Uncharted 2 PS3 can't become a Killzone 2

Sony Corp.'s latest exclusive, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, is the most highly anticipated Playstation 3 exclusive since Killzone 2. The latter, despite more than 1 million in global sales, sold less-than-expected in the U.S. and did little to move hardware units in the spring 2009 period. Uncharted 2 has the gameplay to help hardware sales increase, but can't afford to hold less-than-stellar sales in the cutthroat holiday season.

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Ninji2875d ago

So the title is basically saying "Uncharted 2 can't become a success"? He must be living under a rock.

The-Warranty2875d ago

You know the world is screwed up when selling 2 million is a "flop" or a "disappointment"

hay2875d ago

Come on, both Naughty Dog and Guerilla Games play on the same playground, what's the point of this article?

karan86242875d ago

Killzone wasnt even bad, it should have sold more. But I wasnt even a fan, I only found out about KZ2 like a month before it came out. However, UC already has a following. 2 million is pretty much guaranteed, if not more

ultimolu2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

...Oh my f*cking God.

It will be a brilliant game. Since when does sales make a game great?
What is with the goddamn nitpicking of Uncharted 2?

EDIT: I read the article and I still call it nitpicking.

RememberThe3572875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

It's saying that Sony can't afford to have Uncharted 2 undersell the way Killzone 2 did.

I personally don't see this game having huge sales, no matter how good it is. Sony has been unable to sell it's titles in the past, and I don't really see any of that changing.

I hope I'm wrong though.

@SupaPlaya: Because it sold millions of copies. Killzone 2 was most likely not a financial success, Gears most defiantly was. I think it was just a situation were Sony didn't have the financial backing to be able to push the game the way they wanted to.

Again, The point of the article is that Sony can't afford to have Uncharted 2 suffer the same lack of sales that Killzone 2 has.

Marceles2875d ago

Why is PS3 in the title?

SupaPlaya2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Gears 2 can't become a Halo 3 article.

Besides, the first uncharted sold more than 2million, no reason to think Uncharted 2 wouldn't surpass that with existing fans and new PS3 owners.

Let the anti-hype begin, starting with the CNET article.

mriono2875d ago

It depends on who’s view you are looking for, 2 million may be good for your average game, but look at all the dev time, Sony put into KZ2 you have to think about recouping on the business end, 2 million sounds good to me and you, but if you aren’t making your money back as a studio then what have you accomplished, and people wonder why games go from exclusive to multi-plat.

Uncharted will do numbers, but how much money has been put out there to try and make this a blockbuster? People are quick to shout sales don’t matter, but that’s because they are the gamer not the provider

Greywulf2875d ago

Its the deathrattle of the 360 community to pretend sales matter, yet when asked why banjo kazooie flopped under a toilet they go "Buh buh...admin?!" and your comment is some how deleted.

Selling matters, over a lifetime. Sonys business model has provided second to none games that the 360 literally can't even load. Where is the problem? They are clearly making money on their products, because they are offering sequels. According to fanboy laws.. Resistance/Ratchet/Motorstorm/ LBP (name any p s3 game) are all flops. Yet, Resistance2, 3 ratchets, 2 motorstorms, another killzone, another LBP..

I mean, the only problem sonys sales has.. is convincing [email protected] that sony will never be second place.

DK_Kithuni_712875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

At my local games-pusher Killzone 2 is currently no. 7 on the PS3 top 40.

2Spock2875d ago

I know because Uncharted 2 is a great game.

rucky2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Ok hypothetically let's say Uncharted 2 isn't successful, what will Sony do then? Drop out and cancel all the first party games they announced like GOW3 and GT5? Seriously where's the logic here?

mriono2875d ago

@ greywulf

Halo 3 sales do matter, it’s a benchmark its showing that M$ is doing something right as far as selling their games goes, and Sony could learn a lesson, how many multiplat games do you see advertised and at the end of the commercial you see the 360 sign? If you think Sony aren’t concerned about sales you’re a fool. And yes they will make sequels, that’s called logical. People tend to make more of what is their biggest sellers, but just cause something is your biggest seller doesn’t mean it’s a success, it just means its doing better than whatever else you put out, and it doesn't mean it's recouping what you put into it. Its not according to fanboy law that the game is a flop, its according to business law. Its funny cause the games you listed are Sony exclusives and don’t have a chance to go multi-plat, but you think its coincidence that if Sony doesn’t have control over the studio the game has gone multi-plat? You may be here for a stellar game, but studio’s and devs are out for a profitable game.

