Xbox 360 is 7 million units ahead in US, can PS3 catch up? It would take a miracle.

Gamesthirst: This generation Xbox 360 will win one market, the most important one, The United States Of America but the rest of the world belongs to Sony.

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The-Warranty3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

7 million in the US alone?

I smell bullsh1t

edit: Oh yea I forgot Ms puts shipped consoles.............

Vicodin3125d ago

Even if you put aside the fact that Microsoft continues to be the only company that lies about actual sales to customer numbers by using shipped to retail store numbers, the actual sales of multiplatform games and revenue generated from each console in the US as reported by all the major publishers shows the PS3 and 360 are roughly equal. And in some cases like EA, the PS3 is leading.

So, one or all of these must be true:

* There are massive numbers of duplicate Xbox 360 consoles out there that no one is buying games for because they are dead and no longer in use

* PS3 owners are buying games at an incredible rate relative to the claimed installed base numbers and despite the fact that Sony has about a 5-6 to 1 first party developer advantage giving PS3 owners many more exclusive games to choose from to compete for the wallets of gamers

thor3125d ago

No I think it is just simply that people who bought a 360 3 years ago, aren't necessarily buying games for it now. There are also many people with more than one console in their household.

Also, another factor is that the main demographic that is likely to buy games (and not just 1 or 2) is the demographic that's likely to spend a lot on gaming and hence have both consoles. So seeing as games are pretty much identical on both, that would explain why sales are more equal.

I'll put it like this; suppose that:
- There are 10 million people who bought a cheap 360 and buy 1 game a year for it
- There are 5 million gamers who bought both consoles and buy 4 games a year for each
Then the 360 has 30 million game sales
The PS3 has 20 million game sales
But the 360 has 15 million compared to 5 million consoles sold.

My numbers are just examples to show my point.

BulletToothtony3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

the gap was 6 million 1 month ago, and i believe after the last incredible month the ps3 had it should be safe to say that the gap is only 5 million now..

people don't know how to spin anymore the fact that ps3 it's on its way back to the top..

ABizzel13125d ago

Actually it wouldn't take a miracle. PS3 is blowing the 360 away in Japan. And it's continually selling more than the 360 in Europe, and by now I'm sure it just about caught the 360 in Europe since the 360 only had a 1 million lead. That's why the PS3 has a very good chance of catching the 360. The PS3 does well in every region. While the 360 only does good in US and Europe.

deadreckoning6663125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

@The Warranty-*sigh*, why are there always claims of conspiracy when the 360 is posted to be ahead of Sony in sales by a large amount. Do you have inside info on who lies about sales and who doesn't???

BTW, I thought sales didn't matter...

Edit: I really don't know what the hell M$ or Sony does with sales figures if ya ask me. Where can I find this info?

The-Warranty3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

I'm not calling conspiracy, does M$ not put shipped consoles while Sony put sold?

@dead- look at Vicodin's post, you can find the link to how Sony counts sales.

leeger3125d ago

I have to agree on this one, the PS3 will have a very very hard time to catch up on the 360 in NA, but in terms of worldwide it is very much possible
LTD of 360 in NA is 15.89M units
LTD of PS3 in NA is 8.21M units
that is a 7.68M lead.

BulletToothtony3125d ago

at some point early this year MS announced that they had sold 14 mil or so 360s in europe then sony announced the had sold 15 mil..

the next month MS tried to spin it and said that they were one mil ahead of the ps3 but it was too late.. the numbers were already out.. they were just plain lying..

If the 360 is so far ahead and selling as faster than the ps3 like MS says then how is the gap closing more and more each year.. Europe it's sony land and they passed the 360 a sometime last year.. but MS would never admit that even when they announced so themselves.

droid and bot3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

i wonder how many of those actually RROD on there users
and i wonder if the base is actually bigger

because all i can hear is 360 users talking about going to there 6th or 7th xbox

Sarcasm3125d ago

It's articles like this that makes me ashamed to be called American.

CrazzyMan3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

That is around 35-40k per week.
2010 - 2011 - 2012
Then PS3 will catch x360 in NA.

Miracle? No.

ThanatosDMC3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

The title is such a big fat lie and spelled wrong.

