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Submitted by JamieReleases 2314d ago | news

Activision defends Modern Warfare 2 price

Activision UK managing director Andrew Brown has defended the publishers decision to price Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 at £55 RRP.

When Activision originally revealed the price, retailers warned of the effect that the increase would have on consumers, which is £5 more than other Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 titles on the market.

But Brown is confident that consumers will feel that they are getting a good deal with the content provided by Modern Warfare 2. (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Industry, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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JamieReleases  +   2314d ago
£55 is a pretty heavy price for a game, so let's hope it does contain a good amount of content to justify for it.

Just hope that other companies don't follow foot, and £55 becomes the new stand point.
WildArmed  +   2314d ago
As good as this is gonna be, Im not gonna pick it up till later on in '10.
Not really in for this whole increase the price on games deal ya know?
I find the games expensive as enough as it is.
DARK WITNESS  +   2314d ago
yep and the fun continues....

we are mugs, and they know it. why wouldn't they try and charge more when they know we will pay.

It's sad if you ask me. I still stand by what I said before. People should get this pre-owned. Even if everyone held off getting this game within the first 2 or 3 weeks, that alone would send a strong message that we are not happy about it.

unfortunately there are too few of us willing do make that stand so ya, in there eyes they can laugh about it and make comments like that because we are basically saying "yes" activision, we love you and want you to continue charging us more and more for the re-hash crap that you throw at us because we are lemmings and love being shafted.

Activision can "£%%5 off as far as I am concerned.
Rhythmattic  +   2314d ago
Its business tactics. They are putting their toe in the water to test the temperature.

All I can say is, if we dont embargo it as consumers, its just going to get worse.

COD Franchise = Printing Money

I Guarantee it wont stop @ Activision.
The Meerkat  +   2314d ago
Quality costs more.

Thats why the PS3 costs more than the Xbox.
Megaton  +   2314d ago
It's pure greed, nothing more, and it's the reason why I'm buying any and all Activision games used from now on.
DARK WITNESS  +   2314d ago
@ The Meerkat

thanks partly ture... but it's questionable how much quality we are paying for.

if that principal applied to avery thing I would not mind as much.

Problem is up till now all games have launched at pritty much the same price.

if what your saying applied then games like Section 8 should cost no more then £20 or £25 at launch.. yet they still charge £39.

and games like killzone 2 should cost £55 , yet it launched at the same £39.

That principal does not always work and not in this case.
Rhythmattic  +   2314d ago
Let me re-address my post.

To all fanboys that are comparing console quality/features/price... your missing my first point.

This is about games. We are here as gamers after all. (well maybe not all)

Once the game developers foot is in the door, the next step is they'll want to sleep on the couch.

The conundrum. Is the cost of seeing a movie worth more than another ? Activation say yes. Afterall I'd rather watch Star Trek over High School musical FYI, but some prepubescent girl would choose the later.

Its all about the Pricing Structure regarding AAA titles. (Not that MW2 is AAA, as its not even released!) What if it gets consistant reviews of 8.5 ? Is it still worth the Cash? (I'm looking at you ODST)

As soon as the "Price" bar has been raised, it wont be dropped.

This could effect all gamers, PS3,360 & Wii owners alike.

Activision are ACTIng on their VISION and with that I believe others will follow.

@The Meerkat

Games Will Cost More. Quality or Not.
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DARK WITNESS  +   2314d ago
@ Rhythmattic

Great post my friend, totally agree.

I a blog about this a while back when it was first talked about and highlighted the points you talked about.

what I found sad was the number of people actually trying to defend them and basically say I was wasting my time.

they are testing the water with this. if it is seen as a success, it will roll out across all territories and other publishers will follow. I have said it for ages now.
Rhythmattic  +   2314d ago
Thanks Dark.

Sorry I didnt see your blog , but have seen your bio.

Having your gamer Tags {plural} in your bio alone makes you credible, unlike so many here.

A gamer you are.

Edit: I Must Add. Are people actually smart enough to Boycott this game ? Can We (the gamers) do it?

