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Submitted by justdefend 2319d ago | article

Uncharted 2 PS3 can't become a Killzone 2

Sony Corp.'s latest exclusive, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, is the most highly anticipated Playstation 3 exclusive since Killzone 2. The latter, despite more than 1 million in global sales, sold less-than-expected in the U.S. and did little to move hardware units in the spring 2009 period. Uncharted 2 has the gameplay to help hardware sales increase, but can't afford to hold less-than-stellar sales in the cutthroat holiday season. (PS3, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves)

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Ninji  +   2319d ago
Wait, what?
So the title is basically saying "Uncharted 2 can't become a success"? He must be living under a rock.
The-Warranty  +   2319d ago
You know the world is screwed up when selling 2 million is a "flop" or a "disappointment"
hay  +   2319d ago
Come on, both Naughty Dog and Guerilla Games play on the same playground, what's the point of this article?
karan8624  +   2319d ago
Ynow what?
Killzone wasnt even bad, it should have sold more. But I wasnt even a fan, I only found out about KZ2 like a month before it came out. However, UC already has a following. 2 million is pretty much guaranteed, if not more
ultimolu  +   2319d ago
...Oh my f*cking God.

It will be a brilliant game. Since when does sales make a game great?
What is with the goddamn nitpicking of Uncharted 2?

EDIT: I read the article and I still call it nitpicking.
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RememberThe357  +   2319d ago
Read the article...
It's saying that Sony can't afford to have Uncharted 2 undersell the way Killzone 2 did.

I personally don't see this game having huge sales, no matter how good it is. Sony has been unable to sell it's titles in the past, and I don't really see any of that changing.

I hope I'm wrong though.

@SupaPlaya: Because it sold millions of copies. Killzone 2 was most likely not a financial success, Gears most defiantly was. I think it was just a situation were Sony didn't have the financial backing to be able to push the game the way they wanted to.

Again, The point of the article is that Sony can't afford to have Uncharted 2 suffer the same lack of sales that Killzone 2 has.
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Marceles  +   2319d ago
Why is PS3 in the title?
Greywulf  +   2319d ago
To piss us off.
SupaPlaya  +   2319d ago
Why didn't we see
Gears 2 can't become a Halo 3 article.

Besides, the first uncharted sold more than 2million, no reason to think Uncharted 2 wouldn't surpass that with existing fans and new PS3 owners.

Let the anti-hype begin, starting with the CNET article.
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mriono  +   2319d ago
It depends on who’s view you are looking for, 2 million may be good for your average game, but look at all the dev time, Sony put into KZ2 you have to think about recouping on the business end, 2 million sounds good to me and you, but if you aren’t making your money back as a studio then what have you accomplished, and people wonder why games go from exclusive to multi-plat.

Uncharted will do numbers, but how much money has been put out there to try and make this a blockbuster? People are quick to shout sales don’t matter, but that’s because they are the gamer not the provider
Greywulf  +   2319d ago
Mrino, sales (like halo3's) sales. Dont matter.
Its the deathrattle of the 360 community to pretend sales matter, yet when asked why banjo kazooie flopped under a toilet they go "Buh buh...admin?!" and your comment is some how deleted.

Selling matters, over a lifetime. Sonys business model has provided second to none games that the 360 literally can't even load. Where is the problem? They are clearly making money on their products, because they are offering sequels. According to fanboy laws.. Resistance/Ratchet/Motorstorm/ LBP (name any p s3 game) are all flops. Yet, Resistance2, 3 ratchets, 2 motorstorms, another killzone, another LBP..

I mean, the only problem sonys sales has.. is convincing [email protected] that sony will never be second place.
DK_Kithuni_71  +   2319d ago
Killzone 2 still sells well
At my local games-pusher Killzone 2 is currently no. 7 on the PS3 top 40.
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2Spock  +   2319d ago
I know because Uncharted 2 is a great game.
rucky  +   2319d ago
Ok hypothetically let's say Uncharted 2 isn't successful, what will Sony do then? Drop out and cancel all the first party games they announced like GOW3 and GT5? Seriously where's the logic here?
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mriono  +   2319d ago
@ greywulf

Halo 3 sales do matter, it’s a benchmark its showing that M$ is doing something right as far as selling their games goes, and Sony could learn a lesson, how many multiplat games do you see advertised and at the end of the commercial you see the 360 sign? If you think Sony aren’t concerned about sales you’re a fool. And yes they will make sequels, that’s called logical. People tend to make more of what is their biggest sellers, but just cause something is your biggest seller doesn’t mean it’s a success, it just means its doing better than whatever else you put out, and it doesn't mean it's recouping what you put into it. Its not according to fanboy law that the game is a flop, its according to business law. Its funny cause the games you listed are Sony exclusives and don’t have a chance to go multi-plat, but you think its coincidence that if Sony doesn’t have control over the studio the game has gone multi-plat? You may be here for a stellar game, but studio’s and devs are out for a profitable game.
FrankDrebin  +   2319d ago
Uncharted 2
will sell a lot more than Killzone. According to the Law Enforcement Gaming Database, the reviews for this game are way better than KZ2.

I had a good time playing KZ2 but it wasn't a step above the rest. Multiplayer ended up being pretty poor.

Uncharted 1 was a leap above the industry.
2 is clearly a HUGE LEAP above the rest.