Shipped to retailers vs Sell through to consumers. Weird... again.

StanLee3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

To those questioning Microsoft's reporting numbers, they are the only ones who accurately report these figures. There is no way of knowing the exact number of consoles each consumer has purchased. There is no way. The only accurate reporting tool are those hardware shipped to retailers and wholesalers. There are numerous Mom and Pop outlets and online retailers that retail consoles and these are never accurately represented. If Sony or Nintendo say their figures are those sold directly to consumers, they're lying. The only way to actually get this figure is for every person who purchases a console to self report, which does not happen. But moronic fanboys would believe otherwise I'm sure. Moving on, the PS3 will surpass the XBox 360 in North America since Sony aims for a longer life cycle for its console. At this rate the PS3 would have to outsell the XBox 360 by 195,000 consoles each month to surpass the XBox 360 in its life cycle which is projected to last another 36 months (3 years).

Edit: To all those fanboys who disagree with my comment, I dare you to prove otherwise. Kindly prove that it can be accurately recorded the exact number of consoles sold to consumers. I dare you.

Edit 2: I must have impressed many fanboys with my comments. I now have 6 less persons who have me on their Ignore List. That's a first. Usually, the list of persons who have me on their Ignore List increases, not the other way around. :D

kurochi3125d ago


It's people like you who makes me believe that there is hope yet for Americans.....

leeger3125d ago

unless the PS3 starts to sell like Wii numbers back in 2008 (almost impossible) then I really find it unlikely to overtake the 360 in NA. Even now with the slim I doubt if the PS3 can outsell the 360 by more than a 100k units every month.

erathaol3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

I mean the PS3 Slim pretty much busted down the doors and created a huge leap i momentum for the brand, while Uncharted 2 is being haled as one of the best games of this generation and one the biggest game this year (Modern Warfare 2) will come to both consoles.

I'll be more interested in how they'll play out their bash/smash game next year. With Natal and Halo: Reach coming out toward the end of the year, yet the Wand and God of War III will be coming out at the beginning.

really duh3125d ago

You're just upset because that puts MSFTs overall lead at over 8 million. There is no way of knowing who will win the world or who will end up selling more. IMO Natal will keep PS3 in last place by bigger margins we see now.

2Spock3125d ago

"7 Million Unites"

Really, Unites? I mean c'mon Unites, really?

Ju3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

"PS3 in last place by bigger margins" like ODST did.

For a week. In the US alone (6k units, meh, and nowhere else). LOL :)

Halo doesn't sell consoles any more. Who ever wants to play Halo has a 360 already. Forget it.

BTW: I strongly doubt Natal or the Wand will shake the industry (well, MS will market it as the second coming and Sony will simply ignore it, like they always do).

Syronicus3125d ago

You ask people to prove you wrong but you cannot even prove yourself right. Simply put, having worked with inventory and sales, it is no such feat for a company to keep tabs on sell-through numbers. In fact, the simple use of the bar codes located on each console can easily translate to sell-through numbers electronically distributed to Sony and Nintendo. If you know nothing about sales or inventory then please, just shut your mouth.

leeger3125d ago

You do know that in NA we have the NPD to track sales and according to NPD the 360 is ahead by 7.68M units as of the end of Aug. So are you guys trying to say that NPD is tracking shipped figures for MS and sold to consumers for Sony? you guys are joking yourselves.

darthv723125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

between shipped and sold as it relates to these numbers? I can understand being sold to a consumer is one thing but isnt a retail store ALSO a consumer? Just on a grander scale?

So if you ship x number of units to a store wouldnt that store in essence had to have bought them? MS isnt going to ship free units to a store and then wait to get the $$ from consumers. Also wouldnt it seem a difficult task to try and track ALL units sold to customers from the various retail chains that may be smaller than the obvious ones (wal mart, best buy etc)?

edit: Wouldnt there be a way for MS to tell how many have actually been sold by way of the serial numbers registered with them? Even if you dont use live you can still register your console for warranty support and what not.

