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Modern Warfare 2 Infamy Trailer

New trailer from Infinity Ward for Modern Warfare 2. (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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swiftshot93  +   2242d ago
my personal GOTY
I thought CoD4 was the best FPS this gen, cant wait for this game.

Also, an old post I made:

its not a rehash. Those are just the haters that cant accept the fact that their favorite game this year has competition. The PS3 is my favorite console and I think the game of this generation will be released next year-The Last Guardian (a PS3 exclusive), but Im absolutely not blind. MW2 is a full on sequel, just like Assassins Creed 2 and Uncharted 2. The amount of content being put into the game more than warrants the $60 I paid for it in my pre-order. CoD4 is still one of the most played games on both the PS3 and 360 and for reason. Its among the best on both systems, and the single player campaign makes CoD4 one of the best FPS of all time and the best this gen
Serjikal_Strike  +   2242d ago
Wow what an amazing clip
That also has me sooo f'n excited...it will definitely have me glued to my couch and guarantee i'm gonna piss off my neighbors downstairs with those explosions

@ below..nice purchase...nothing better than surround sound while gaming
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WhittO  +   2242d ago
i know, i just bought these - http://www.amazon.co.uk/exe... for my room (hope they are good?) so planning on playing Uncharted 2 & MW2 so i can actually "feel" the explosions haha
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JeffGUNZ  +   2242d ago
This looks so intense. I can't wait to play it. Game looks beautiful and nice opening dialogue with the Kanye speech
deadreckoning666  +   2242d ago
This is ALL I need this year. A month ago I didn't even want this game, but after seeing all the trailers and playing COD4 at my friends house..IM A BELIEVER!!
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Charlie_Shene  +   2242d ago
That Trailer was 10/10.
Bubble Buddy  +   2242d ago

Beatles: Rock Band
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Modern Warfare 2
NBA 2K10
Assassin's Creed II

I'm a happy gamer :)
cronaldo7  +   2242d ago
Game Of The Decade
Timesplitter14  +   2242d ago
I envy you guys, because you can fully enjoy this great game while I must fight the urge to vomit because of the blatant pro-US military and patriotic campaign.

Damn, this is such a waste. They should use the exact same controls and gameplay, but put it with a more clever and mature story. Not some "Muslim communists want to kill american families, but the brave and pure white knights of AMERICA will save the day" kind of story.

These things bother me more than they should, but I can't resist.
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Skizelli  +   2242d ago
I want to become a born again virgin just so I can lose my virginity to this game.
DRUDOG  +   2242d ago
Holy Sh!t. Commercial just aired during the game. All I can say is I just watched 3 times and couldn't keep my jaw from dropping. I think I'm officially hyped.
Winter47th  +   2242d ago
On the official IW website, it only shows it's coming out on the 360 at the end of their trailer.

WTF is wrong with these guys already? it's like they're trying SO hard not to mention the PS3 in every possible occasion. This's getting lame & tiresome and the only one getting hurt is themselves.

Those bouncing checks aren't going to help them well with their fans.
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jwatt  +   2242d ago
swiftshot93 you get bubbles for that comment, I had a blast playing Cod 4 and it's definitely one of the best fps this gen.
Highwayman  +   2242d ago

"I envy you guys, because you can fully enjoy this great game while I must fight the urge to vomit because of the blatant pro-US military and patriotic campaign."

Why if I may ask? You realize that this game isn't just pro-US military, yes? This game is Pro-allied military.

"Damn, this is such a waste. They should use the exact same controls and gameplay, but put it with a more clever and mature story. Not some "Muslim communists want to kill american families, but the brave and pure white knights of AMERICA will save the day" kind of story."

So from a trailer you're able to write off the story as a waste, That's a bit shortsighted. Though I will give you credit that the story probably won't be very strong, since when has a COD game had a good story?
Again this has nothing to do with "brave and pure white knights of America". This has to do with the allies fighting against terror. When I speak of allies, I speak of other countries involved in this global war against terrorism, such as England, Germany, Australia, Canada, Poland, etc..

