How Apple, Not Microsoft, is Tech's Biggest Bully

What a difference a decade makes.

Back in the late-'90s, Microsoft was widely regarded as the biggest bully in tech -- and understandably so. Commanding unbeatable market shares in operating systems, computer gaming, and web browsing, Gates and Co. were able to rule the Silicon Valley playground from Redmond, Washington -- choosing who it lends its toys to and who even gets to play at all. Development was sloppy, support fell by the wayside, and user requests were barely noticed.

While Microsoft still leads in the computing sectors, its persistent consumer neglect over the last few years has led much of its fan base away to greener pastures -- mainly to a company that claims to hold convenience and usability as its highest regards. The thorn in Microsoft's side for years is currently referred to as the company to beat, the one with the muscle, the leading name in tech.

And now, Apple (AAPL) is well on its way of becoming the headstrong, yet vulnerable Microsoft of the late-'90s.

With its Google grudge match, FCC investigation, App Store dictatorship, and senseless product abandonment, Apple has adopted the similar air of untouchable superiority -- dictating which companies and products pass through its walls at the expense of accessibility and, ultimately, the user.

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Ron_Burgundy3211d ago

nope wrong, Apple is more reliable and has better customer service than M$

Pandamobile3211d ago

Their computers also cost 50% more than they should.

n4gn4gn4gn4g3211d ago

iPod Nanos. Both of them went tits up within 1.5 years...meanwhile my 5 year old Creative and my 3 year old Sansa mp3 players are still chugging along.

One man's experience.

Pandamobile3211d ago

I'm not going to doubt the quality of Apple stuff, but their computer prices are pretty comical.

My first gen iPod video is still going too. That's going on 4 years old now.

Kakkoii3211d ago

Oh yes.. Apple is so reliable when you went to install OS X on hardware other than their own. Oh and their also so reliable when you want to use other software than iTunes.


Apple takes a minimalistic totalitarian approach to the industry. It treats everyone like an idiot and packages things in the most dumbed down way possible. In doing so it stagnates true creativity and user freedom. Apple also wants to control every bit of software and hardware your using, from internal to external. Apple get's mad if you use OS X on hardware other than the hardware they provide. And then there's the whole iTunes thing..

Arnon3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

Apple is terrible. Yes, their desktops and laptops are pretty sturdy, but only because they make up about... 10% of all the computers on earth, thus coming to the conclusion that nobody cares about the Mac. In fact, I believe there was a test to see which OS could be hacked the fastest, and it was the OS X, and I believe it took about 10 minutes tops. In fact, every aspect of the Mac is a rip-off. They cost double, sometimes triple of what a normal PC that could outperform it does, and they charge you say... $100 to stick in about 700MB of RAM.

They also started these massive ad campaigns to take down Microsoft and ultimately the PC. Then, when Microsoft created a semi-descent commercial campaign showing why buying a Mac over a PC was absolutely pointless, they cried to Microsoft and demanded them to take it down. Microsoft, listening to their argument, just laughed.

I currently have an iPod Touch, and I love it to death. However, it's pretty obvious that Apple in general, is a total rip-off.

IdleLeeSiuLung3211d ago

you want to upgrade software and find out you need an "update". The update is of course only available for a small fee!!!

Apple's update is what I call the equivalent of a service pack that is free on Windows, but hey keep on paying the service tax.

In reality though, Apple does provide an unmatched computing experience and for that there is a premium. I don't want or need it, but I don't mind others paying it!!!

Mr_Bun3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

Apple doesn't charge for updates. I'm responsible for updating all the macs in our building (10 in total) and never has my company had to shell out a dime for an 'update'...and I've been doing this for over 10 years

SaiyanFury3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

Apple is tech's biggest bully? If you talk about how they prevent freedom of tech, then yeah. Apple's products like the iPod line and whatnot lock you down into iTunes. Want to transfer music to your iPod through a non-Apple program? That won't happen. They lock you into iTunes and you're screwed. Apple treats all of their customers like morons and they control everything their customers do. Free support for Apple platforms? Not happening. Free developers must have everything approved my them in order to have applications on the iPhone and similar devices. If you have a PC, and want to install Apple OSX on your hardware, you're hard pressed to do so. If you get a Macbook and you want to change the hardware such as the HDD? You violate the warranty they offer. Apple is Hell bent on control over your computer.