Remember- The next thing is not always the best.
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FrankDrebin  +   2314d ago
Some of you are just Cheap!
Not every one, but most complain about the price of this game. What do you expect people? It is only a little do know that right?

If it was some unknown game or some unknown publisher/developer, I would question this but we know the game. We know how freaking awesome it is going to be. We know the developer.

Go ahead, buy it and skip McDonalds one day. You will enjoy this awesome game and feel better that you didn't eat that shet.

Time to grow up boys and girls...or in the famous words of Tallahassee (Zombieland);

"Nut up or shut up!"
nanometric  +   2314d ago
*swooooshhhh* Thats the whole point of complaining goes flying by your head.
Rhythmattic  +   2314d ago
Hey Frank,
It isnt about the "AFFORDABILITY" but of princeable. I will not buy this game, just as I DONT eat Mc-Donalds.

Unfortunately Maccas is SHlT and MW2 will most likely be good. But hey, I've got more than that ONE game to play.

PS. Please make another Naked Gun.
FrankDrebin  +   2314d ago
Nake Gun Movies.....
I would love to make another movie but I am just too dang old!
Sm0k3y_Bac0n  +   2314d ago
Most games have rrp's of £50. Even so, activision are still pissing a lot of people off. If MW2 doesnt deliver though, i doubt i'll buy another activision game. The only thing they really do much better than anyone else is FPS. Most of the other games are movie tie-ins etc.
FrankDrebin  +   2314d ago
I understand
what many of you are saying but I don't think it has been truly thought out. This one game isn't going to cause all publishers to hike their prices.

That simply isn't going to happen.
Rhythmattic  +   2314d ago
While the Gaming community gets bigger , Ones for thing sure. they aren't gonna get cheaper.

PS: How quickly the community forgets about Activisions demands regarding a PS3 price drop.

Funny enough. It happened anyway.
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Megaton  +   2314d ago
It's not the amount of money that matters, it's the principal. I don't even live in a region where Activision is hiking the price, but I'm absolutely disgusted that they're doing this. It sets a horrible precedent for a rise in game prices.

I'm just not going to support a company that tries to pull this crap. A man's gotta have his convictions, even for things as trivial as gaming.
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Alcon Caper  +   2314d ago
considering the number of hours people put into their multiplayer experience, i think the cost is justified. you pay $20.00 for a decent bluray and that only lasts 3-4 hrs with content.

How many DAYS have you put into COD4 multiplayer?

I think I'm going on 10 days, so far...

Well worth the cost.
IaMs12  +   2314d ago
Man 60 dollars is way too expensive as it is... I mean if MS or Sony really wants to get the edge in this make your games $50 again instead of dropping the price of the freaking console!
Zydake  +   2314d ago
I thought his name was Leslie
ThanatosDMC  +   2314d ago
I hope that not a lot of people would buy this game. The less people the better. Price of games are high enough.
Perkel  +   2314d ago
lol they sold almost 10 milion + COD4 on all platforms,

GTA 4 with 10 milions sales earned almost 500 milions !

are they think that we are blind ?

Cost of GTA 4 - 100 mln

cost of COD4 - 20-30 MLN ?

Activision is the next EA
The Lazy One  +   2314d ago
that's such bull
The game is going to sell upwards of 1 million units at least(probably in the US alone), and this game just did not cost more than $50,000,000 to develop and distribute.

They really are just milking their cow for all its worth.
thesummerofgeorge  +   2314d ago
So should we pay more to see good movies than we do bad movies? The Ps3 was different technology that's why it had a different price, charging more for one game purely because it's popular is different, it's asinine, and we shouldn't stand for it. Do whatever you can to avoid giving them money, buy used, rent, whatever, but if you tell them, this is ok and buy it, they will only continue to take advantage of us as long as we let them.
sunil  +   2314d ago
whatever said... preorders for MW2 is close to 2 mil (1.5 on 360 and .5 on the ps3)

Kotick has won, the average gamer has lost
vickers500  +   2314d ago
The pricing scheme doesn't affect me, as I live in the states and I'm getting the console version, which is the same price as it has always been, so until it actually does affect me personally, I'm not boycotting anything, although I think it does suck for you guys, I'm not going to hold off on buying the game just because you guys are getting ripped off.
ReservoirDog316  +   2314d ago
Everyone here that has common sense, remember this day. When all games have another price increase (remember $50 games?), blame activision and blame people that justify this stuff.