"These things bother me more than they should, but I can't resist"

Why, why let it bother you? Should IW instead make a story about the hardships that terrorists go through when planting a bomb to hurt innocent people? Should IW glorify them instead, I'm really following what you want here. Though to be honest it seems to me as you're just another anti-American. Well, hey that's fine. But know that the United States of America isn't the only country at war with terrorists.

I would like to add that I may not completely understand where you're coming from. I would like to, though. Perhaps, if you like we could take this into PMs to avoid taking up space here. your call.
Sarcasm  +   2242d ago
Damn Obama's gonna have a ball with the last few scenes.
jmare  +   2242d ago
Wow. Have you ever played COD 4? Half of the time you play as the SAS, which is British. Way to fact check before spouting off on an ignorant rant.
na2ru1  +   2242d ago
Plan was Uncharted first, then COD later after new year..
I guess I have to change plan, that campaign story mode is what I'm after.

Gotta love the stories and respect to IW for not doing a simple rehash. Could have played it safe much like that overly popular shooter.
StanLee  +   2242d ago
Uncharted 2 has a real competitor for Game of the Year. And the White House in ruin just bought this game so much more publicity. It will be on every major news and political talk program in the morning.
Face Palm  +   2242d ago
That was supposed to get me excited?
cyberwaffles  +   2242d ago
i was expecting more from the trailer based off of all your guy's responses. seems just like a glorified and dramatic trailer but nothing too amazing.
arakouftaian  +   2242d ago
wach the video, 50sec to 53sec
a big turn off
and why killzone 2 is much better

and don't ask me if i think kz2 is better just because of that
i know lern to not anwer to fanboys

ps. it will be a great
dlc, i mean game
i will buy it when it get around $30
sometime soon.
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ReviewsArePolitics  +   2242d ago
Music reminds me of SAW
wildcat  +   2242d ago
Facepalm arakouftaian :/
Have you learned nothing from our little discussion?
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Elaine Benes  +   2242d ago
That was great. And the game is going to be great. Sure, there are the "haters" but thats ok, without them, there would be no one to laugh at when the game is a huge success. :)
WhittO  +   2242d ago
Wow! gota say i wasnt even looking forward to MW2, but that trailer has totally changed my mind.

sooo its set in the future? Think that has just saved it and earned a purchase for me haha.

Starting to see that its not just more of the same and basically COD4 with new maps, this is also the first trailer where i have noticed the improved graphics aswell.

(still annoying its more expensive than other games but guess going to get alot of hours out of it in return)
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woolley  +   2242d ago
I love it being in DC. I hope there are more US cities in the game.
Delta  +   2242d ago
This was a really cool trailer. I like the DC ending.
Hercules  +   2242d ago
i am not a FPS guy, i will admit it, i suck at them, but that sh!t blew me away..it looks 100x better than COD4...and the ending caught me off guard..sorry obama

i will give it 15-20mins before it hits 1,000 degrees

but i still will not get it, because uncharted2 will have all of my play time, i know disagree with me on my decision...


was i right, or was i right? disagrees because i decided NOT to get the game, EVEN THOUGH i praised it..shows you what n4g has become..oh well, back to NFS: Shift, thanks robert
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mrbillybadass  +   2242d ago
GREAT trailer
still do not think it will take GOTY away from uncharted 2...but very interesting with the white house and D.C. in general, and the voice acting is terrific...but i just dont think it has enough moments, and content to compete with uncharted 2 for GOTY...obviously it will crush uncharted 2 in sales though
STICKzophrenic  +   2242d ago
Can you tell say you have played both Uncharted 2 and Modern warfare 2 to KNOW for a FACT that MW2 doesn't have more epic moments than Uncharted 2?