FrankDrebin2875d ago

will sell a lot more than Killzone. According to the Law Enforcement Gaming Database, the reviews for this game are way better than KZ2.

I had a good time playing KZ2 but it wasn't a step above the rest. Multiplayer ended up being pretty poor.

Uncharted 1 was a leap above the industry.
2 is clearly a HUGE LEAP above the rest.

That is the difference folks.

Greywulf2875d ago

Its not a benchmark by any means considering Wii titles that sell fine without them.Don't pretend that selling fine without 30 million dollar ad campaigns is some how crippling gaming, or that PS3 owners are missing out on good games. (there have been more for the ps3 in 08-09)

Again, Halo3's sales which is the fanboy benchmark, isn't the reality when you don't spend 30 million to advertise.

And I dont see any negative affects of Sony not shelling out 30 million for each of its major franchises. Quality gaming for PS3 exclusives is beyond reach of turnkey multiplatform titles & 360 exclusives as well.

You have people that are supporting these games, who want to make second to none projects. You cant do it on the 360's underwhelming hardware, and you don't have the development restrictions that MS has.

Inherently SONY knows what they need to do to make money. Its not in multiplatform gaming. Which is why the biggest news on any gamers lips, is a stolen sony exclusive.

Wake me up the day Sony stops making amazing games, and Naughty Dog leaves. Until then, I'll continue enjoying the games, more so than DLC.

vickers5002875d ago

Uncharted 2 will kick Killzone 2's ass.

darthv722875d ago

Judging by the title I am getting the impression that the statement is more pro uc2 than negative.

You look at kz2 and the hype it generated and yet the delivery (sales wise) was way below what sony was hoping for. Now you look at uc2 and the reviews it is getting and the hype surrounding it and my feeling is it WILL be better than kz2.

In essence, UC2 cant become a kz2 because it will sell better due to better pricing of the system and quality of the gameplay. kz2 was good but (imo) didnt live up to the hype. UC2 is living up to the hype (imo) and will sell far more copies and systems than kz2 ever did.

Maybe I am wrong. UC2 will not end up like will be better!

zeeshan2875d ago

To me, sales really do matter... NOT! I had a blast playing K2 and I don't think that there is ANY FPS even right now that even compares to K2 and it'd be really interesting to see the sale figures of K3 as it has a fanbase now. Uncharted 2 will no doubt do better as it is an established franchise now. Even if K3 sales suck, it wouldn't matter to me as it'll be a day one purchase for sure!

mal_tez922875d ago

But has anyone seen a worse website design than this?

Face Palm2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

I remember when LittleBigPlanet got a 9.5 from IGN all the 360 fanboys flooded the article yelling "FLOP!" and "LittleBigFlop!". If 9.5 is a flop, what is the 9 that ODST got O_o

Uncharted 1 was good so it shouldn't hurt the sequel's sales like KZ1 did to KZ2. Shortly after KZ2 came out, I asked a lot of people at my work place if they played or are planning on it and every single person said that they're not interested because they figure since the first one wasn't great, the second one wouldn't be any better. KZ1's lack of success definitely hurt KZ2's... that and the fact that Sony ran about 3 commercials per week...

lovestruck062874d ago

on amazon .ca uncharted 2 has beeen number 1 best seller and it isnt even out, halo 3 odst isn't even in top ten.

also on uncharted 2 is 3rd and halo 3 odst is 4th....

so how can a game be unseccussful when it has been in the top ten for 100 days on both and, plus its not even out yet, and we all know more people buy from the stores then preorder, plus the reviews have been flawless plus the pr from other developers saying this game is a must by this is another typical flame bait article to get hits. everyone know that uncharted 2 is going to be a gurenteed blockbuster title for the ps3. plus its unique, not some generic first person shooter.