Genesis53125d ago

Gee a 1 year head start and 7 million is the best they could do. Ps3 will catch it before all is said and done.

n4f3125d ago

how about the wii its in first position wich is what everyone is aiming right why limit to second or third
after all second place is first loser

Dannagar3125d ago

The rest of the world belongs to Nintendo.

indysurfn3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

Your talking Bullshi because Sony is the company that counts shipments. And they admit it! That is why you should use independent numbers from NPD group. Not to mention that Sony counts Africa and Russia and others as part of its European numbers, talk about misleading and conniving.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. I remember Sony getting their fans all in a frenzy earlier this year about sales of Killzone II. Then when the truth came out about the real numbers, the fanboys here had egg on their face, because it sold badly compared to halo wars and new war simulation game. Sony knows how many they shipped, and how many was sold, but proceeded to trick people into thinking they sold a lot of killzone II. When they knew it was miss leading shipment numbers. Just like they did with MGS4, and especially Little big planet, Once the NPD numbers come out fantoys have egg on there face, and NEVER learn the lesson.
Sony just reloads and repeats.

If you was correct about there being masses of broken unused xbox360's out there with no games sold for them, then Microsoft would have a terrible attach rate. Kinda like Sony has! But they don't! They have by far the best attach rate. And EA? you mean about to get bought out for losing many 16+ months in a row EA? EA has clattered to Sony fans for 2 generations, and Sony fans buy EA games because they know, and like the sequels.

paul03883125d ago

Who cares about sales anymore. Sure they pad their numbers, but do you know how much that matters to me? 0 - nada - negatory - not at all.

Quality over quantity.

We all know where the GOOD games are so why do sales matter?

MNicholas3125d ago

also count towards sales.

I know people who work there and they say they see a Wii brought in about once a month (if that) a PS3 maybe 1 or 2 per week at most, and 360 about 2 to 4 per day.

Two 2-4 360's per day from just one store, my friends. All counted as sales.

soxfan20053125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

"It's articles like this that makes me ashamed to be called American."

It's statements like that make me (and probably many others) ashamed to have to call you a fellow American.

Disrespecting your country simply because your video game console of choice is behind the competition?? Disgusting.

n4f3125d ago

come on dont tell me that youu were sad the ps3 slim sold 1 m

Anon19743125d ago

We know the PS3 has been outselling the 360 since it launched worldwide, so why does one territory matter when it's clearly the consumers console of choice (next to the Wii) worldwide?
Japan is a huge market, and no one is wringing their hands over "can the 360 catch up in Japan" Europe is the same way, but no one seems to care if the 360 can catch up there.

Are we focusing on the PS3 in the US simply because that's the only territory where it's behind the 360?

Gaming journalists...

Tomdc3125d ago

why is america the most important market? Europe is pretty much level with it in terms of video game sales and has the potential for more as europe has double the US's population? Of course some of the more eastern countries are less likely to buy consoles but you can hardly claim north america is the most important.

Jinxstar3125d ago

It's alot of people who bought 2nd 360's...

YogiBear3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

Your ashamed to be an American because of the 360 and MSoft's business ethics? I can't believe how narrow minded that comment was.

randomwiz3125d ago

its not 7 million... they're using data for June 30th 2009

corneliuscrust3125d ago


You're one of the only posters in this thread that seem to understand the situation.

Why do people assume NPD lies just because MS is ahead on paper?

And does this mean that MS made a better console? NO! Does it make Ps3 any less fun to play? NO!!!!

Does it magically give MS the edge in the market? NO!!!

Ps3 is still an amazing console. Why do fanboys have to turn it into a matter of pridE?

IdleLeeSiuLung3125d ago

It seems to be a lot of confusions among the fanboy. I mean after all it is either:

a) more software sold is because the Xbox 360 has twice the install base of PS3 in U.S.

b) the Xbox 360 console lead in the U.S. is bogus and MS over report consoles shipped or each consumer buys multiple consoles due to RROD.

Do you see a contradiction?

By the way, the U.S. might not be the world, but we account for 50% of the market. Like it or not, we are the biggest single market!

Immortal Kaim3125d ago

GamesThirst has 3 "articles" in the top stories section, and all of them are playing off the fanboy wars to generate heat. I guess this proves my hypothesis, Fanboys aren't the smartest bunch...