That is the difference folks.
Greywulf  +   2319d ago
Mronio. Halo3 had a 30 million dollar advertising budget.
Its not a benchmark by any means considering Wii titles that sell fine without them.Don't pretend that selling fine without 30 million dollar ad campaigns is some how crippling gaming, or that PS3 owners are missing out on good games. (there have been more for the ps3 in 08-09)

Again, Halo3's sales which is the fanboy benchmark, isn't the reality when you don't spend 30 million to advertise.

And I dont see any negative affects of Sony not shelling out 30 million for each of its major franchises. Quality gaming for PS3 exclusives is beyond reach of turnkey multiplatform titles & 360 exclusives as well.

You have people that are supporting these games, who want to make second to none projects. You cant do it on the 360's underwhelming hardware, and you don't have the development restrictions that MS has.

Inherently SONY knows what they need to do to make money. Its not in multiplatform gaming. Which is why the biggest news on any gamers lips, is a stolen sony exclusive.

Wake me up the day Sony stops making amazing games, and Naughty Dog leaves. Until then, I'll continue enjoying the games, more so than DLC.
vickers500  +   2319d ago
Uncharted 2 will kick Killzone 2's ass.
darthv72  +   2319d ago
maybe I am seeing it differently.
Judging by the title I am getting the impression that the statement is more pro uc2 than negative.

You look at kz2 and the hype it generated and yet the delivery (sales wise) was way below what sony was hoping for. Now you look at uc2 and the reviews it is getting and the hype surrounding it and my feeling is it WILL be better than kz2.

In essence, UC2 cant become a kz2 because it will sell better due to better pricing of the system and quality of the gameplay. kz2 was good but (imo) didnt live up to the hype. UC2 is living up to the hype (imo) and will sell far more copies and systems than kz2 ever did.

Maybe I am wrong. UC2 will not end up like will be better!
zeeshan  +   2319d ago
To me, sales really do matter... NOT! I had a blast playing K2 and I don't think that there is ANY FPS even right now that even compares to K2 and it'd be really interesting to see the sale figures of K3 as it has a fanbase now. Uncharted 2 will no doubt do better as it is an established franchise now. Even if K3 sales suck, it wouldn't matter to me as it'll be a day one purchase for sure!
mal_tez92  +   2319d ago
Just off-topic a bit
But has anyone seen a worse website design than this?
Face Palm  +   2319d ago
@ 1.1
I remember when LittleBigPlanet got a 9.5 from IGN all the 360 fanboys flooded the article yelling "FLOP!" and "LittleBigFlop!". If 9.5 is a flop, what is the 9 that ODST got O_o

Uncharted 1 was good so it shouldn't hurt the sequel's sales like KZ1 did to KZ2. Shortly after KZ2 came out, I asked a lot of people at my work place if they played or are planning on it and every single person said that they're not interested because they figure since the first one wasn't great, the second one wouldn't be any better. KZ1's lack of success definitely hurt KZ2's... that and the fact that Sony ran about 3 commercials per week...
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lovestruck06  +   2319d ago
wanna know something funny that debunks this article
on amazon .ca uncharted 2 has beeen number 1 best seller and it isnt even out, halo 3 odst isn't even in top ten.

also on uncharted 2 is 3rd and halo 3 odst is 4th....

so how can a game be unseccussful when it has been in the top ten for 100 days on both and, plus its not even out yet, and we all know more people buy from the stores then preorder, plus the reviews have been flawless plus the pr from other developers saying this game is a must by this is another typical flame bait article to get hits. everyone know that uncharted 2 is going to be a gurenteed blockbuster title for the ps3. plus its unique, not some generic first person shooter.

like 98 metascore
over 10 perfect review scores
praised many times by people that dont have to go out of theyre way to give the game good pr
won several awards at e3 2009.
the beta has been getting like perfect scores and its only a beta.

the only way this game wont produce halo numbers is if microsoft bribes every ps3 owner in the world and makes us all sign contracts.
im sick of these silly articles.

for the sake of humanity and the gaming world i hope this game outsells halo, not cuz im a fanboy and i dwell on sales but i want a game developer to get rewarded with great success that is deserved. plus itll set a new benchmark for the quality of games in years to come. and hopefully the elimination of generic watered down first person shooters with no creativity what so ever. basically what im saying is if unchrated sells better then halo maybe will get more games like uncharted 2 and less like halo 3 odst.

sales should represent quality, effort, creativity, new innovation, not just popularity.

i hope uncharted 2 fixes the damage that the halo franchise has done.... im not hardcore on this site but it would be nice to get some more bubbles. this is a newer account by the way. i just really think having the same amount of bubbles as i did not murder him and turn 10 is kindve disgraceful. so if u agree with me it'd be great if u could give me a bubble too.
DaTruth  +   2319d ago
Turn 10 and I did not murder him have ten accounts and refresh their own bubbles!
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mriono  +   2319d ago

you are assuming I only own a 360 in which you would be wrong, and please provide proof M$ spent 30 mil not calling you a liar just havent seen that figure. You continue to go in circles and avoid the point I am making, Sony can continue to make great games I dont argue with you there, but to say sales don't matter is stupid from a BUSINESS point of view. You continue to avoid that point. Name one company that's not making games to make a profit? The fact is games going multi is a testament that there is money to be made outside of being exclusive, you may not agree with the way M$ does business, but they are improving the value of the 360 with each game the make multi plat. This is an apparent sign that selling exclusively on the ps3 aint good for the bottom line, no i dont care about sales, im in it for a great game, and there are plenty on both systems, but if people say sales don't mean a thing, they obviously don't have a good business sense.
calis  +   2319d ago
"Killzone 2 was most likely not a financial success"

Killzone 3 says otherwise.
UnwanteDreamz  +   2319d ago
This is stupid!
Last time I checked they are making KZ3. So who gives a flying f*ck how many copies it sold? Anyone who like the game gets to play another one.