I'm playing through Uncharted right now for the first time, and it's a pretty awesome game. CoD:MW is an awesome game as well, and both sequels are looking to be better than the previous iterations, and I will own both of them and I can't wait to play both titles.
mrbillybadass  +   2242d ago
from everything i've seen so far
on both games from interviews, to gameplay videos...there's just soooo many little things that uncharted 2 nails that almost all AAA games miss...and apparently HOLY $h1t events, and complications to the story are a very very common occurance in uncharted 2...where as infinity wards games while being solid offers alot of those experiences for an FPS game...but nothing compared to what uncharted 2 has shown
foxtheory  +   2242d ago
DC!! WOW!!
Did not expect that!!! It looks like this is the prequel to Fallout 3!!! xD

The only thing that I didn't like was the very ending, the 360 "jump in" thing. Where's the PS3 logo? C'mon Infinity Ward, we know MS is paying you a lot for advertising, but would it kill ya to put the PS3 logo at the end? It's not an exclusive after all...
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aceitman  +   2242d ago
then they wonder y
its selling more on the 360 instead of the ps3
foxtheory  +   2242d ago
That's really not my point
I'm saying that they should add the PS3 logo in it because it's not a 360 exclusive and they should stop treating it like one. Or maybe MS stooped down even more and payed IW to not put the PS3 logo at the end, because I don't see why else they wouldn't. If they want sales, then they should reach out to BOTH consoles.

We all know that MW2 will sell millions on the 360 alone, so c'mon IW and reach out more to your PS3 audience. It's not like you'll be losing tons of sales. In fact, you'll sell even more.
fooflex  +   2242d ago
Yeah but...
While I agree it seems silly to put the xbox logo only maybe since there getting early dlc, MS paid for the ads, to push people to get it on the 360 instead. Either way you should be happy it's just advertising Batman Arkham Asylum came out with exclusive Joker content just for the ps3, and then a few weeks later came out with more exclusive dlc just for the ps3, it's kind of a slap in the face to 360 owners. Also Fallout 3 to ps3 owners with the way they handled dlc. So advertising is one thing, missing out on content is another.
iceman06  +   2242d ago
I think....
I think the NEW power struggle will not always be JUST exclusive games or DLC, but exclusive commercials. Think about it...we saw it with the early trailers of Madden being on PS3...followed by the 360...then we had Batman AA with the Joker exclusive commercials...now with MW2 we have the 360 commercials. You might want to discount just how much this counts...but to the average...casual...don't really do research kind of buyer...the commercial actually DOES make it look like it is ONLY on one console. MS has done this with multiplats before...but it seems like it is just about every one now...
Ron_Burgundy  +   2242d ago
I was wondering why there was no HD button, the last 5 seconds of the video told me why
WenisWagon  +   2242d ago
But there is an HD button.
AliTheBrit  +   2242d ago
^^ Owned by your own stupidity
Ron_Burgundy  +   2242d ago
the original link was to the infinity ward official site
Halo_Reach  +   2242d ago
Very Cool =)
Lets hope they give options to the Community like Turn 10 is doing with Forza 3 and Bungie with Halo 3.

Thats the reason those games stay alive Forever and games like Killzone 2 die after 3 weeks and Uncharted 2 will die in 2 weeks...

Lets go IW give us alot of options like Videos , Pictures and DLC´s like on Halo 3 maps ... Also a Forge LIKE!
deadreckoning666  +   2242d ago
I don't agree Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 will die THAT fast. But I do agree that Modern Warfare 2 needs to offer video options like U2 and Halo 3. Im sure they will, it seems like an obvious thing to do nowadays in multiplayer shooters. IW said they were getting ready to announce somethg next week that will make everythg they just announced look little in comparison.

Either way, Modern Warfare 2 will have the best MP of the year. It offers so many options and u get rewarded for practically everythg.
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only on playstaychun  +   2242d ago
You gotta love it when fanboys start talking out of their asses!!

Yeah, I forgot that KZ2 is the only game I am aware with a proper Clan system on the consoles, the only online game with dynamic objectives, a game where you win badges and mix classes up, and with 3 new map packs.
steck67  +   2242d ago
Killzone 2 is far from dead.