To everyone with common sense, buy this game used or don't buy it at all. Activision doesn't deserve our money.

And Rhythmattic, you seem like one of the most intelligent guys here. Bubbles.
vhero  +   2314d ago
ITs a joke price and muppets are gonna pay it people who buy this game at RRP support this price increase and need a slapping. Consumers cannot be treated this way in the middle of a credit crunch. It's bad enough UK customers pay over the odds for games anyways. I am definetly NOT getting this game people who do need their heads testing SERIOUSLY.
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popup  +   2314d ago
Not buying this game.

You would think that the internet community had more strength with such things but I bet that this game is a major success and Commander Activision will continue to arrogantly dictate to the cowering addicts who willingly pick up the soap in his path.
Ravage27  +   2314d ago
it's really depressing looking at the number of people who preordered this....not to mention all those dimwits who bought the 'Prestige' version.

Hope you guys are ready for the inevitable price hike for all games
Domenikos  +   2314d ago
Are u kidding me?
This is not a matter of costs or survival...

Its PURE GREED... Activision is already printing money.
Alvadr  +   2314d ago
I wont be buying at that price. I refuse to, Il just pick up assassins creed 2 or something else around that time

I just preordered Uncharted 2 for £30!!!

Il be waiting for it to drop in price like im doing with ODST
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kalikid714  +   2313d ago
Battlefield 2
If you want to boycott this game but still want a badass online FPS then just wait for Battlefield 2 to come out! It looks real smooth and really great graphics with much more destructable environments! Screw Activision for trying to screw the gamers!
LukaX23  +   2314d ago
Activision = Greedy
Redempteur  +   2314d ago
Why would i pick the game now ?

In 3, or 4 months, there will be a prenium version with all the multiplayers dlc maps on the dsc at full price ...
That is if i buy it since i'm considering getting a second hand copy ...
SuperStrokey1123  +   2314d ago
Agreed, im only going to buy a used copy of this game. I refuse to pay the full price for it. More of you should do the same or else this will happen more and more.
sunil  +   2314d ago
Activision is greedy, but don't blame them... blame those who buy it for these outrageous prices...
chak_  +   2314d ago
get raped, like it and ask for more.

This is not defendable sorry. 've preordered it when it was cheap, but I'm still questioning myself about just canceling and buy it second hand.
Tone  +   2314d ago
You do know what the word "rape/raped" actually means yeah??

Using it as slang belittles the horrific meaning of it and i wish kids would stop using it.. its not big and its not clever!!

AS for MW2.. am sure if you shop around you will find it at a much cheaper price!
whothedog  +   2314d ago
"This is an industry where things cost a lot to develop and it’s a risky business. We talk about building franchises; it is very expensive to do this from every respect. What we are finding is that for the right products, if you look at the time someone will spend playing something and compare it to something else, people are saying it's worth it."

to sum up what Andrew Brown is saying is :

Since this IS a popular FRANCHISE, I know I can overcharge and most people will still buy this game.
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cwir  +   2314d ago
That's EXACTY what he's saying mate.

As much as I loved COD4 and as much as I'd like to play MW2 as soon as possible, I've decided long ago that I won't pay that much for a game. Sorry but I won't spend more than £40 on a game which is not special edition or doesn't have any extra equipment necessary for playing. I'll wait till it's cheaper. There are loads of great games coming out at the same time and with less and less time I got for playing I'm sure I'll cope.

I know it takes loads of time and money to create a good title but regular price of £40 for a game is already A LOT in my opinion. And £55?? I buy loads of games, thankfully I can afford that but this is ridiculous. I can afford paying £55 for MW2 but I won't. Because we know other publishers will follow. And I don't know if my decision will affect that in any way but I'd like to think it will.