Journalists will tell you that Sony needs a "Halo" type franchise. Don't believe it because it's bullsh*t. I have been buying games on Sony platforms since the PS1 and until this gen I never bought a game first day. None of all of my all time favorite games sold like Halo. So what gives? Halo sells like crazy but I know very few gamers my age who would even list it in their top 10.

If you are a gamer then show your support for titles that you think deserve your money. If it doen't sell 4 million its first week who cares? I don't spend hundreds of dollars a year on games so that I can brag about how much a game sold. I spend all that cash so I gan have fun playing the best games. Sales seem to matter most to these kids who probably don't even buy games unless its with mommy and daddys cash.

BTW if you are a fan of UCseries. Please don't claim that Uncharted 2 will sell like Halo. IT DOESN"T HAVE TO! All you are doing is giving the fankids ammunition.
Sub4Dis  +   2319d ago
you guys need to read the article. the title doesn't mean it is not able to become a killzone 2. if you just read the title then comment, what are you actually commenting on? the implication of the title, based on the majority of the comments, is that you all think the author thinks uncharted 2 can't do what killzone 2 did. what the author is actually saying is that uncharted 2 can't end up like killzone needs to do better. he's saying that uncharted needs to have great sales, not just be a great game. he's saying that while he agrees that most ppl who bought killzone 2 think it's a good game, it's sales were not stellar and it didn't really help move hardware...but sony needs to move more hardware and they need uncharted 2 to be the new piece of software that can help them do it.

really guys...just read the articles or don't comment. not every article written is intended to inspire a flame war. and not everything needs to be about how great ps3 games are or how great the system is. sometimes ppl just have an opinion on hopeful outcomes and that's what this article is about. how uncharted 2 needs to be more than just a great game, that it also needs to be well received by the consumers and eye catching enough to encourage ppl, who until now haven't purchased a ps3, to finally be enticed enough to pony up the dough.

now as for my comment on the article...good read. and while i do expect uncharted 2 to be every bit worth the purchase price, i think being a sequel, it is more likely to catch the eye of current system owners rather than say...wii owners or last gen system owners. and i don't think it will single handedly convert 360 owners. also, i think that uncharted 2's biggest appeal is the single player experience and maybe the co-op. i don't think the multiplayer, with my limited time with the beta, is enough to stand on it's own as a great game. and it is really going to take a revolution in multiplayer experience to increase hardware sales by a large number. not that i don't think a lot of ps3's are going to sell this holiday season anyway...cuz i'm very sure they are.

EDIT: guy above me. I couldn't agree more with your point of view. however, that isn't the point of the article. and your argument about halo is right and wrong. the reason why MS pulled ahead of sony is probably mostly halo. and this goes back to my point about a multiplayer revolution. say what you want about halo 3...i probably mostly agree that it's nothing amazing and it's really just a visual upgrade from halo 2 (in the multiplayer aspect anyway). but that's the point. the reason why 360 did so well isn't because of halo's because of halo 2. because halo 2 really did revolutionize console multiplayer fps. so when everyone that didn't own a regular xbox saw what they were missing, it was enough to encourage the purchase of a 360...especially since: A) it came out first, and B) there was a promise of more of that Halo experience.

i couldn't agree more with you about ppl needing to stop worrying so much about what other ppl buy as long as you are happy. but the point of the article is that sony was hoping killzone would move hardware units and it didn't. so now they are really banking on uncharted 2 to do it. sony, according to the article, can't afford to have another big budget game just have cult needs to make a ps3 a household term the same way ps2 was and the same way Halo is. now, the argument of whether or not sony actually needs that to happen is up in the i said, i'm sure sony's sales are gonna go up this season no matter what. but, you can't deny that while killzone 2 was a success from the game creators perspective, and the ppl who loved it's perspect, it didn't meet sony's expectations, and that's why uncharted 2 can't be killzone 2. it needs to be more.

sorry that was so winded...but i hope i was able to clear it up a little bit for ppl. i'm def excited to finally play uc2's story. i think imma go play the first one now to get reacquainted with the gang. and so the improvements in this new one are more noticeable. seeya on psn
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lovestruck06  +   2318d ago
ohhh so thats why they dont run outta bubbles lol haha makes sense but still lol 10 accounts ehhh that seems like alot of work just to make people think ur crazy and mentally challenged and microsofts b*tch.


if ur inquiring me. if you read my comment i say i hope uncharted 2 sells more than halo and i explain y. im just sick of kids bragiing about halo and how well it sells it pisses me off cuz its not a good game anymore maybe it was way back when but now it is over rated. it comes down to popularity with halo quality goes right out the window. i just want justice i believe uncharted 2 selling more than halo would be some good old justice served suck it style...... i like happy endings and i believe deep down that halo falling into a well and dieing would be a happy ending for me. you'd think cuz im a sony fan boy id say i hope the 360 dies in that well too but i dont im not blind i know the 360 is what fuels sony to be better. nothing wrong with competition.
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AAACE5  +   2318d ago
I don't think they meant it in a negative way!