If I'm wrong on something, I'll happily apologise. Until I'm proven wrong, I'll think I'm right.

MNicholas3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

for the same reasons that an iPod is a much better choice than a Sandisk MP3 player. For a large percentage of the market, style and usability trumps specifications.

It may not be what you and I want in a PC but the reality is that the largest percentage of the market really doesn't give a crap about specifications or 0-60.

People will gladly pay extra for a product that's obviously thoughtfully designed in order to make their lives easier and more convenient, that's both visibly and tangibly made of better materials and reputed to be built to higher standards with customer service to match.

Mr_Bun3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

It is easy to pick on Apple for 'price point', but I have yet to see a Microsoft desktop or laptop for price comparison...Look at what they charge for peripherals that are only for the 360...Can you imagine how much THEY would charge for a Microsoft laptop?

It is true that Apple may void your warranty if you upgrade a laptop yourself but at least you can use any laptop drive....MS won't even let you buy your own drive

LCF3211d ago

Apple makes some of the best computers around, until you have to upgrade them. However that being said, they are the least hacked computers around.

FrankDrebin3211d ago

is more reliable in some ways but the customer service is terrible! As a matter of a fact they are rated lower than MS.

As for being a bully...come on people. Bullies? These are both multi-billion dollar companies. They are going to do what they have to do to make a dollar. It is all about money for both of them.

If they have to buy a company out, they will. If they have to force a company to do something, they will. That isn't being a bully, that is simply business 101.

Little kids who work at Walmart would consider this bullying. Adults with an education consider this ..... BUSINESS!

Arnon3211d ago

"Apple doesn't charge for updates."

The mandatory 3.0 update for all iPod Touches/Phones cost me $9.99...

Kakkoii3211d ago

@Mr Bun:

Microsoft doesn't make PC's. They make software for computers. So of course there's no comparisons. What there are comparisons of all over the internet, is price/specs comparisons between Apple computers, and computers that have a version of Windows bundled with them. There is a definite large Apple premium that has been proven over and over again. And if you put together your own computer, so save an even larger buttload of cash, cash that could go towards even better parts.

IdleLeeSiuLung3210d ago

I put "update" in quotes, because Apple considers it an upgrade.

I had to install Adobe Creative Suite CS (don't remember version) and couldn't because the software required a specific version or above on Mac OSX. I believe the "upgrade" cost $70-80.

Needless to say, that alone turned me away from ever buying a Mac. I will admit they are great products, but not enough to justify the cost to me. Besides Vista has really grown on me, especially when my legal license was free!

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darkmurder3211d ago

Crapple, raping your wallet since the beginning of time.

taliesin3211d ago

overpriced equipment with pretty boy looks but often lacking substance underneath. Take the iPhone, touted as the worlds greatest phone but with a poor camera, no video and no mms capability until very recently plus the bluetooth connectivity is awful as it is locked to only other apple products

In the UK their laptops are massively expensive and you need to fork out even more to get a reasonable spec

dredgewalker3211d ago

Ah yes something that we can all agree upon. Ive never bought an Apple product in my life because its rotten to the core!! They release over-hyped and over-priced products that offer only aesthetic design with little innovation (except for its OS). I will never be stupid enough to buy one so people can say that i am in the "IN" crowd, which is also a stupid reason for buying a product. I buy products based on reliability and performance.

Cyorg3211d ago

Thank God for Linux. I don't have to buy anything. lol.

Kakkoii3211d ago

Thank God for piracy! I don't have to pay for Windows!

(But when I have a Job and can afford it, then I will.)

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