Greedy a**holes.
DARK WITNESS  +   2314d ago
@ cwir

Totally agree with you man. I am in the same boat.
DethWish  +   2314d ago
People will still buy it, and they know it.
It is very greedy though and might have a very bad effect for the future by raising prices of other big-name titles as well.

People should boycott this.
hay  +   2314d ago
I hope this game won't sell. If will, it'll show some corp a-holes they can f*ck us, gamers around as they please and we'll come for more.
Microsoft Xbox 360  +   2314d ago
IW should disband from Activision.
whothedog  +   2314d ago
Go with EA haha
Rhythmattic  +   2314d ago
The way BF-2 is looking , they should... EA & Dice have an amazing looking game.

But hey , its not out until next year, Maybe also be a comparable price..
Robearboy  +   2314d ago
Sorry but you can not justify the increased price, knowing full well that the game will sell between 8 to 12 million copies the only reason the extra money as been added is to cash in on its popularity. You could argue their case if the game would have cost about 80 million to make, but with the engine already built all they would have to do is modify cod4 (Epic did this with gears costing them 12 million to make Gears 2)
Robbing bar stuards, plain and simple
champ21  +   2314d ago
lol this is what happens when ppl ignorantly agreed to pay 59usd for games in the 1st place.

imo we shouldnt pay anymore then 49usd for a game.

i am a pc gamer so i hope this wont effect me..

though console gamers really need to stop paying so much for games.. it might ruin it for all of us.
WildArmed  +   2314d ago
'stop paying' isnt an option
Once you buy an console there is no turning back from the 59.99 price tag.
Though i dont support anything higehr then that
champ21  +   2314d ago
yep i refuse to pay 59usd for a game.

its why i stuck to pc and didnt go consoles.

who knows next gen micro and sony may decide to hike the prices to 69usd i surely aint supporting these increases.
theluvkannon  +   2314d ago
that's another part of the uproar
They are saying (at least in the states) there won't be a discount if you pick up the PC version. I recently started gaming on PC's and love it so far. This is a game I would love to have on my PC and not my consoles but the price hike isn't right. I actually sold my copy of COD4 back when I heard this a couple of months ago.

It's crap man all around, we are getting shafted but the UK price is ridiculous.
whothedog  +   2314d ago
One of the new perks is bending over :)
memots  +   2314d ago
Best Mw2 perk ever :)
Heheh check this out !

Bren86  +   2314d ago
More like £15/£25 more than every other new game. GAME sell games for £40, places like ASDA sell from as little as £27/£30 for new games. Now this game is a wopping £55, **** buying that. Luckily for me I'm not interested in this game so they won't be getting my money.
Razzy  +   2314d ago
Wow! £55 works out to be $87USD & $95CDN. :-O

I wonder what they're planning on charging here in NA?
snaileri  +   2314d ago
I'm fine with the price as long as the PC version is cheap on some of the digital download stores. (g2play etc)

Take all the money you can get from the stupid people.
(stupid people = console gamers)
YogiBear  +   2314d ago
(lonely people = PC gamers) unless you play WOW of course then you've got company.
#12.1 (Edited 2314d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
taliesin  +   2314d ago
you cannot defend the indefensible.....this is just pure unadulterated greed, unfortunately what little johnny wants he gets and 1000's of parents will buy this to shut their kids up and the damage will be done
maverick1191  +   2314d ago
well here in UK the supermarkets do bargain prices my mate works in ASDA and he said MW2 will sell for £33 on release so im going midnight and picking it up i cant find any better prices not even online they are all above £40
Jellzy  +   2314d ago
Its ace m8. Grabbeb a copy of Fifa10 for the PS3 the other night from Asda for £26.71.

Price at Game... £39.99!!
Price at Gamstation... £39.99!!
Price at Asda... £26.71

Its gets better iof you managed to grab a copy from Tesco, or Morrisons.

Price at Tesco... £24.99
Price at Morrisons... £24.99

Its nuts.
maverick1191  +   2314d ago

its crazy i went midnight for fifa 10 as my shopto order didn't come and i couldn't ignore the £24.99 price tag im going to do the same with mw2 go to a supermarket on midnight
#14.2 (Edited 2314d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Rhythmattic  +   2314d ago
It still comes down to margins of the Retail price. Cheaper at retail, means cheaper online .