@dead, a cinema mode would be really cool in MW. Hopefully, if there will be a cinema mode then you will be able to record certain parts of the video(or the whole video) and save it on the HDD.
Ron_Burgundy  +   2242d ago
this is a good trailer, don't know if I should still get it because I saw the new Battlefield Bad Company 2 trailer and that looked really good
Serjikal_Strike  +   2242d ago
thats a 4 month gap
between both games...get MW2 now and then get BBC2 in march
mrbillybadass  +   2242d ago
dont forget
AvP coming out in Feb...saw alien gameplay of that...unbelievably awesome...the player put his tail in a female marines eye socket
justGAMES  +   2242d ago
Holy s..t Great trailer now I'm excited about the game. I must say regardless of how many millions it sells it won't win game of the year but excellent game
Halo_Reach  +   2242d ago
Xbox 360 Logo...This is a stupid move.
If the game isnt exclusive...
kaveti6616  +   2242d ago
What do you mean?
Elvfam511  +   2242d ago
....... more people on xbox 360 that plays COD against the PS3 so yeah but still they should of show both but this is how it works
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Hercules  +   2242d ago
on the GTTV trailer
it has the xbox 360 logo at the end...it isnt exclusive, because it is coming to PC & PS3...but of course it sold more on the 360, so maybe that is the reason? i expect EG ot do a screen comparison, and the fans will say the 360 looks better than the ps3...everything is started to be trendy and predictable, still that DC ending caught me off guard, and i had to rewind it..
ambientFLIER  +   2242d ago
...not really a stupid move. If MS paid for the exclusive early DLC, they would obviously want the people to buy the xbox version for a return on their investment. Plus it makes it seem like it's an exclusive, which most casual gamers wouldn't even question. Good move by MS, if you ask me, if that truly was their doing. Plus Infinity Ward knows where the bulk of their sales will be, so I'm sure they didn't have much of a problem catering to this request.
woolley  +   2242d ago
Microsoft probably paid to get their sign at the end of the trailer. Most multi-platform trailers either have the 360 or PS3 signs at the end.
Stryfeno2  +   2242d ago
Can someone remind me what is a Killzone 2 again? GOTY, Hahhaahahahaaaaaaa
woolley  +   2242d ago
Who cares about K2. It's all about Uncharted 2.
Shadow Haze501  +   2242d ago
Is a technical masterpiece that sold 2 millions in less than a year and have one of the best multiplayer's out there. Only possible on the PS3 while I do agree that this game is gonna rock Killzone 2 will still be a solid FPS. Unlike that horrid Gaylo ODLC thats exclusive on the sh1tbox.
mrbillybadass  +   2242d ago
although the DC part looked awesome
thats cause we can relate to it better than the environments in KZ2...the last stretch in KZ2 was the most exhilarating, and exhausting gaming experience i've ever had though...everybody that has played it knows what im talking about at visari's palace...it was amazing, and this game has a good chance to deliver MORE memorable moments to it...i doubt this will produce anything like KZ2's last stretch...i will never forget that..on the highest difficulty it was an like an hour straight firefight of 2 massive sides and playing it like it was a chess match...soooo amazing, and the comment that its all about uncharted 2...at this point in time...he's right
only on playstaychun  +   2242d ago
It is one of the many games that will never be possible on 360 due to hardware limitations and lack of talented developers.
Taarec10ToTheEnd  +   2242d ago
It is a game that is only possible on the Playstation 3 Computer Entertainment System. The most visceral First Person Shooter with challenging and like like A.I, with challenging controls that bring psychics and weight to the genre, with an deep online multiplayer component that focuses on teamwork and balance. Not to mention is has the best graphics for a console FPS, so great it has been compared to Crysis.
Kleptic  +   2242d ago
uh killzone 2 is simply the 'other' great shooter of 2009...