I think that they expected Killzone 2 to sell over 5 million units and move a ton of consoles, just like a lot of other people were expecting. But for some reason or another, it seems to have mainly sold to existing Ps3 owners and didn't move as many consoles as they wanted.

Uncharted 2 should sell a lot of units and move some consoles as well. I know I'll have my copy at release. The dome got me hooked once I got used to it, and the reviews are making me feel more confident that it will be a worthwhile purchase! See ya online people!
vhero  +   2318d ago
Killzone made the major mistake of not coming out on a holiday season.
mega BIG time  +   2318d ago
Well i'm looking forward to uncharted 2. And GT5. The last game i bought for ps3 was MGS4 and that seems like a looong time ago.

If ps3 fanboyism wasn't so aggressive i think it might help to move a few more consoles. The ps3 supreme society is not exactly the most inviting club to join these days (especially if you already own a box).
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BLuKhaos  +   2318d ago
This is what annoys me, do people think games stop selling the week after it launches? I think someone should let these people know that games continue to sell long after they launch.
catguykyou  +   2318d ago
No the sales dont stop. However the majority of the sales that come after the first week or two are 90% used game sales. Sony and the developer don't see any return on this.

Kill Zone 2 and Uncharted 2 are amazing games. No one really doubts their quality. It doesn't matter how good they are though if they do not sell enough to profit, it's not a good thing for the company. The reason squeals get made is because the companies hope that because of good reception (not necessarily sales) of the first title, a squeal can break into that system seller category.

A great example of this is tim schafer. He created Psychonauts and other critically acclaimed but not well selling games.

Hell, look at beyond good and evil. Anyone whos played it loves it. It sold horribly but because of the cult following and great reviews they are trying to release a squeal hoping that people who didn't play the first will try the second because of the hype surrounding its cult following.

Even if uncharted 2 doesn't make a profit, it doesn't mean the PS3 is doomed or that the game was bad. It just means it didn't reach a wide enough audience. This says nothing about the PS3 as a system and the crazy fanboys shouldn't take offense to this.
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Elaine Benes  +   2318d ago
@the warranty
2 million sold isnt bad at all. But when you have games that sell 2-3 million on DAY ONE, it kinda makes other games look bad. Hell there are games that have millions in pre-orders. lol.

2 million worldwise is awesome. dont get me wrong. but its nothing special in the sales world.
free2game365  +   2318d ago
It's a shooter. It's not known as well and doesn't stand out that well against COD4. Killzone 2 also if you remember reportedly had a budget of over 60 million dollars. Meaning 2 million copies sold isn't profitable for it.
BulletToothtony  +   2319d ago
as awesome as killzone2 is,
imo it's a game for the hardcore player.. uncharted 2 it's aimed at a wider market so it might sell more.. but we don't play sales.. we play the 2 best games in 2009 and that's what counts..
MSpence516  +   2319d ago
I agree, a lot of people don't have the responses needed to play FPS's. Uncharted 2 will appeal to more people.
iceman06  +   2319d ago
I think that KZ2 was a difficult marketing project BECAUSE of it's more hardcore tilt. Playstation has always been a diverse console and offers so much more than just the "hardcore shooter" to it's audience. With the influx of new PS3 owners...and the broader appeal of a game like UC2, it shouldn't be too difficult to sell. The word is out to Sony must convince the rest of the gaming world that it is truly worth the purchase!
mfwahwah  +   2319d ago
"I agree, a lot of people don't have the responses needed to play FPS's. "

So how do you explain Halo and CoD? Just curious.
Danja  +   2319d ago
let me explain it's a little thing called "Auto-Aim"...... :)
DaTruth  +   2319d ago
One thing I love about Uncharted 2 online is that beating Uncharted on crushing puts you at the cream of the crop of the multiplayer! I have yet to finish a game, not in the top 2(but mostly #1) crushing people with 30 rank(I'm at 8).

Uncharted AI on Crushing can kill you with two shots and it's ten on one; Humans with fair numbers are just not a challenge!
ScoobyDrew  +   2319d ago
On the FPS topic
(pointed at the Beta)... personally, this is the only 3rd person shooter i enjoy right now. This is due to how easy it is to get the hang of it... it offers a quick learning curve but also offers EXTREME tactical opportunities. the way the cover system blends with the game offers many chances for you to work your way through a level... not to mention climbing up the environment too!!! i mean come on, who doesn't like climbing up behind someone and pulling 'em off a ledge.
mfwahwah  +   2318d ago

Great. Just the type of answer I was expecting.
MURKERR  +   2319d ago
they talk as if USA equals whole world,kz2 has sold over two million worldwide
which is great for a game where its predecessor basically sucked
RememberThe357  +   2319d ago
Not at all...
There is no need to defend Killzone 2's sales. Sony expected Killzone 2 to sell MGS4 numbers(4 mil), yet they didn't promote it at all. The outcome? Half of it's potential sales.

And Killzone was a great game. The Story was great, the gameplay was solid and varied, and the graphics were good for a PS2 game.

Killzone 2 had the potential to sell big numbers, but it's launch was like that of LBP--a series of unfortunate events.
SupaPlaya  +   2319d ago
How much $$ did Sony spent
on advertising Killzone 2? In comparison, L4D2 is going to push 25 million.