GarandShooter3125d ago

@ Sox and Yogi

I think this comment was what Sarcasm was referring to:

'This generation Xbox 360 will win one market, the most important one, The United States Of America'

The 'most important one', downplaying the importance of the rest of the world.

@ Sarcasm

I am never ashamed to be an American, though I may be ashamed of the words or actions of some of my fellow countryman. (not directed at you, BTW)

SixZeroFour3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

"saying that the US is the most important market it's fanboy talk..
the gap was 6 million 1 month ago, and i believe after the last incredible month the ps3 had it should be safe to say that the gap is only 5 million now..

people don't know how to spin anymore the fact that ps3 it's on its way back to the top.."
actually you would be right IF xbox didnt sell a single console in NA...i would think that the difference between 360 and ps3 sales sept 09 is about +250k-500k for ps3...not a million

"Gee a 1 year head start and 7 million is the best they could do. Ps3 will catch it before all is said and done. "
are you saying that 7mil in one year isnt good sales? what would be good sales for a year then

mind you, that 7mil turns out to be about 580k a month or 130k a week

i dont know about you, but those are fairly good numbers...and these are all estimates, but dont down play the sales if they ARE decent
im in no way trying to play sales numbers just defending it from ppl that arent exactly getting their info right...or maybe i was wrong any case, this is how i saw it when i read these 2 comments

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MetalGearRising3125d ago

Sony lost this gen and they'll never ever be able to catch xbox360 in sales and its time Sony admits its failure and move on with PS4 and save it self from humiliation.

shazui1233125d ago

thats because sony are 2.5 mill ahead in japan and 1 mill ahead in other territories combined. Therefore that 7 mill lead in US translates to a 4 mil lead overall. Funny, because I can remember them boasting of an 8 mill lead earlier in the year. Sony halved MS's lead in just 7 months o.O

leyego3125d ago

the only people wishing for the next gen consoles are people with no worries whats so ever and there mommies buy them consoles and games (look at u metalgear), or the super fanboy who doesn't want to see MS lose.

The Killer3125d ago


what happened to europe?? wow, americans are really sheeps, they just prove that to me each day with their articles and comments.

3125d ago
The Killer3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

sorry if i stereo typed americans but there is some truth in what i said,

many americans follow their media like their god, what ever CNN or Fox news says you believe it, and you believe any sh!t the corrupted government say to u, 9/11 was american made attack to occupy iraq anf afghanistand.

the financial crisis was planned too, who is the winner? the big cooperations who got trillions from the government.

iraq because of

1: oil
2: eliminate any threat to israel
3: weaken the arabs even more

afghanistan because of

1: marijuana production and exports, because taliban banned marijuana farming until US invaded there was non in the taliban managed lands.
2: petrol/gas pipe which suppose to pass by afghanistan

WenisWagon3125d ago

And what does all of that have to do with video game console sales numbers?

XXXCouture3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

And if it wasn't for us (europeans) you would speak indian and smoke funny-tobacco all day.

lol jk

ReviewsArePolitics3125d ago

It's about taking the lead at all costs, my bad.

I wish the morons above me were put at the helm of one company today just to see how bad they fail.

blackbeld3125d ago

I Agree with you The Killer...........

Americans is only good for two things............. and that is the...... PORN INDUSTRY and the MACINTOSH I love it........

For all others they make crappy consoles broken cars that wont start in the winter.... Dollars good for nothing bottom low ... for €1,- you get $1,50- dollars thats too cheep and the Dollar will go lower and lower....

But hey enough politics.... M$ is going down and the MAC will rise ....360 going down PS3 will kick they're but.

talltony3125d ago

"This generation Xbox 360 will win one market, the most important one, the United States of America, but the rest of the world belongs to Sony."

The Shining3125d ago

lol 2010 is coming, Unfortunately for last place psturds. muahahahaha

Xbox 360 will be owning PS3rd this time next year.

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gnothe13125d ago

its been know for awhile that the 360 had its biggest lead in the U.S.A. the PS3 has the lead in japan, they both claim a 1 million lead in Europe so if there was a 7-8 million console lead where did you expect it to be, on the moon?, stop trying to call everything MS do as bull5hit, oh an sony counts SHIPPED also as do nintendo so its not just MS the counts that!!

