. It reverts back when you leave and enter your own game world."

Source -

@Shingo: Thanks :D

Sad thing is in basically two weeks Borderlands comes out, I hope I'll have some money for that as well. I officially do not like this month because of all the games being released at once :(.

Rmagnus2937d ago

hmm if the guy alive picks up the item but he drops it again than the blue phantom will be able to pick it up if i remember it right. I kept dropping healing stuff for my blue friends ^^

O ya one more thing there's no way to type in the game so you cant really talk with your blue friends, what you can do it like point at the direction you want to go, bow, wave etc

presto7172937d ago

My Deluxe edition is on its way. Full speed ahead. Damn. I have not been this excited for ANY game in a very long time.

Myst2937d ago

Thanks for the tips, and bubbles. I was trying to dig out and find my keyboard for my PS3, but now that I know I don't need it might as well stop.

Argh, I'm to excited to sleep now!

Homicide2937d ago

@Nuri and magnus, thanks. Kind of blows you can't directly invite your PSN friends but oh well.

SaberEdge2937d ago

Demon's Souls looks amazing. The PS3 truly is having a great year and I'm loving it. Sigma 2, Demon's Souls, Uncharted 2...whew, it's hard to keep up.

Major_Tom2937d ago Show
Rmagnus2937d ago

@ Nuri
Better get some sleep, you will not be sleeping much once Demon Soul arrives lol

ya its kinda bad that they dun allow you to add ur psn friends, think one of the developers said they wanted you to feel alone and powerless or something thats why they decided to do away with the text chat etc. Kinda suit the game imo. Alone with all the demons coming at you with black phantoms breaking into your world... its amazingly fun lol. What i did was I was on the cell with my friend and told him where to drop the blue stone so i can summon him, work pretty well. You can only summon someone +-10 levels from you so you can summon a level 50 friend if you are level 20 etc

gamesR4fun2937d ago

Perfection can wait for heaven. Here on Earth, we have Demon's Souls.

meepmoopmeep2937d ago

i didn't get an email from amazon yet :(

UltimateIdiot9112937d ago

You get the email if you are getting it on release date. I've got the email around noon.

meepmoopmeep2937d ago

yeah, i figured as much, ah well... it will ship tmrw and be here by Friday at least

Homicide2937d ago

@cookie monster, if you choose the release-date shipping, you would've received an email already. The cost for that was very cheap; it was cheaper than one day shipping :-/

meepmoopmeep2937d ago

nah, i just went with Free Shipping

Amazon has always got it shipped to me in 2 days with it.
i even got Killzone 2 on release day with it once.

i'm not in a rush, got lots of games to finish anyway

UltimateIdiot9112937d ago

Hey, are you a member of ECA? If not, you can join it for 1 year free with the coupon code GIMAG. You get 10% off on all video game and computer related purchases on Amazon shipped products.

meepmoopmeep2937d ago

thanks, i wish we had that program, but i'm in CAnada and we don't have that, sadly

wish we did though

FrankDrebin2936d ago

Can Frank trust Honest Gamer? Do honest people claim to be honest?

I must put my nose to the street and learn more....

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FiftyFourPointTwo2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

Dale North of Dumbstructoid couldnt finish this game because he's clearly a noob.

Gabe EatsWell2937d ago

Dale North probably loved ODST's Bot difficulty for 12 year-olds.

nightelfmohawk2937d ago

Add me if you want me to grief you in this game! :D

PSN: Martin_Keamy

ExposingLames2937d ago

ive been pumped for this game....action rpg genre long overdue, picking this game up tomarrow

Rmagnus2937d ago

I have completed the game since i got the asian version and the game is really quite good.
it may not be as good as your uncharted 2 or Killzone 2(than again what is lol)but its not that bad either. One of its strong points would be the atmosphere of the game. It really draws you in.
plays an important part of the atmosphere as well.. parts of the game is really haunting, you have people moaning in pain etc
The game is quite hard BUT its not as bad as it sounds. Once you get use to it you will enjoy the game immensely. Everytime you die you will feel like its you who screw up not because the game is cheap etc. I love the fact that if you are wearing heavy armor you will roll like a freaking tank but if you are wearing light armor you will be able to dodge quite easily so you can really custom your play style.
Yes theres an online mode for folks who didn't know. Boss is too tough for you? Lost your body n you are stuck in soul form? Not an issue just summon other players to aid you in your quest however you can only co-op with someone thats dead meaning if you and your friend is alive you can't join each other. PVP system is pretty interesting as well, you get to break into other people's world as a black phantom to hunt them down ^^ tbh i got no idea why the black phantom who breaks into my world are always so powerful, he butcher me and 2 other co-op members....

One part that i did not like about the game ( not really dislike but more of an improvement for the game) more spells, weapons + armor.

Overall Demon soul is a fantastic game, don't let the difficulty turn you away from the game at the start you WILL get better and once you get the hang of it you will see that its an amazing game =)

spunnups2937d ago

My order has been shipped. I'll be on tomorrow if anyone with the game wants to add me online.

PSN: spunnups

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