The reason I'm asking is that less copies sold doesn't always equal less profit. You have to factor in how much was spent in costs such as marketing as well. Also don't forget that some of that tech is probably being shared with games such as Uncharted 2.
#3.2 (Edited 2319d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
iceman06  +   2319d ago
Though it was critically panned by the gaming media....Killzone was actually a good game. No...the controls weren't perfect....but the AI was excellent for that time period. Plus, the story was pretty interesting. It just wasn't HALO...which was held up by the media as the best FPS EVER!!!
mfwahwah  +   2319d ago

Killzone 2 actually had a MASSIVE budget. Advertising alone pushed passed $20 million I'm pretty sure.
SupaPlaya  +   2319d ago
^^ Reason I asked
is that while I know KZ2 has a sizable budget, I've never seen any article or source describing how much went into advertising for the game.

I don't remember seeing much KZ2 ad. Just the combat evolved one once on Spike and that's it.

Can you show me where you saw the $20 million for advertising for KZ2? Thanks.
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DaTruth  +   2319d ago
What FPS game could touch Metal Gear on PS console. Sony... er, nobody in the world would expect Killzone 2 to touch Metal Gear in sales. They can hardly expect to sell one copy in Japan!

Can't believe you could even say something like that; It's almost blasphemy!
mfwahwah  +   2318d ago

I lost the links but I remember reading it. Might have been a rumor though, since that's all I can seem to find from googling it.
MetalGearRising  +   2319d ago
Good Luck Uncharted 2.
I would be surprised if uncharted 2 sold 1 million in ps3 life time which i doubt anyway good luck because you'll definitely need it.
OmarJA  +   2319d ago
Halo RRODST was a flop, 8 millions Halo 3 owners didn't care about an overpriced expansion...

Man so many AAA exclusives coming on my PS3 this year, can't wait to play them. :D
DK_Kithuni_71  +   2319d ago
You sad sad sad Xbot
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune sold over 2,5 million copies and is still selling. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves will surely top that.
Nitrowolf2  +   2319d ago
sales sales sales is that the only thing that matter to bots now? what does it d for you? because not always do sales=Quality
Aquarius  +   2319d ago
A bug's life...
This is what happens to you when you haven't played an exclusive game in 7 MONTHS only to find out that its the exact same game you bought years ago. ODLC and Flawza.

You turn into a lunatic.

Don't buy a 3shltty, if you want that awful x-bug experience.

#4.4 (Edited 2319d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Sir Ken_Kutaragi  +   2319d ago
My GOD...the Micro$oft Employees are working hard on this week!!! ;-D
I'm just glad i can Play 'KillZone 2' + 'Uncharted 2' + the other AMAZING 'AAA' PS3 ONLY Games on my SEXY;)AS FUNK...
||.........___||.......____|| 'Triple'A'Station 3' ;-P
Lykon  +   2319d ago
trolls are entertaining
Kill Crow  +   2318d ago
unfarted Poo
won't do as well as poozone, not that poozone even did well to begin with

Toothless droids didn't buy it ...
MetaIGearRising  +   2318d ago
lol blah blah blah im an xbot look at me. I suck!!!
renegade  +   2319d ago
So Killzone 2 were a success, Uncharted 2 will become more than a success.
trounbyfire  +   2319d ago
metal gear rinsing is multi plat and uncharted will do 2 mill easy.
the reason Killzone 2 was not up to the standard that people wanted money wise was because Sony didn't really show and ads for it until the game was out. go to know that Sony has the"it only does uncharted"ads but i have not seen them on tv. but i still think that it should be second to cod mw2 this year and sell more than Killzone 2 did.
Aclay  +   2319d ago
Well, I'm certainly not worried about Uncharted 2's sales, because if Killzone 2 sold 300K+ in February in the U.S. during a span of 2 days, I see no reason why Uncharted 2 shouldn't do at least 400-450K minimum in October's U.S. NPD.

Both Naughty Dog and Uncharted has an established fanbase, but Killzone 2 didn't have that going for it because the first Killzone game didn't fare to well with critics, and Guerrilla didn't have a very significant established fanbase either. If Uncharted 1 sold over 2.5 Million as a Single Player game, with time, Uncharted 2 should surpass those numbers since it has Multiplayer... and I think that Uncharted 2 will outsell KZ2 in the long run as well.
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   2318d ago
There is another significant factor that no one has mentioned, regarding Kz2 release figures - the COST of the pre slim PS3 console back in February.
With a smaller owner-base at the time, Kz2 was always going to struggle to reach Sony's expectations.
It would sure be interesting to see how Kz2 would fare if it was one of Sony's present AAA titles to be released as a bundle - and supported by Sony's new-found advertising commitment.
MetalGearRising  +   2319d ago
Well i'll be keeping a close eye on sales figures for this game you lot can count on me.

This game is getting plenty of hype and marketing so it should do well but by any chance it does not you ps3 fans won't here the last from me.
Ron_Burgundy  +   2319d ago
I hope you gladly except this STFU and ignore I'm about to give you, as you pull most of the things you say out your ass

your my only ignored person, and you deserve it 100%, congratulations jackass
Greywulf  +   2319d ago
Damn following PS3 game sales must be the new pass time for FlopBots with no AAA's to play..
How many XboxRROD points does it cost to play?
Bumpmapping  +   2319d ago
Well i'll be keeping a close eye on sales figures for this game you lot can count on me.
Well I will be keeping a close eye on those 360 exclusives than.Halo getting alot of hype and marketing...Its obvious it will sell well, but by any chance there's no new exclusives you 360 fan won't hear the last from me.
buying1999   2318d ago | Spam
tripewire  +   2319d ago
Loving the knee-deep FUD.....
tripewire  +   2319d ago
You know what pisses me off is all these idiots who think they should be in game journalism trying to put sh*t on what looks to be one of if not the best game in a long time, a game that pushes every boundry that there is, with outstanding polish, features and attention to detail YET they play down the fact that MS is charging $60 for DLC.

