IGN's First Impressions of PAIN: plus new videos.

If you're the sort of person who wants to spank a monkey or toss a mime to pass the weekend by, then Sony's new downloadable title, Pain, is probably your kind of game.

Developed by Idle Minds (Neopets, Cool Boarders 4), Pain is all about getting laughs at someone else's expense. In fact, that's the focal point of the entire project according to producer Travis Williams -- that is, "Funny, controllable chaos."

Please read on for IGN's impressions of what the PSN Store really needs; and please scroll through the four new gameplay videos right here.

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solidt124203d ago

Could be fun. why no blood.

masterg4203d ago

I think the PS3 is really delivering great stuff in these PSN games.
I have had the 360 for a year and downloaded tons of their Live arcade game demos, but it has never resulted in me buying a game.

On the PS3 I have bought close to every PSN game, the level of game play and graphics are just so much better.

This one looks like one to buy as well.

sandip7874203d ago

oh my god, how weird is this, i actually had a dream about this game being canceled. it was on the news and everything! hmmmm, what strange thing to dream about!

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The story is too old to be commented.