Vicodin3125d ago


"We said we'd asked SCEE exactly how it did calculate its sales - and which territories it covered. A spokesman for the company has now responded as follows:

"We calculate our install base by 'sell through' and have done for the last four years I believe", we asked for a little additional clarification...

"We classify 'sell through' as the number of units consumers have actually purchased from retail. 'Sell in' is the number of units we've sold to retail.""

Sony only reports actual sales to customer numbers.
Nintendo does the same.

It's only Microsoft who lies about sales numbers.

dp2774073125d ago

awww you suck its ok though your 360 does too.

n4gn4gn4gn4g3125d ago

I know the SCEE person 'said' that, but if you look at the actual annual reports all three console manufactures report sell in.

What ACTUALLY changed for SONY was that they used to report shipped from factory (but sitting in their warehouse) they report shipped from factory/warehouse to retailer. MS used to do this too...if you look at their results in the first 2 years of the 360 the numbers are all fvcked up because they were channel stuffing and reporting it as sales.

gaffyh3125d ago

@Vicodin - THANK YOU for posting that. Maybe now the fanboys will STFU when people say Sony uses sales to actual customers rather than sales to retail. But there will be someone who still argues, even though it's written in plain back and white. Bubbles up.

StanLee3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

It doesn't matter what that Sony representative said because it's not true. There is no way to accurately report the number of consoles sold to consumers unless each person self reports. If you go to any online retailer or online reseller, or Mom and Pop outlets there are a number of consoles inventoried. That's because these outlets buy these consoles from Wholesalers. You go to Ebay right now and you can find a hundred online resellers selling new, in the box PS3s and each would say 10 or 15 in stock. These haven't been sold to consumers so how can they be reported as such? The Sony representative was talking out his ass.

Zack Sawyer3125d ago

Ok so what makes that article proof exactly?

I spoke to a SCEE spokesperson the other day and he said they were preparing to drop billions of sponges into the oceans to soak up all of the worlds water and hold all countries to ransom.

See how that works? Just because I said that doesnt mean it happened.

Also how do these differ?

MS - "We count the number of units in the hands of consumers"

SCEE - "We classify 'sell through' as the number of units consumers have actually purchased from retail"

IdleLeeSiuLung3125d ago

Then the next question should be:

How does Sony track sales to consumers (sell through)?

gaffyh3125d ago

@fanboys above - Sell-through has a universal definition of "sales to actual customers"

"the percentage of wholesale goods shipped that are actually sold AT retail" - notice it doesn't say TO retail.


example 2:
in Japan they calculate sell-through of games:

If they can do it for books and games, they can do it for electronics easily. You guys act like there is no possible way for them to calculate sales to customers, even if they showed you, you wouldn't believe it. Every news outlet even mentions that Sony calculates sales by Sell-through, and you still don't believe it.

Zack Sawyer3124d ago

Ha ha ha, your calling us fanboys?!?!? Get real, do you know that you are in an Xbox360 thread? Where do you expect to find people that play and enjoy their 360? Whats going to happen if someone like you comes in here slagging off their console?

And you didnt answer my question? I never said that they couldnt track the sales, I could imagine that they can. But what makes that source from a spokesperson that for all we know didnt happen, proof?

And you also never gave me an answer about what the difference is between:

MS - "We count the number of units in the hands of consumers"

SCEE - "We classify 'sell through' as the number of units consumers have actually purchased from retail"

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snake_eater3125d ago

Ps3 with its upcoming exclusives will dominate moneybox360 soon bots will realise that, project anal will not save you its time to start selling your xboxs.

clearly sony's vision is way ahead of its competition

MetalGearRising3125d ago

7 million thats gonna be hard for Sony to reach those figures but then again Uncharted 2 is soon to be released i'm sure that game bound to sell at least 1 Million in its life time so thats a good start.

ultimolu3125d ago

Sure it will be. So when a consumer decides on a next gen console, which one will they choose if both are at the same price? And don't give me that crap about nobody cares about bluray because I will prove you wrong.