$50 rrp $40 online

$60rrp $54 online.
t850  +   2314d ago
i am getting the pc version screw console prices
ps3ftwin  +   2314d ago
wonder what makes activision think they can charge so much for this game.

its based on an old engine just new textures thats it.

i will either rent it.. or buy it on the pc.. not paying so much.
DARK WITNESS  +   2314d ago
@ ps3ftwin

what makes them think they can get away with it... simple economics. supply and demand.

there are enough people willing to pay that price for it, so they supply it at that price.

speaking hypothetically now; if they launched it at that price an only 1000 people bought it.. how long do you think they would wait to reduce the price back to the old RRP ? You can bet your A$$ in the first week the price would drop, but because people are willing to pay the new RRP, they have no reason too.

I wish more people were like you and rented the game. they don't deserve our cash.
Senden  +   2314d ago
Content justfies the price? SERIOUSLY? Yeah if you're a mp person it is otherwise you're probably paying £55 for a watered down little story sp campaign which won't even take 10 hours to complete.

What about rpgs? They offer 40+ hours usually of sp entertainment in lush well developed unique worlds with interesting characters and deep stories.. if modern warfare 2 is worth £55.. how much are these games worth.. or more importantly how much is FF13 going to be worth? I'd bet every penny I own that FF13 took twice as long to develop as MW2 and probably a lot more staff working on it.. not to mention the potential outsourcing required for voice acting in different languages with a script which is probably twice as long as LOTORs... thank our sweet lord activision aren't releasing that... money hungry barstewards.
MagicAccent  +   2314d ago
EA has handed over the crown of evil to Activision and joined the good guys.
Activision are a bit arrogant to arrogant for their own good, and need to be taken down to earth.
"The PS3 is overpriced, wah wah". Bloody hypocrites.
kasasensei  +   2314d ago
This is BS. There are no risk and no evolution of any kind in that MW2.
Engine is the same as cod4, the name itself will help to sell well....
Thats a shame to put prices higher and higher... :(
Magnus  +   2314d ago
The game is popular Activisiion knows people will pay the price for it , the thing I don't like is COD 4 came out at 60 bucks then a few months later Activision jacks the price up 10 extra bux. I am not to sure if I am going to get the game yet or not Uncharted 2 and Left 4 Dead 2 come out this year aswell.
Rhythmattic  +   2314d ago
One Acronym. ODST. Same bloody thing. Old engine, rehashed graphics, and a AAA price.

Its just the beginning.
dorron  +   2314d ago
Pure greed. They keep getting greedier and greedier. COD4 still being sold at high prices after 2 years. Come on !!!

That's pure greed. I'm not buying Modern Warfare 2 till price is ok.
Mr Face Creamer  +   2314d ago
Activision are already decent at best, but why target the good folks at Infinity Ward?

Nothing decent that Activision gave us in over 30 years other than Quake3 and Call of Duty.

Keep in mind that these people only publish games NOT make them.
Droid Control  +   2314d ago
there is no defense!
Activision = scum.
divideby0  +   2314d ago
let it sit on the shelves...with games like UC2 and Demon Souls which are both hands down AAA games, MW2 can sit on the shelves
JeffGUNZ  +   2314d ago
As I don't agree with raising the price
this game will be filled with content and endless hours of gameplay. I still play MW and invested 30 days in the multiplayer, that's well worth it. Luckily, I live in America and won't be affected by the price hike.
-EvoAnubis-  +   2314d ago
And yet, Uncharted 2 is the same price as the first one was.
JeffGUNZ  +   2314d ago
I never said that.
I never even brought up uncharted 2. Since you did, they CANT afford to raise the price. The demand for MW2 is SO high that they can do it, UC2 is not AS high as MW2 and would be foolish on an economic standpoint to do such a thing. My point is, if you know this game is going to be a game you will invest 30+ hours in multiplayer alone and you will be playing this game for about 6-12 months straight, an extra $10 is not the end of the world. Like I said, I don't agree with the price hike, but if they raised it in America I would pay it without a bat of an eye, because for me, the means justify the end.
#23.2 (Edited 2314d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
gameraxis  +   2314d ago
its true
people will still buy it... i mean I'm not for games increasing in price at all, and activision and their CEO is not my favorite on a list of publishers...but in the end i still REALLY want to play MW2 and if i have to pay a little more for it, (yes it sucks) but I'm just gonna have to swallow the bullet, i don't have the discipline to wait on a game like that because there are few titles that i have A LOT of fun with as it is,and the COD MW series is definitely one of them...

