Timeshift Made Brian Crecente of Shift His Pants

Heres some of what he said,

"Timeshift was seven bugs away from completion for Atari last year when Vivendi stepped in and put the game on hold, asking the developers what they would change about the game if they could.

That question spurred a tirade of suggestions and lead to the game being completely overhauled with a slick new look, feel and mechanics for the Playstation 3, PC and 360 game. Or so one of the developers told me in a punctuation-free explanation of why the game is going to kick ass. But all he really needed to do was start up the demo."

"This game is AMAZING."

To see more of what he said, click the link.

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Dlacy13g3936d ago

I think this is one of those rare moments when a team took a game that was sure to be a flop and have worked hard and done a 180 on the title. Too Human could also fall into this...but I dont equate it to be the same....this game was just bad when it demo'd, too human just didnt show well. There is a difference...subtle but there.

NYG0093936d ago

damn this is a game i cant wait for.........i want this game so bad...almost as much as i wanted gears of war

Robotz Rule3936d ago

I can't wait!

Sounds awesome!

tehcellownu3936d ago

thought it was only for the 360 and pc....omg 360 lost another exclusive..nah jus not like the xbots get this game for the ps3..i love ps3 libary of games a mixture of everythin!!

consolewar3936d ago

you're probably worst, makin a "joke" like this is so fanboy like. Hypocrisy FTW

snoop_dizzle3936d ago

if you don't like his opinions, click the ignore button.

ElementX3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

Frankly, I'm tired of the PS3 being listed FIRST when it comes to platforms which a game will appear on. It's almost as if they're trying to persuade people that it's better. PS3, PC, and 360. Pathetic.

techie3936d ago

Dude they watched it at Sony Gamer's Day. Get over it

ElementX3936d ago

It's not just this game, it's almost EVERY game. Maybe cause PS3 comes before Xbox alphabetically..... I dunno. Just a random rant :)

snoop_dizzle3936d ago

yeah i think its alphabetical.

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