like 98 metascore
over 10 perfect review scores
praised many times by people that dont have to go out of theyre way to give the game good pr
won several awards at e3 2009.
the beta has been getting like perfect scores and its only a beta.

the only way this game wont produce halo numbers is if microsoft bribes every ps3 owner in the world and makes us all sign contracts.
im sick of these silly articles.

for the sake of humanity and the gaming world i hope this game outsells halo, not cuz im a fanboy and i dwell on sales but i want a game developer to get rewarded with great success that is deserved. plus itll set a new benchmark for the quality of games in years to come. and hopefully the elimination of generic watered down first person shooters with no creativity what so ever. basically what im saying is if unchrated sells better then halo maybe will get more games like uncharted 2 and less like halo 3 odst.

sales should represent quality, effort, creativity, new innovation, not just popularity.

i hope uncharted 2 fixes the damage that the halo franchise has done.... im not hardcore on this site but it would be nice to get some more bubbles. this is a newer account by the way. i just really think having the same amount of bubbles as i did not murder him and turn 10 is kindve disgraceful. so if u agree with me it'd be great if u could give me a bubble too.

DaTruth2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

Turn 10 and I did not murder him have ten accounts and refresh their own bubbles!

mriono2874d ago


you are assuming I only own a 360 in which you would be wrong, and please provide proof M$ spent 30 mil not calling you a liar just havent seen that figure. You continue to go in circles and avoid the point I am making, Sony can continue to make great games I dont argue with you there, but to say sales don't matter is stupid from a BUSINESS point of view. You continue to avoid that point. Name one company that's not making games to make a profit? The fact is games going multi is a testament that there is money to be made outside of being exclusive, you may not agree with the way M$ does business, but they are improving the value of the 360 with each game the make multi plat. This is an apparent sign that selling exclusively on the ps3 aint good for the bottom line, no i dont care about sales, im in it for a great game, and there are plenty on both systems, but if people say sales don't mean a thing, they obviously don't have a good business sense.

calis2874d ago

"Killzone 2 was most likely not a financial success"

Killzone 3 says otherwise.

UnwanteDreamz2874d ago

Last time I checked they are making KZ3. So who gives a flying f*ck how many copies it sold? Anyone who like the game gets to play another one.

Journalists will tell you that Sony needs a "Halo" type franchise. Don't believe it because it's bullsh*t. I have been buying games on Sony platforms since the PS1 and until this gen I never bought a game first day. None of all of my all time favorite games sold like Halo. So what gives? Halo sells like crazy but I know very few gamers my age who would even list it in their top 10.

If you are a gamer then show your support for titles that you think deserve your money. If it doen't sell 4 million its first week who cares? I don't spend hundreds of dollars a year on games so that I can brag about how much a game sold. I spend all that cash so I gan have fun playing the best games. Sales seem to matter most to these kids who probably don't even buy games unless its with mommy and daddys cash.

BTW if you are a fan of UCseries. Please don't claim that Uncharted 2 will sell like Halo. IT DOESN"T HAVE TO! All you are doing is giving the fankids ammunition.

Sub4Dis2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

you guys need to read the article. the title doesn't mean it is not able to become a killzone 2. if you just read the title then comment, what are you actually commenting on? the implication of the title, based on the majority of the comments, is that you all think the author thinks uncharted 2 can't do what killzone 2 did. what the author is actually saying is that uncharted 2 can't end up like killzone needs to do better. he's saying that uncharted needs to have great sales, not just be a great game. he's saying that while he agrees that most ppl who bought killzone 2 think it's a good game, it's sales were not stellar and it didn't really help move hardware...but sony needs to move more hardware and they need uncharted 2 to be the new piece of software that can help them do it.

really guys...just read the articles or don't comment. not every article written is intended to inspire a flame war. and not everything needs to be about how great ps3 games are or how great the system is. sometimes ppl just have an opinion on hopeful outcomes and that's what this article is about. how uncharted 2 needs to be more than just a great game, that it also needs to be well received by the consumers and eye catching enough to encourage ppl, who until now haven't purchased a ps3, to finally be enticed enough to pony up the dough.

now as for my comment on the article...good read. and while i do expect uncharted 2 to be every bit worth the purchase price, i think being a sequel, it is more likely to catch the eye of current system owners rather than say...wii owners or last gen system owners. and i don't think it will single handedly convert 360 owners. also, i think that uncharted 2's biggest appeal is the single player experience and maybe the co-op. i don't think the multiplayer, with my limited time with the beta, is enough to stand on it's own as a great game. and it is really going to take a revolution in multiplayer experience to increase hardware sales by a large number. not that i don't think a lot of ps3's are going to sell this holiday season anyway...cuz i'm very sure they are.

