New Winning Eleven (PES) to be reveal at Konami's Show

New Winning Eleven (PES) to be reveal at Konami's Show

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princ3ofp3rsia3804d ago

Let's hope all the consoles get the same game(No bonus stuff for the PS3 or PS2 plz!) and next-gen visuals...

lil bush3804d ago

well its up to the developers.......

Phantom_Lee3804d ago

a news said that the PS3 version will be different?
different good or different bad...

SimmoUK3804d ago

cool hopefully we can see how much better the PS3 version is now, that's what the report said anyway, the last PS2 version also had more content...

Cartesian3D3804d ago

I dont like footbal games (and other sport games except chess!! and driving games )

but if see a huge gap in physics and graphics I will get it...

I,v played FIFA98(3d body but 2d ball) and 2000(first 3d ball :P)
many hours cuz of their jump in graphic level... but after that I didnt play any footbal game till now..

hope to see a good game ...

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