Stranglehold - Gamers Day 07 PS3 Walkthrough Video and New Screens

Get an up close look at the amazing Stranglehold and see what the excitement is all about.

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Saint Sony4204d ago (Edited 4204d ago )

So "bullet time" is now "Tequila time"?.. hah. I see Max Payne in new wrapping. Hopefully story line is great.

UrbanJabroni4203d ago

The bullet interaction with the environment is top-notch. I really hope we start to see this level of detail in more games...I'm a little tired of decals.

InMyOpinion4203d ago

So only Ps3 owners can get the limited edition with Hardboiled on?

TnS4203d ago

Yes. See the following link for more deteails:

shysun4203d ago

Thats freaking SWEEET!:)

bootsielon4203d ago

But it's ripping off a little bit on "Enter the Matrix", although it'll probably be better recieved. (On a personal note, I loved Enter the Matrix, but most people didn't, I don't know why)

giovonni4203d ago

The targeting system looks like it's going to be a problem. It's nothing new really, it's a dead to rights, matrix type of game it may get old fast.

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