EDIT: guy above me. I couldn't agree more with your point of view. however, that isn't the point of the article. and your argument about halo is right and wrong. the reason why MS pulled ahead of sony is probably mostly halo. and this goes back to my point about a multiplayer revolution. say what you want about halo 3...i probably mostly agree that it's nothing amazing and it's really just a visual upgrade from halo 2 (in the multiplayer aspect anyway). but that's the point. the reason why 360 did so well isn't because of halo's because of halo 2. because halo 2 really did revolutionize console multiplayer fps. so when everyone that didn't own a regular xbox saw what they were missing, it was enough to encourage the purchase of a 360...especially since: A) it came out first, and B) there was a promise of more of that Halo experience.

i couldn't agree more with you about ppl needing to stop worrying so much about what other ppl buy as long as you are happy. but the point of the article is that sony was hoping killzone would move hardware units and it didn't. so now they are really banking on uncharted 2 to do it. sony, according to the article, can't afford to have another big budget game just have cult needs to make a ps3 a household term the same way ps2 was and the same way Halo is. now, the argument of whether or not sony actually needs that to happen is up in the i said, i'm sure sony's sales are gonna go up this season no matter what. but, you can't deny that while killzone 2 was a success from the game creators perspective, and the ppl who loved it's perspect, it didn't meet sony's expectations, and that's why uncharted 2 can't be killzone 2. it needs to be more.

sorry that was so winded...but i hope i was able to clear it up a little bit for ppl. i'm def excited to finally play uc2's story. i think imma go play the first one now to get reacquainted with the gang. and so the improvements in this new one are more noticeable. seeya on psn

lovestruck062874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

ohhh so thats why they dont run outta bubbles lol haha makes sense but still lol 10 accounts ehhh that seems like alot of work just to make people think ur crazy and mentally challenged and microsofts b*tch.


if ur inquiring me. if you read my comment i say i hope uncharted 2 sells more than halo and i explain y. im just sick of kids bragiing about halo and how well it sells it pisses me off cuz its not a good game anymore maybe it was way back when but now it is over rated. it comes down to popularity with halo quality goes right out the window. i just want justice i believe uncharted 2 selling more than halo would be some good old justice served suck it style...... i like happy endings and i believe deep down that halo falling into a well and dieing would be a happy ending for me. you'd think cuz im a sony fan boy id say i hope the 360 dies in that well too but i dont im not blind i know the 360 is what fuels sony to be better. nothing wrong with competition.

AAACE52874d ago

I don't think they meant it in a negative way!

I think that they expected Killzone 2 to sell over 5 million units and move a ton of consoles, just like a lot of other people were expecting. But for some reason or another, it seems to have mainly sold to existing Ps3 owners and didn't move as many consoles as they wanted.

Uncharted 2 should sell a lot of units and move some consoles as well. I know I'll have my copy at release. The dome got me hooked once I got used to it, and the reviews are making me feel more confident that it will be a worthwhile purchase! See ya online people!

vhero2874d ago

Killzone made the major mistake of not coming out on a holiday season.

mega BIG time2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

Well i'm looking forward to uncharted 2. And GT5. The last game i bought for ps3 was MGS4 and that seems like a looong time ago.

If ps3 fanboyism wasn't so aggressive i think it might help to move a few more consoles. The ps3 supreme society is not exactly the most inviting club to join these days (especially if you already own a box).

BLuKhaos2874d ago

This is what annoys me, do people think games stop selling the week after it launches? I think someone should let these people know that games continue to sell long after they launch.