make fun of it all you want...but it delivered without trouble...PS3 owners get to play the two best first person shooters of the year if they want...360 owners get to play one of them...and one that blatantly should have been half price dlc...take a look at how many used copies of odst are floating around at gamestop...you don't need to take my word for it...

in fact stop the 360 trumpeting entirely now...its over dude...the 360 hasn't recieved one great full retail exclusive all year...its just had stuff fall short...dlc non stop...and multiplats...its great that we all get to enjoy an excellent multiplatform title next month...but its not like PS3 owners have been starved for a great game for a year now...they have been coming almost monthly since this time last year...

one thing is for sure though...just like what happened with cod 4 in 2007...the best looking 360 title ENTIRELY...is going to be a multiplatform game...again...that is beyond funny...
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RockmanII7  +   2242d ago
"that sold 2 millions in less than a year"
Dude, 'Gaylo 3: ODLC' sold 2 million in less than a week. Considered yourself ownd
kingdavid  +   2242d ago
haha look at all the fanboys lining up thinking their ps3 is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Give me a break. PC is and will always look better than the ps3. Crysis only possible on pc because of the "limitations" of the ps3.
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only on playstaychun  +   2242d ago
Who here is talking about the PC?

Such a pointless comment...
JeffGUNZ  +   2242d ago
@ only on playstaychun
How is that a pointless comment? They were discussing graphics, which the PC has the upper hand. Is it pointless because it shows the PS3 isn't the best looking out there? Fanboys are retarded.
xryls  +   2242d ago
can't wait
kaveti6616  +   2242d ago
Infinity Ward better make the PC version really awesome graphically. Scalable engines are cool like that.
blklinen  +   2242d ago
wow nice trailer
i just wish mw2 had graphics like killzone 2 because this games looks really good to have the graphics it does is a little disappointing
cronaldo7  +   2242d ago
KZ2 is 30fps
MW2 is 60fps

Elvfam511  +   2242d ago
KZ2 gameplay is solid sooooo what's your point again

Edit @below
first it was gameplay > graphics now it's 60fps vs 30fps

and again what's your point

when one of them run solid

don't know about CODMW2 because i haven't played it
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cronaldo7  +   2242d ago
60fps vs 30fps
only on playstaychun  +   2242d ago
Sure MW2 runs at higher FPS, but try and put 32 players on the screen with explosions going off everywhere and all of this running at the best graphics ever seen on consoles.

And NO! KZ2 has great gameplay. People are just used to the user-friendly COD4 gameplay, while KZ2 actually has weight that is why people say it is sluggish.
dgroundwater  +   2242d ago
If they cut their framerate IN HALF I bet they would compete with B:BC2, KZ2, etc graphically. But that's not their business and they do 60 FPS on purpose; it's like their trademark.
i3eyond the Circle  +   2242d ago
I'd take MW2 graphics and handling over KZ2 any day.

Easy, quick, and smooth.

Beats flashy graphics and slippery controls.

and plus March 2010 there is an fps that puts both KZ2 and MW2 back in the bin.
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Gago  +   2242d ago
how the fock do they get the graphics that good all while running at 60 fps?
jesus christ
Pandamobile  +   2242d ago
The footage is most likely PC footage.
aceitman  +   2242d ago
its cinema not game play cant
u see the trailers from the gameplay from the cinema trailer its cg look at gameplay from cg then u will see if u ask me battlefield 2 looks more in leaps from graphics and things
Pandamobile  +   2242d ago
Battlefield 2 came out more than 4 years ago.

And this trailer was made in the MW2 game engine (the PC game engine). It would look very, very different if it were a CG trailer.
matchgrade  +   2242d ago
Answer: flimsy physics engine.

The one thing I hated about the CoD4 engine was that nothing had any sense of weight to it. Your arms and rifle were basically fixed to the screen, environments don't react realistically to damage, and shooting an enemy felt like shooting a paper doll that crumbles up with pre-canned death animations and unnaturally jerky motions. So they saved some computing power there to make the graphics better.