It's gonna ruin gaming and its the only reason that I wish MS would F*** off and die. If Sony didnt push its dev studios to produce quality software, gaming would be a seriously sh*tty place.
MSpence516  +   2319d ago
Why are all the PS3 guys downing Halo fans for buying ODST. So what they paid for an "expansion," that is almost the same as quite a few of the PS3 slims are bought by those who already own a PS3.
lovestruck06  +   2318d ago
u just stole the words outta my mouth. everytime microsoft releases a halo game after halo 2 ill add they are getting away with murder. if consumers were smart and demand quality in the gaming world, games like halo 3 or halo 3 odst wouldnt be getting they sales they are now its all about popularity and fanbase once u have a fan base and popularity u can make any game aslong as it says teh halo. ohh wait nevermind i forgot its a double standard cuz ps3 owners are smart consumers and dont support crap and we demand quality. its like if uncharted 2 looked like uncharted 1 with a new story but nothing improved we would not praise it no matter how much we liked the first one. thats the way sony fans are we want game developers to move forward not stay still in innovation. the sales figures of uncharted 2 will shut the non believers up, so whats the point of defending it we all know the truth its gunna do good theyve done everyting right with this game. microsoft should be proud with sony with theyre advertising for this game. uncharted is the franchise that sony fans will give halo hype for years to come and it willl deserve it cuz the developers know if they dont deliver a true AAA game they wont be able to punk expansions for 60$ alrite.

also i dont care what this article is trying to say whether it isnt trying to cuz a flame war or what its the fact that its sating a retorical question that doesnt need to be asked. we all know this game is going to sell better than killzone 2 im sure with preorders alone it already has #3 best seller on for over a month and #1 on bumped ahead of halo 3 odst. sounds to me like if they whole world is like amazon right now uncharted is well on its way to doing halo #'s. seriously i think this article is just asking stupid questions. trying to get hits cuz they know dam well that theyre title will start a flame war even if it isnt bashing uncharted its what those sites do.

people dont hate halo cuz they dont like the game or microsoft they hate it cuz bungie and microsoft used it to find a flaw in the gaming system. we can make anything put halo on it and the hype will be so big gamers wont even realize it is the same as the last one with a different story and a spin on it......even with a 84 metascore and negative feed back about the price itll still sell like hotcakes cuz halo fans just cant resist its quite fascinating but very annoying at the same time. name a highly hyped ps3 exclusive that got a metascore of 84 and still sold like hotcakes. not to mention it wouldnt be an expansion either.

its a double standard really. microsoft and bungie are getting away with murder will sony doesnt get away with sh*t. so they make amazing games to avoid getting theyre head put on a platter.
LinuxGuru  +   2319d ago
Kizzy 2 didn't have the marketing campaign or hollywood-appeal that Uncharted 2 has, so it was unfortunately doomed to average sales from the beginning. (apparently 2 million is average nowadays)
#11 (Edited 2319d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
cmrbe  +   2319d ago
Sadly that is true for some gamers. What they fail to see is that at least 95% of games will never reach 2 million sold in their lifetime.

Some people don't know the meaning of average and they think that games should sell at least a million copies a day to be a success. Poor souls.
JonnyBigBoss  +   2319d ago
Both are AAA titles. I don't see the point.
maniacmayhem  +   2319d ago
What does it being AAA have anything to do with this article?
ThatCanadianGuy  +   2319d ago
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves™ Certified GOTY 09
Makes 360 fanboys weep bitter tears.
free3sixty  +   2319d ago
"Uncharted 2 PS3 can't become a Killzone 2"

so Kz2 was really a flop! But but but the cell and best graphics! The gameplay fukd the game.. same will be with GT5... bad gameplay and poor environments.
Nitrowolf2  +   2319d ago
but but but F3 polygons!!!!

UC2 is getting allot of 9 and 10s and i think only one 8(which they did badly at reviewing)
okay its not a flop.
but if the scores are so high bots still will think its a flop because of sales, wich is sad because sales don't do sh1t for us gamers. I mean if a game manage to sell 5 mill in 3 month (just saying)and got reviews of 2/10 bots would be all over it saying its not a flop.
Quantity=/= Quality
#14.2 (Edited 2319d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
WildArmed  +   2319d ago
lmfao @

dmn I had a nice laugh out of that.
DarkTower805  +   2319d ago
KZ2 failed because of a horrible controls system. Word spread within hours of release like wildfire and word of mouth ultimately killed it. If it weren't for KZ2's crappy controls the game would have sold much more.

So far U2's mp is superb as well as it's single player will be, THAT will give it much higher success than KZ2.
LinuxGuru  +   2319d ago
I have never understood the controls argument.

Yeah, so the characters are slower than people like and they have weight to what?

Like any good gamer, you adapt to what you're presented with. I did, and I totally pwned online with KZ2. No control problems here.