one can argue that Uncharted2 or Borderlands offers the same amount of gameplay/ quality throughout all the games' components, and they're not spiking the prices... but in the end I'll have all three of those games in my library...
hiredhelp  +   2314d ago
because of what the game has to offer and quality is a good reason to increase price.BULLSH*T we pay the highest taxes in the world we also the mugs that help other countrys when in need we one the smallest countrys why we under fire all the time. you gota understand guys.back in the 80's games started from £2.99 now they reaching a easy £40 but because of tax and goverment and greed by the big guys in games industry they want us to pay more.every developer will say that we try our best to push there games no mention on condition you pay fiver more. MANY YOU RIGHT TO BUY 2ND HAND some hit nail on head testing waters thoes who pay full price maybe letting other developers think well lets join and match that price.this is how our prices have gotten soo huge.WE ALL HAVE A VOICE WE ALL HAVE RIGHTS DO WHATS RIGHT MAKE A STAND.damage there sales expectations you wont see price increases again. example if you on ps3 you pay say 7.99 for DLC CONTENT 7.99 for what music maps dont amount to much but think how many just in uk download that 7.99 from activision.3.000 maybe ok 3.000 x 7.99= £23 thousand 930 pounds just small example.take online retail of cod 6 39.99 again example 2000 people bought it =£79000 £980 also a good quater that goes to developers almost half to tax over quater to sales GREED GENTLEMAN
Immigrant  +   2314d ago
piracy ftw

lol @ the sheep
#26 (Edited 2314d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
BonhamZ0S0  +   2314d ago
Obviously Activision is going to stand up for the price. I want to see IW say something about this matter.
00000000000000000001  +   2314d ago
Must just be a Europe thing, can't stand all the crying. UK has it listed for 44.96, is that any better?
This game looks assume, I know I will enjoy it much better than the over hyped UC2.
monkey602  +   2314d ago
We're just going to see you in every PS3 related topic now, ending every comment with "the over hyped UC2" now aren't we?
DARK WITNESS  +   2314d ago
no, it's not better...

typical. There are lots of shops selling it for less then £55, but thats not the point.
#28.2 (Edited 2314d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
YogiBear  +   2314d ago
@ rrjim1
"This game looks assume, I know I will enjoy it much better than the over hyped UC2."

I'm going to assume you meant"awesome." MW2 isn't over hyped at all.(sarcasm)
Zhit  +   2314d ago
Might buy it used
Sure hoping Operation Flashpoint is good! I'll be skipping what is it COD6 (COD:MW2)? If MW2 does well--every other publisher, no matter the quality or scope of the game will suddenly be raising their prices to cover development costs. Maddem2011 will be next.
#29 (Edited 2314d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
monkey602  +   2314d ago
I'm not buying MW2 simple as! I'll probably rent it at some stage for the sake of the single player.

Operation FlashPoint looks more interesting IMO anyway. And I'm playing MAG at the moment which is Amazing, I would much rather support that game.

Although this game will sell no matter what price! I just have to look in my PSN message box to see that. If 70% of people are stupid enough to believe that sending a chain message to 50 of there friends through the network will get them into a non-existant beta, Then they are probably stupid enough to spend crazy amounts of money on that same game
#30 (Edited 2314d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Bobby Kotex  +   2314d ago
I was getting those chain letters too. What a retarded bunch. I'm not going anywhere near this game. I already have 4 ps3 exclusives to buy this year.
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