Sure, the engine did allow for some of the best FPS gameplay this generation, and the graphics are scary good, but I really wish they'd make an effort to get the rest of the engine up to speed, because some of us DO stop shooting long enough to notice.
d_dogg2007  +   2242d ago
WOW i already see fox news all over this one with " DO video games promote terrosim on american soil? and all that nonsense. Other then that looks really good, just dissapointed in the graphics arent really that good especially the textures.
Gago  +   2242d ago
fox is widely considered a joke

also the game runs twice as fast as KZ2/Uncharted, yet the graphics still hold up
Elvfam511  +   2242d ago
Never really thought about it that way

Edit @above
lmao wow nice comment haha
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mrbillybadass  +   2242d ago
@ 5.1
dont lie to yourself...while the graphics are good enough they're complete trash when compared to the likes of gears of war 2, crysis, KZ2, and uncharted 2...seriously compare screenshots of those games side by side to MW2...they dont even compare
d_dogg2007  +   2242d ago
Gago i don't want to insult you or anything but unless you played Killzone 2 which I have (platinum) I and everyone else that has played it can tell you that Killzone 2 destroys this game graphically. Before I get the disagrees im not saying it's gonna be a bad game because of it, just that it doesn't compare.
Gago  +   2242d ago
KZ2 looks better, no argument there

but not leaps and bounds


#18.5 (Edited 2242d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
crazyclown  +   2242d ago
uhmmm who cares if it runs twice as fast

same engine, same graffix, and why are you stating twice as fast

kz2 and un2 plays smoothly so what you saying bud

*not saying the game sux or anything and im def. buying it day 1 but just dont be ignorant
#18.6 (Edited 2242d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
woolley  +   2242d ago
I hope that it goes on Fox because then people will just want it even more then they already do because it's controversial.
Bumpmapping  +   2242d ago
Graphics suck PC version for me!
SlipperyMooseCakes  +   2242d ago

They spelled November wrong on the information part on the side of the page. :o
AtomBomb  +   2242d ago
I don't know how anyone could say the graphics in this game are lacking... that looked fantastic
Shadow Haze501  +   2242d ago
Very cool trailer.
Halo_Reach  +   2242d ago
Killzone 2 sold 2 milions ?
i thought it was 1.5 milions but ok.

ODST is a SP/FireFight only Game and Sold 2.2 milions 1st week.

And Killzone 2 online is nothing compared to Halo 3 or Cod4 but yes i do agree...Its indeed better than Gears 2 but NOT better than Gears 1.
Taarec10ToTheEnd  +   2242d ago
killzone 2 sold 2.1 million as of October 1st 2009. And Halo has nothing on it.

Go back and play Halo 3, I know Xbots love shooting Purple Smurfs and Keebler Elves!
N4XBOXG  +   2242d ago
NO F-ING WAY!!! Someone with the name Halo_Reach thinks Halo is the best game ever. Yea Halo 3 was almost decent back in '07 but lets face it it's not even 720p, it runs at 30frames/sec, and makes you buy the map packs to play alot of the online game modes. But whats the point xbots are use to out-of-date material.
RockmanII7  +   2242d ago
Graphics don't make a game great, gameplay does.
JeffGUNZ  +   2242d ago
haha ironic. Someone with a red ring of death avatar trash talking the 360 and calling people x-bots. Don't call him out for being bias when you are doing the same thing. Nerd.
AEtherbane  +   2242d ago
yet, it always makes me feel bad to see to see the US capitol in flames. as an american, its just a bad vibe...
cant wait!!!!
dgroundwater  +   2242d ago
It's much more dramatic than running around Middle Eastern slum #76 or European farm #99. It gives me the feeling I got when storming the Reichstag in WAW only double the thrill.
AEtherbane  +   2242d ago
you have a point
thats true, its way more dramatic, but to see any nations capitol in flames is sad. :( plus the destruction of the DC is happening a lot relatively revently.It just, there really is a difference in seeing a city like LA, or Seattle burning than the capitol, imo, it kinda hurts the decorum of DC and our government.
JeffGUNZ  +   2242d ago
I think it's cool. I work for the government and would never want this to happen, but it gets reactions like what you are expressing. In America, we have enjoyed to luxury of fighting our battles on other countries soil. Minus attacks like 9/11 and Pearl Harbor, we have never defended our soil ON our soil. This will give people an idea of what CAN happen and that is always a good thing to know.
Halo_Reach  +   2242d ago
MW2 will have 32 Multiplayer Sessions.
At Least Cod4 PC Version has 64 or something.