Even once the auto lock-on was removed, pwning with the shottie was still easy.
thedisagreefairy  +   2319d ago
just thought u should know
u can change the controls to alternative 2 playing COD style. i know i did.

its not difficult to go to options and pick the controls that are more comfortable for u.

give it another chance with the control style i mentioned and i assure ull have fun playing it.
#15.2 (Edited 2319d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
ultimolu  +   2319d ago
...What horrible controls system?
nycredude  +   2319d ago
Give it a rest with the controls already. Only people who complained about the controls are 360 fanb0ys, and cod fanb0ys. For real gamers willing to adjust, the controls were fine. I played the game on veteran mode the first time, which was hard as heck btw but beat it and had a great time doing it. To be honest, every shooter I play now feels cheap in comparison becuase it just feels like you are floating around!
Morituri  +   2319d ago
How is that argunemt valid
When they had a demo up on PSN for everyone to try before they bought the game?

And to be honest. KZ2 is not a failure in my eyes. I still play it at least once a week when time permits.
fishd  +   2319d ago
Of course to COD fans Killzone's control is horrible.They want aim assisst,A LOT OF IT,so they can feel badass when the game aim for them and they just press the fire button,SO BADASS
DarkTower805  +   2319d ago
Why the disagrees
I'm not making up the "control problem". It's a hard fact that the controls have a weighted, delayed feel that turned many gameers off, including myself. I bought the game, played it for a couple months, and sold it. If you don't believe me my id here is my psn id also, so look it up punks.

A game doesn't have to have aim-assist or cod's controls to work. Look at Uncharted 2, the game is VERY different from COD4, but the devs got the controls right, and the game will be very successful.
mc-fine  +   2319d ago
agreed with the controls
I was excited for the game but the controls were just tedious even if the weighted feeling was intentional. Played through the campaign but I always felt I was fighting with my controls. Multiplayer wasn't bad the core mechanics of the controls still bugged me. There is a reason there were so many complaints. It wasn't a made up issue. Yea KZ2 fans adjusted but it also turned off a lot of people.

Regardless it wouldn't have sold as much as an established franchise like Halo. If Halo is the floor for considering a game a success then you are setting the standard way too high. KZ2 was by no means a failure.
Wh15ky  +   2318d ago
@ DarkTower805
You're getting the disagrees because people disagree. Killzone 2 had no control problems. The controls may well be a reason for it not selling well, but not because they were bad or had problems, it's because people didn't give it time to adjust to them. If they did, they'd realise they were the best FPS console controls going (not including Wii).
I spent months playing it before moving onto World at War. The fast/ floaty movements of the characters in World at War were just so second rate and unrealistic in comparison. It wasn't long before I switched back to Killzone 2.
Ron_Burgundy  +   2319d ago
here you go MetalGearRising here's your reward

Related image(s)
andron666  +   2319d ago
The original Uncharted went platinum...
And with the stellar reviews the sequel has received I don't think sales will be a problem...
Unicron  +   2319d ago

I love this site.
PimpHandHappy  +   2319d ago
v1c1ous  +   2319d ago
do you think companies love selling 2 million over the course of 1 year and half @ lowered sales rate or 2 million in the first cpl of months at full retail price?
DaTruth  +   2319d ago
95% of companies would love to sell 2 million at all! Sadly, they will never know the feeling Killzone and Uncharted bask in!
kaveti6616  +   2319d ago
It's terrible that people make false analogies with companies. Yes, it may be true that 95 percent of development studios would love to sell 2 million copies of their game, but how many of those development studios had a budget even close to what Guerrilla Games did? Not many. The production costs of Killzone 2 were high, and the game had a lot of hype around it. But Sony should have advertised the game because it is a top tier title that uses the PS3 technology, it is a first party exclusive, and it competes directly with Halo. Sony should have capitalized on the fact that Killzone 2 had better graphics than Halo 3, and offered larger multiplayer matches, and free online. Selling 2 million copies may be financially profitable, but Sony would have preferred if Killzone 2 sold more.

And I would have preferred it as well. But the great news is, it's not too late. I don't remember there ever being a rule that says Sony cannot advertise a game that has been out for a while already. Sony didn't really push the advertising of this game as well as it could have. Sure, there was that one great commercial that came on television, but it was not enough. Sony needs to push out more advertising for the game right now. Right now, a lot of fresh PS3 owners are wondering what to get on the PS3. Sony has the opportunity to advertise the game like crazy now. Gameplay commercials, billboards, and the like. All of these can help Killzone 2 sell even more. The problem with a game like Killzone 2 having long legs is, it's an FPS. FPS games that revolve around an online community need to sell the most in a short space of time so the community can grow from the start and remain consistent.

Sony needs to advertise their games. There is no shame in promoting games that have been out for a few months because they're still critically acclaimed and they haven't been getting much attention due to Sony. Also, one of the things that's going to kill Killzone 2 is Killzone 3. If Killzone 3 is announced to come out within the next couple years, then few people will go and spend their cash on Killzone 2 because they'll eithe be saving up for KZ3 or there will be other games to buy, like GOW3, FF13, UC2, and so on.
DaTruth  +   2319d ago
How many FPS's have sold 2million+ on any PS console? Not much, if any! The Playstation is not an FPS console. Shooters on shooter console do very well, because the fanbase is only shotters.

The purpose of Killzone 2 was to lure away the 360 fanbase by saying; Look what we can do for you! We will make the best shooters and spend 50mil making it, not spending 10mil making crap and then 30mil trying to sell it to you. Sony didn't realize that 360 gamers prefer companies to games and are so blindly loyal that they will continue coming back for more even after the 5th broken console and the tenth scratched game!

But if 360 fanboys finally come to their senses and realize games > companies, this game can still sell 5mil... and this game is still selling at full retail price!
#19.4 (Edited 2319d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Double Toasted  +   2319d ago
I don't get it....
RAM MAGNUMS  +   2319d ago
Can anyone find my game news? i cant find any.
Since when did sales become the criteria for artistic excellence?

sorry gamedia, but I like my games HARDCORE for HARDCORE gamers.
#21 (Edited 2319d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
chisox100  +   2319d ago
KZ2 was a great game its just for a very narrow audience Uncharted 2 will reach to a larger group of people.

Fun Fact: 54% Failure Rate
ballsofsteel  +   2319d ago
i think it's unfair to compare KZ2 and uncharted 2 on any sales level considering how different the landscape was for KZ2. Take this into account uncharted 2 already has an established predecesor (drake's fortune) and is launching hot off the fresh PS3 slim and price drop. KZ2 launched as esentially a new IP as the first one really didn't create a big fan base and launched when the PS3 was 399 and in the post holiday/economic slump period. Killzone 2 has a lot going against it so it isn't fair to compare uncharted 2 and KZ2 in either way
Rowsdower  +   2319d ago
i cant wait for Uncharted 2
but come on now folks. I know as gamers sales mean little to us. Sony is a business and businesses are made for one reason to profit. So lets grow up for a minute and realize that there are men in suits at sony corp who want to see Uncharted 2 sell as much and as fast as Halo ODST did. I am not speaking to quality but i am speaking to the reality of gaming as a business. I have preordered my copy, and other PS3 owners should buy this game, not just because its GOTY quality but also to show those suits at sony that its worth making games like Killzone 2 and UC 2. Support your console b*tches.
DaTruth  +   2319d ago
Businesses are not made to profit! Most businesses start with a dude wanting to be his own boss, or just a good idea!

Shareholders are the evil ones who ruin businesses for profit!
DARK WITNESS  +   2318d ago
"Businesses are not made to profit"... I can't believe I just read that. The reason the "one dude" wants to be his own boss is because he wants his own profit to go to his own bank account. lol
mcgrawgamer  +   2319d ago
here's the kicker. killzone unfairly compared to halo the minute it was announced by sony, sony fanboys, and msft fanboys alike. It was unfairly put into a bad situation. in the FPS console market nothing will sell like halo in the US market simply because master chief has been marketed as a real american hero i.e GI joe. disagree if you must but it's the truth.

Now uncharted has the potential to do the same and here's why. Nathan Drake can become a household name and just as chief has become a new age gi joe, Drake has all the potential to become a new age Indiana Jones. If you put fanboyism aside and look at some of the similarites it's pretty obvious. I may get disagrees for this but if markted properly Drake could become bigger than Kratos in the states and become Sony's flagship character als chief and MSFT.

Halo - at launch was the only game worthwhile on the xbox
UC - at launch was the only game many considered worthwhile at launch.
Halo - made FPS's fun on a console to many gamers
UC - made platforming furn again to many gamers
Halo - was unfinished in bungies eyes' from pressure from MSFT to release.
UC - was unfinished in naughty dogs eyes from pressure from Sony to release.
Halo - H2 was bigger and better basically want they wanted the original to be set the standard for mp on xbl
UC - UC2 is bigger and better basically want they wanted the original to be can set the standard for mp on psn

In the years to come I think Drake just as big as Chief in the American gaming culture and Naughty Dog really has a huge pool from which they can pull story lines as does Halo.

Good games no matter which side of the fence you support. When it's all said and done even with the modern warfare 2's and left 4 deads of the world coming out this holiday. UC 2 will be up there and will sell more than 2 million in it's first week worldwide.
#25 (Edited 2319d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
darkpower  +   2319d ago
Killzone 2 had poor advertising behind it and it was at a time when the PS3 was $399 and up.

UC2 is at a time of a $299 PS3 and the best marketing campaign Sony has done yet, IMO!

And we're living in a gaming world now where if a game doesn't do Halo 3 numbers in one day, it's a flop (though we never say a word about a MS game being a flop if it doesn't do those numbers).

Please tell me where they are NOT trying to set flame bait stories up ahead of time?
NateDPG  +   2319d ago
2 million is a success, the problem is they didn't earn big.
ps360owner09  +   2319d ago
There's no need to worry about Uncharted 2
It's a quality game backed by a quality developer. Most ps3 owners already have a relationship with naughty dog that stretches back to the ps1(crash bandicoot), and ps2 (jak and daxter)so it's not like killzone 2 where most people didn't know who guerilla games were and what to expect from them. Naughty Dog has one of the best track records in the business when it comes to quality and sales on the playstation platform and it is not going to be any different this generation.
#28 (Edited 2319d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
R4mpage  +   2319d ago
If it doesnt sell 5 mil atleast
I cry, the multiplayer demo alone is worth 60 dollars.
jack who  +   2319d ago
RonDeMuerte  +   2319d ago
lol..ok buddy...let me know when the 360 gets an exclusive that can top this one in overall reviews.....hell...let me know when the 360 gets a exclusive that can top LittleBigPlanet in
#30.1 (Edited 2319d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
jack who  +   2319d ago
tell me when a sony exclusive sells more then 2 copies in a week
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