For what i know Consoles will Get 32 people in multiplayer in some modes but i will only play 6vs6 game modes because i dont like many people thrwoing random Grenades everywhere...

But that´s just me.

And yes its running at 60FPS ... KZ2 is 30FPS Game like Halo 3 and Gears 1 and 2.

Mostl Games run at 30FPS...GT5 , Forza 3 , Cod4 and some other Few Run at 60FPS but there´s way more games running at 30FPS and its not because they are running at 30FPS that they cant be better than a game running at 60FPS in Gameplay.

Uncharted 2 is Amazing and runs at 30FPS and the gameplay is phenomenal...ofc MW2 is a different type of game and yes i agree that Cod4 >>>> KZ2 & Halo 3 but lets get the facts right.

All game are fun now depend if u perfer fast action like Cod or more realist Action like KZ2...Halo 3 is a MIX but its great aswell.
Pandamobile  +   2242d ago
Where was it said that the console versions would have 32 person online multiplayer?

And 30 FPS should be the absolute minimum, not the standard...
spandexxking  +   2242d ago
GT5 and forza 3 run at 60fps, lets get the fact right.
Pandamobile  +   2241d ago
I mean for every game, smart guy.
Halo_Reach  +   2242d ago
Actually i was playing Uncharted 2 BETA.
But yes i will be playing Halo 3 later , there´s 360K online right now on Halo 3 against 16K on UC2 FREE BETA.
DaChinPin  +   2242d ago
I wonder how you can accuratelly say how many players play on both games..Maybe Halo 3 has a way for you to tell how many are playing it...But UC2 doesn't as far as I know...So how can you compare when you yourself are just talking out of your ass?
Halo_Reach  +   2242d ago
I think in OXM Inside Xbox or Something.
Lets see if IW makes a statement about that...im not sure.

Next Generation my friend...Next Generation.

To make a game run at 60FPS graphics will look worst than if it runs at 30fps...But ofc i would perfer 60FPS and "Worst" Graphics but i can deal with that...
Pandamobile  +   2242d ago
This is why I prefer PC gaming. We get the graphics AND the frame-rates. Also bigger multiplayer skirmishes, cheaper games, digital distribution, etc...

But that's just me :)
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JeffGUNZ  +   2242d ago
too bad we will be enjoying this game on 11/10 and you amazing PC gamers have to wait till 11/24. That's a shame.
Pandamobile  +   2242d ago
Sure is. I'd hate to have to play the sh1tty low-res version.
barrios1992  +   2242d ago
thats not right
WTF America gets attack?
Jijoro  +   2242d ago
Wonder how many are gonna stop playing Uncharted 2 after Modern Warfare 2 and Left 4 Dead 2 comes out. Im guessing a lot!
ZombieAutopsy  +   2242d ago
modern warefare 2=alot for a good long time

L4D2= About a week then everyone will have the game beat and itll be too repetative.

I like L4D but im not gonna go spend 60$ for something that should of been dlc released over the last year.
jmare  +   2242d ago
Well, considering that only one of those games is coming to the PS3 and Cod heads don't play anything but COD, I think Uncharted will be just fine. Especially since it offers something different for the PS3.
Obama  +   2242d ago
You gotta love it when bots start bragging about multiplatform games as if they are exclusive.
Anti-Fanboyer  +   2242d ago
Kinda underwhelming ...
maybe my expectation were too high, o well
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